2021.09.20 21:19 emogangster2007 Test

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2021.09.20 21:19 fljared This house number has a fraction

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2021.09.20 21:19 UltimatePixarFan A Spark Story | Official Trailer | Disney+

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2021.09.20 21:19 raretoejammer Bruh

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2021.09.20 21:19 Rsxpxct_SXMP POV: K-mart Ted. (“We created the funniest bumper stickers…” intro)

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2021.09.20 21:19 collion07 NBA2K22 Grind MyTeam/MyPlayer New goal to get PARTNER!!

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2021.09.20 21:19 Ch3ks I can't even begin to imagine the casting call advert for this

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2021.09.20 21:19 SpikeAngel16 عثر دو سم دهاقنة كس دحضه ب👍🏻😂

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2021.09.20 21:19 throwaway25899284 My (33f) best friend (32f) is dating a 18 year old guy.

I don’t know how to handle this at all, I know that it’s her life and all that but he is 18. I mean he looks like 25 and is maybe mature but he is still fucking 18. She is only talking about him and she is madly in love, I don’t wanna say anything negative about their relationship because I know it would hurt her. She says she never had a man like him, everything is perfect about him, his character, his looks and the sex.
I mean I could somehow accept all of that but one thing creeped me out when she said that she could raise him to her perfect type since he is young….
Pls Reddit, I need some help with this. Any advice?
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2021.09.20 21:19 Camstar18 "The Guardian Case" - A documentary I produced that investigates a rather famous UFO sighting that took place near my home town in the early 90s.

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2021.09.20 21:19 honkhonk64 I made a nether portal inside of a cave

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2021.09.20 21:19 Missyjohanna Ohh I think I got too much lotion…

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2021.09.20 21:19 AnyImportance Tretinoin or not??

I have been debating whether or not to start tretinoin for a long time. I'm freshly 30 with mild acne and beginning to show signs of aging. I have talked to my dermatologist who said it's a great idea and wrote me a prescription. My esthetician said it's a terrible idea because it will just "dry my face off" and instead recommended a new skin care routine and regular facials. I appreciate my esthetician is likely trying to sell me some products. But I am also terrified of the tretinoin purge/side effects.
How did you chose whether or not to incorporate tretinoin into your routine?
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2021.09.20 21:19 lazyyxy what is the best kind of cereal and why is it cap’n crunch

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2021.09.20 21:19 Cgjm1229 WashU’s endowment increases to $15.3 billion, up 65% from last year

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2021.09.20 21:19 brittneyfurlanxxx Ass and pussy

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2021.09.20 21:19 Awkward-Surround-400 Un fan reimagina la interfaz de Switch. Todos los derechos de la imagen porcorousseauu

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2021.09.20 21:19 Hiroler Changing Default location of Applications Folder

I recently purchased an m1 Mac mini with 16 gb of RAM, but only the 256gb internal SSD. I did this for budgetary concerns, however I also have a spare 1TB NVMe ssd that I am using as an external drive for the Mac. I have tested installing some applications to the SSD and running them, and it works great. However, I was wondering if it was possible to redirect the Applications directory to the SSD. I want all applications installed from the App Store or otherwise to be stored on the external drive. Speed is not a concern. Is this possible?
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2021.09.20 21:19 OnlyTheBrokenParts Everyone has their reason.

I'd love to read some people reason for happiness. What is that makes you tick. What makes your heart happy?? Tell me
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2021.09.20 21:19 mcdonaldsmcdonalds New season 2 titles revealed

I still expect season 2 to arrive by January 2022, but here are the titles for the remainder 8 episodes of season 2 and their production codes. Keep in mind the episode order is subject to change.
B is for Brandenham (2LBV04)
A Boat-iful Mind (207)
The Paige-Riarchy (208)
Castle Sweet Castle (209)
Celeste We Forget (210)
The Ballad of Johnnie Lee (211)
Where There's Smoke (212)
A Lyin' in Winter (213)
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2021.09.20 21:19 flipcup83 iPhone 13 Pro Max Oct. 1st Ship Date??

I just ordered the iPhone 13 pro max on Verizon's website and it says a ship date of October 1st. However, everything I am reading says the ship dates for the Pros have moved to between Oct. 6-16th. I have never ordered online, so does anyone know if Verizon is good about shipping on the expected date listed on the order?
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2021.09.20 21:19 RockAbellTCGAA [LF] My wishlist [FT] Bells and possibly your wishlist

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2021.09.20 21:19 BanksyOfRussia Пиздец мышонку

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2021.09.20 21:19 joe72726277272 Sleeping dogs part 1

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2021.09.20 21:19 CorvusBlackheart Witch/industrial jacket I'm working on. Anyone know good websites to buy patches and fabrics from?

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