W: Someone with a skin to be able to be put on a Gatling Gun H: Caps for the service

2021.09.20 23:20 Gh0sT_PATRIOT W: Someone with a skin to be able to be put on a Gatling Gun H: Caps for the service

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2021.09.20 23:20 LlamaRzr [original] Zarumieniona meganekko okularnica vel uczennica oraz mundurek szkolny. I łzy.

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2021.09.20 23:20 Lurline99556622 Our plаtfоrm еmplоys thу bеst еxpеrts, tutоrs, and tеachеrs.

Get discount - 15%. Promo code: HKYVG1
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2021.09.20 23:20 Flat-Cartographer-24 Do you want to manifest something ?

View Poll
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2021.09.20 23:20 Shrugging_Atlas How to Paint: 2nd Edition Style Ultramarines

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2021.09.20 23:20 Beatle_Babe Lippies of the Week: 9/19 - 9/25

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2021.09.20 23:20 BEP40Coin @BEP40COIN | Community driven, fair launch, hyper-deflationary token. www.bep40.com

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2021.09.20 23:20 Honk1755 I hate the stereotype I have in school.

The one annoying thing of me having autism and adhd is at school I’m alright with people but I’m known as the (funny kid that makes class fast) The hyper one, is there tips to help me calm down?
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2021.09.20 23:20 Khalmoon What are your thoughts on the legality of selling crafts/sprites of video game characters and popular figures / icons?

I've talked to two different people about this topic recently and I really want to see how this community feels about this. I know in most conventions they always sell fan art and creations from various comics, media, anime, video games, memes, etc, but legally are we safe?
The majority of Fuse Bead art is centered around taking a sprite, and making a real life representation of the retro style. (Not always, but most often.)
I've seen several posts of people posting their booths, and I'd love to do one also, but I wonder where the legal boundaries lie.

I'm curious if anyone has known of cases where a company has sued someone for making art and selling at expos or online.
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2021.09.20 23:20 TrendsWide The Warriors also test Avery Bradley and Quinn Cook

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2021.09.20 23:20 DarkWlfGaming Crobat

I just need Crobat to finish Crown Tundra dex and I'm hoping someone will do a touch trade with me so i can do so
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2021.09.20 23:20 Nabilellaji Is is just me or is profitability so low right now?

I have just bought a brand new rtx 3060 card and although I am mining at a speed of around 28 to 30 mh/s I am getting really low local and actual profitability.
Am I the only one experiencing this?
3060 hashrate
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2021.09.20 23:20 thebananapeeler2 Dark Knight Display 2.0

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2021.09.20 23:20 MansiKasar [OFFER] I will make you CREATIVE and MODERN LOGOS at $15

I have work experience of 2.5+ years having worked with over 20+ international companies and brands and assisted them with branding and Logo Design. --------------------------
you can check out my work here-
portfolio: https://www.behance.net/mansikasar Logofolio 1: https://www.behance.net/gallery/124987845/Logofolio-Pt1 Logofolio 2: https://www.behance.net/gallery/124988853/Logofolio-pt2 --------------------------
What You Get :

Place your bids and I will respond ASAP, will be taking as many orders as possible. ----------------------------------------------
Payments will be accepted through PayPal only. ---------------------------------------------- Got questions? Send a DM or drop a text on discord mansikasar#5410
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2021.09.20 23:20 DasRecon What’s something that really annoyed you about your spouse/partner at first, but now you find it endearing or humorous?

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2021.09.20 23:20 gingeronimooo She also believes the earth is flat

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2021.09.20 23:20 Agile_Hovercraft3934 About anniv

Hi everyone,
I think most of you have seen the potential gifts for the anniversary, I think it's time to talk about it miyoho don't care about his community, he only thinks about their money, in all sincerity for my part I don't need gifts coming from them, if I want a character or a weapon, I put money many like me can do it and there are others who can afford it who don't and others who can't afford it, part of the community is really disappointed and another dolphin and whale I honestly think they don't care a bit but I would like us to put ourselves in the shoes of others, each person who plays this game counts with all the money they earn in the game what would give them decent rewards would kill them. Each of us has invested a lot of energy, money and time in this game, even creating sharing communities, sites with builds and tutorials to make the game easier to understand. Mihoyo created genshin but without each of us this game would not be what it is today. Without us genshin impact is nothing, and I think you will all agree with me, I think we need to show mihoyo that it is because of us that they are now, the best way to make them understand is to stop playing the game, I can assure you that if at least 50% stop playing this game for just one month, you will feel a change in the game because sure it is their game but it is us who make the game live.
I'm sorry in advance if my words offended some people, but I just wanted to share my thoughts with you.
I wish you all a great day.
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2021.09.20 23:20 sugarana25 Look at my new candle holder. I 🖤 it. Would you use it for Halloween 🎃?

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2021.09.20 23:20 neonlexicon Dealing with the fallout of harmful stims

Sorry in advance, but I just need to vent about what a stupid idiot I am.
I've got a few harmful stims. I'm a picker, I chew my mouth, & I'm also a toe walker. What's even worse is that I have immune system problems, so when I do manage to cause harm to myself, the healing process is slow & plagued with complications.
Most of the time I'm not even aware that I'm doing it. It's like I slip into a dissociative state when I stim & after awhile, I regain awareness & see the disaster I've caused & go "Oh crap."
I've been doing really well about not chewing my lip... mostly because I made others aware of the issue & if they notice me doing it, they yell at me to stop. That's when I'm able to stop myself & get some gum or a chewy to divert the behavior.
A few days ago I noticed a little swollen spot on the inside of my mouth. I started chewing at it. I was alone, so I didn't have anyone to stop me. 3 hours passed before I realized what I was doing. Now this is bad enough, but the next night I noticed a little spot on the OTHER side of my mouth & I did the exact same thing! So now, here I am 3 days later & my entire lower lip is one giant painful sore. I'm using mouthwash & peroxide hourly, popping aspirin, & slathering on medicated lip balm. It hurts so much & all I can think about is how stupid I am. Why would I do this to myself?
I've started to at least get better about picking by using band-aids to block the area. When I was younger, I was so bad about it that my mom would duct tape socks over my hands! 😅
I've had fallout from toe walking too. I once fractured one of the metatarsals in my foot & couldn't figure out how. When the doctor saw the x-ray, she asked if I wore high heels, as that type of fracture was extremely common in heel wearers. I don't own any heels! Lol... it was because I always walk on my toes! I've been able to mostly correct that problem by getting supportive footwear & wearing it whenever I walk anywhere. No more barefoot excursions!
I guess I'm curious about if others here have had similar issues. I've been able to divert most of my harmful stims, but the mouth chewing is proving the most difficult to control!
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2021.09.20 23:20 FRXtrader Veve Price Action Update- Hulk #1 Comic Drop and Cereal Killers!

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2021.09.20 23:20 burningpixies Gekko 🦎

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2021.09.20 23:20 mightyme2 Colorful Charming Relaxing Kaleidoscope Background 004

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2021.09.20 23:20 BDawgJackson Modelka

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2021.09.20 23:20 folly136 Michters 10 Rye vs Michters Barrel Strength Rye vs Pikesville Rye

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2021.09.20 23:20 Gingersnap5322 We know what you’re up to

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