Does the Golden God become Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham in an alternate future?

2021.09.20 22:23 npfiii Does the Golden God become Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham in an alternate future?

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2021.09.20 22:23 stumpguy17159 You Take The Red Pill - You Stay In Wonderland, And I Show You How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes.

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2021.09.20 22:23 Responsible-Garlic88 Main cola looking amazing! They made it though the storm I'm so happy!

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2021.09.20 22:23 nduck84 Anyone deal with stopping breastfeeding for chemo?

Hi all - I (37f) am dealing with colorectal cancer and starting chemo tomorrow. I already did radiation. I am lucky that my doctors are optimistic about my prognosis and think I will be cured (eventually). All that is good. This is also my second cancer (breast cancer 13 years ago) so I know the drill fairly well, although some things are different with this cancer obviously.

I have a 8 month old baby (in addition to a 5 year old). My baby is still nursing and if it weren't for cancer would probably continue for a long time. (We both enjoy it and my older daughter nursed until she was almost 3.) I think also it means a lot to me because with the previous breast cancer I never knew if I could breastfeed and am happy we made my wonky one-sided nursing work. I am so sad to have to stop tomorrow. My chemo is planned to be short-ish (insofar as chemo goes) - about 12 weeks. Ideally I would like to return to nursing after I am done (and after testing the milk to make sure drugs have cleared) so long as my baby still seems interested and if I even still am producing milk. Also, if I can manage all that pumping and dumping. Lots of ifs. Will see how it goes. Anyway, was just curious if anyone has gone through this before. What did you do? How did it go? Tips welcome.
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2021.09.20 22:23 iAm_Uncomfortable A quick redraw of an old drawing I used to love when I first made it!

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2021.09.20 22:23 CampValrhona Chest Rush Event Sep 21 - 23

Must have at least 1500 magic power, version 3.0 or above & an internet connection. Ends Sunday 12 Sept @ 1900 GMT.
Prizes are: ??? It doesn't say yet. These are from the last one & it seems that there's a different set every other event.
~~L2 Floating Rock.
L2 Stone Monument.
L5 Great Garden Pool
Super Egg Fragment
L5 Archane Enchanted Stump.
L4 Wise Floating Rock.
L3 Wonderful Potted Plant.
L6 Resting Place of Madea.
L2 Sorcerer Raven child.
L2 Metal Rat child 🐀~~
Chest Rush Guide this is from July, some of the prizes are different but the points should still be the same.
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2021.09.20 22:23 rf1089 Overview of Vancouver, BC special ed classrooms

I am currently teaching self-contained special ed classes in the US and will move to Vancouver next year. I am wondering how the special ed set up is in BC classrooms?
-How are the class sizes? -Do classrooms have teacher aides? -How is the province or school district supporting the special ed population? - any other info will be appreciated
I just want an overview so I’ll know what to expect. Or it might help me decide if I want to pursue teaching there. I’ve been teaching for 10 years now.
(I know it might be hard to find a teaching job in Vancouver and licensing is another topic.)
Thank you!
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2021.09.20 22:23 blowdimply [News] - An Optimized User Experience for Microbiome Research

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2021.09.20 22:23 netgeogates Ball goes out, keeper puts the ball in front of him but doesn't kick yet. I walk up to him and kick the ball in the net. Now, is this foul or a goal?

View Poll
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2021.09.20 22:23 GettinMe-Mallet This is not a meme. Bain has all of his resources and you can set each member up however you want. Go nuts

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2021.09.20 22:23 Smogonium- Smg4 Please Kill Princess Peach in the Next Arc

Smg4 if you like to kill characters then please take someone who feels like the whole community hates ( Princess Bitch) make her a monster or fused she with The Dark Star or something but please she is so annoying and useless finally take her out
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2021.09.20 22:23 Many_Chipmunk_9478 Join my discord today 26WKeEej

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2021.09.20 22:23 rwoooshed $GP GreenPower Delivers EV Star Plus Passenger Bus to Fraser Academy

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2021.09.20 22:23 GymLeaderMatt87 Pokemon Red/Blue solo run with Gastly. The only S tier pre-evolved Pokemon.

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2021.09.20 22:23 Osama_sad_pepe Igreja da Venerável Ordem Terceira de São Francisco, Porto

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2021.09.20 22:23 illiteratemad is this subreddit more active with girls or horny men i wonder

pls upvote the comment of ur gender below
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2021.09.20 22:23 Sea_Ad4805 I have a book with a few thousand questions. Give me a number.

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2021.09.20 22:23 FeelingOk5239 This is my AC leaking after only about 10 minutes. Is this much something to be worried about like maybe a loose hose?

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2021.09.20 22:23 Locke357 Edmonton funeral home worker: "Bodies are being stacked on the floor and no refrigerator trucks have been ordered by the government yet."

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2021.09.20 22:23 kawaiisubreathe Looking for mc set

Nyp please
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2021.09.20 22:23 ElBarto27 [NoNip]

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2021.09.20 22:23 twilightxgalaxy New Rules / Community Feedback / Request for New Moderators

Good Evening Phantoms
Please familiarise yourself with the latest rules, which will be fully enforced moving forwards. We would like to especially draw your attention to the newest addition:
5.1: No low-effort posts. This includes, but is not limited to: simple statements or polls that don’t generate discussions; memes that have been overdone; emoji replies; your individual ranking of track-listings / your listener ranking on other websites; recent reposts.
Feedback received on posts and via modmail indicates that users dislike multiple polls, repetitive posts about concert questions (hopefully starting to be alleviated by the Concert FAQ thread), and general low quality threads that have been circulating. Hence the need for more stringent rules. If you see anyone breaking the rules, please report it, as that is the quickest way to get a response from us.
We have not disabled the poll option, but will keep an eye on the situation. Users should now be able to attach multiple images to one post, negating the need to create multiple threads. Megathreads will only work if people who don't have a query visit them to support the ones who do, so can we please ask that you take 5 minutes out of your day to review and respond to members of the community. This will keep the main feed on topic and uncluttered. We can only pin two posts at any one time, so we have to get creative in how we manage the situation at the moment.
What would you as a community like to see more or less of? What is working well and what isn't? Air your grievances below (respectfully).
Finally, we need some more moderators to support the implementation of these rules. You will be expected to monitor the subreddit, removing posts that break the rules and clearing the mod queue by either approving or deleting content. Your post history should be reflective of the rules you'll be enforcing and there should be clear activity within this subreddit. Ideally we are looking for individuals who can support from the following timezones (or similar): PST -8, GMT or CET +1, AWST +8. However, we will consider applications from everywhere.
To apply, please complete this short application by 08:00 (BST) 3rd October 2021.
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2021.09.20 22:23 Claxeius Attero! Dominatus! r/metalmemes is burning.

We stand at the gates of metalmemes With two and a half million men With six thousand memes in our ranks Use them as battering rams.
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2021.09.20 22:23 Complex_Tradition340 Low self-esteem?

I need advice/help I feel like I’ve been having low self esteem for a long time and it’s gone unsolved.
I have been recently and for quite a while been unmotivated/lacking ambition and drive to do anything with my life, things I used to like have no fun in them I just feel like I’m wasting time.
I have no confidence in myself at all I can’t muster anything up any challenge I set myself I can follow through with it, I’m always reluctant to do a certain task because I think what if I can’t do it/ I can’t do it.
I’m constantly anxious and stressed about my future my choices and actions and am always pessimistic about it I can never if barely see the good side.
I used to say no to others when they challenged my dreams, but now I don’t have any dream and I can’t find the strength to stand up for my self I feel like it slowly went after I lost the ambition or when they kept on chipping down on me and I don’t know what I want anymore.
I don’t know any of my strengths but yet I can list so many things I’m bad at.
This is how I feel right now and how I’ve felt for some time. I feel as this is affecting everything I do I don’t know what I want I don’t know why I do certain things. Most things I can’t enjoy without worrying I’m missing out n something that could benefit me more.
For example I’m 20 in a month starting 2nd year uni and I’m not sure I like my major or any other everything bores me after a while I want to put in maximum effort but I can’t. I’m so lost and it stresses me out.
I was so reluctant to ask for help like this but I feel like it was really needed. Any advice would be nice thanks
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2021.09.20 22:23 tripnation Binance referral code boiii: DBSKBC7I

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