What is the best AskReddit question so far?

2021.09.20 22:18 karpips What is the best AskReddit question so far?

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2021.09.20 22:18 egrok Anyone work with the Azure REST API?

Is there something obvious I'm not doing?
I'm using invoke-restmethod against the body parameters located at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/rest/api/cost-management/query/usage#resourcegroupquery-legacy. I get the same error for every one of the different "body" examples (tried them all) - "invalid query definition, dataset is invalid or not supplied."
I'm copying/pasting the json code to powershell, defining it as $body, and then supplying $body for the -body parameter in invoke-restmethod. I've tried using a here-string to define the $body variable, I've tried piping it to convertto-json. I've tried saving the json code to a .json file and then just getting the value with get-content. I've tried piping $body directly to invoke-restmethod. I get that error no matter what.
The exact same json code works in "try it" on the web page.
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2021.09.20 22:18 justshavi Kinda old meme, but I had this idea while listening to the song on my drive today.

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2021.09.20 22:18 paul_basel Minami Aiko ti amo sempre

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2021.09.20 22:18 Fickle-Inevitable203 Keloid or harmless bump?

I got a new cartilage piercing 2 months ago and it was healing well and as normal. 2 weeks ago i was in a car accident and it got a fairly bad hit from my airbag, everything seemed ok with it until a few nights ago where i noticed a bump on the bag of it, it has also been sore enough lately. Im unsure of what to do as it has e worried. It is close to skintone in colour- slightly red. I have been washing as normal with saline and trying to leave it alone. I cant seem to get a high enough quality pic of it to be worth posting, its kinda wrapped around the bar at the back of my ear. Im happy to provide any other details about it :)
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2021.09.20 22:18 Nindantu Found some irl naku weed

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2021.09.20 22:18 IceTea_sc2 Created a playlists consisting of old songs from movies I really like. Baby Driver, Pulp Fiction, Guardians of the Galaxy... it all is in there!

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2021.09.20 22:18 masterbatter 0.5ppr trade

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2021.09.20 22:18 callum3214 Issue connecting xbox app with my new series x

Wjen I got my series x a week ago and tried setting it up on the xbox app it wouldn't connect so I had to manually set it up. Now I'm trying to connect it again for a different reason and it just will not connect and I have watched tonnes of videos. Any help will be appreciated
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2021.09.20 22:18 whatokcool Symptoms of ADHD vs Disassociation?

I'm trying to figure out if I should look into getting tested for ADHD, but I'm unsure if the "symptoms" I'm having are actually disassociation.
Basically, I started to look into inattentive ADHD because my mother had a huge fight with me about how my whole life I've been so forgetful and inattentive whenever she tells me to do something (ex: a simple chore, task) and I forget. Or that she calls my name many times and it takes her stomping over to me being angry for me to respond with a verbal "yea?". She thinks it's on purpose but it really isn't, and it's felt unfair for me (I recognize if I was neurotypical I would simply be sorry and fix my habit). But that's the problem, I can't "fix" it. She's been arguing with me my whole life hundreds of times about this and I'm seriously starting to think something is wrong with me.
She's also told me how when I was a child, teachers always wrote in my weekly reports that I was "constantly distracted, daydreaming (ex: saying that a magical creature flew by the window and therefore distracting the whole class)" and "never motivated to finish her work even though she is smart enough to do it if a teacher sits down 1:1 and prompts her to do each question". Homework was a big problem when I was little and I remember feeling like I never wanted to do it because 1. I was not interested, why waste time doing things I don't want to? 2. I don't want to think hard and do the work. I remember being yelled at a lot by my parents for not doing my work and drawing instead (which I could do for hours on end without using the bathroom or eating), not maintaining eye contact with people when talking, not verbally responding to people when they talked to me, and also saying some irrelevant stories to my peers in conversations.
They thought I was just really shy and "quirky"/"artistic" and because I was a girl, they nor the teachers ever thought to get be tested. Especially since I was apparently a "very nice girl", well-liked by my peers, so calm and quiet. Most of these academic concerns disappeared once I started to understand why I wanted to do hw (wanted to go to college). Now, I'm what my friends call "accomplished" : skipped a grade, graduated a year early from a prestigious uni and went on to another great graduate program and now have a relatively respected career. My parents think that what happened as a child was just a normal "artistic" girl thing and as I matured, those attention issues went away....well.
Except that I constantly feel a "brain fog", like I can't fully tune into my environment.

  1. It feels like someone stuffed cotton balls into my head and nothing is crisp or sharp as it should be. It's like watching the world through the backseat of a foggy window. Constantly fatigued/low mental energy which affects social life.
  2. Space out a lot.
  3. With long conversations, lectures and rants from other people, I cannot pay attention. I try but my mind eventually runs away to its imagination. I hear the words but I'm not processing it. Worse when my mom is yelling at me, I try to retreat into my mind.
  4. My mind is constantly on. Like 10 google chrome tabs are on at once. I'll think of random snippets of songs, an imaginary conversation, a movie, and a list of things I need to do but haven't done in a span of 2 min. When I try to sleep, I start jumping from topic to topic in my head and it's hard for me to fall asleep. Which is why I try to read until my eyes get droopy (but sometimes my mind wanders off again while reading and I have to backtrack).
  5. I'm good at sitting for long periods of time because I'm calm and like hobbies that require sitting, but also because my mind tells me to get up and do my tasks and I'm great at ignoring that and wasting hours on Youtube or Reddit or whatever else.
  6. I try to be attentive and remember details about my friends, but I forget! I literally cannot remember my first time meeting them or an impt detail they told me about their lives. I hear the disappointment in their voices when they say "I already told you". Same thing with my family. I have to write them down or I forget.
  7. Cannot remember large portions of my childhood and adolescence. Not sure if this has to do with my depression during those years. I've forgotten very hurtful things people have done to me, even if they were in the last five years.
  8. I get frustrated when someone interrupts me when I'm concentrated on something (it's like I've FINALLY gotten on a one-way train and someone caused a crash). I tend to ignore them, like my mother, because I know if I acknowledge her, I'll forget my train of thought. Working memory issues?
  9. My family noticed I shake my leg when I sit and it annoys the hell out of them. Idk if this is ADHD related, anxiety, or just normal.
  10. Mother thinks I'm very "lazy" because I'm not great at caring for myself and living environment. Every time I make a fresh start and try to clean my house, start practicing practical skills, working out, I'm good for like 2-3 weeks at most and then I lose motivation. I noticed I only go all out and push myself to my limits if I'm super interested in it (from reading certain books to getting into a certain school).
  11. Brain fart moments; I have a lot of thoughts and cannot articulate them the way I want to sometimes although my friends say I'm so "smart" and "articulate". I KNOW I can be more articulate but it doesn't come out the way I have it in my head.
TLDR; Struggled with brain fog, forgetfulness, inattentiveness, daydreaming and motivation in certain areas my whole life but parents thought it was a "childhood" phase because I'm now academically accomplished. I'm questioning this because these problems still persist in my daily life and am trying to differentiate my symptoms between inattentive ADHD and Disassociation.
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2021.09.20 22:18 Draggon670 I can't for the life of me play/improve in ranked!

Before I start, I'm on console if that means anything? I've been told it doesn't matter though.
So, this might be a long one as it's asking for advice/a bit of a vent.
Whenever I play ranked either because I'm playing solo or trying to improve I just get stomped. the highest I have personally ever gotten was low gold and I immediately got blitzed. I've tried looking everywhere for tips to see if I'm lacking in areas but I cannot see where I need to improve by comparison to people I'm playing against. don't get me wrong, I'm no god, but when I pay against platinums in any other mode, or golds in any other mode I don't have nearly as rough a time.
I would say my game plan and how I play never really changes from playlist to playlist. I usually use scythe and tried to feel out what my opponent does and what I can try make reads of to my advantage and my strings aren't too bad when applicable, friends I've played with (Where they would probably be biased) have said I shouldn't be having this much trouble in gold (for example, a 10 loss streak that JUST deranged me), so I really don't know what to do as they don't really have advice other to learn small true combos etc.
Is there anything that you would say people overlook that makes a large difference in your gameplay? I'd love to know because I'm sick to death of being absolutely demolished in ranked but can't seem to improve.
Many thanks to anyone who takes the time to comment and/or read this post in general, it is a long one. And sorry if it feels a bit too rant, I swear it's not supposed to be!
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2021.09.20 22:18 Sir_Edha Thanks I hate this crawling bug inside a shoe

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2021.09.20 22:18 Toots1993 Teddy Fresh in the U.K.

Where do people buy Teddy Fresh in England? Is there any UK stockists, or are people just coughing up and paying the international shipping?
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2021.09.20 22:18 Dr_Zol_Epstein_III Careful What You Wish For...

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2021.09.20 22:18 psalmyb #mintbase global platform & marketplace_like Amazon. It allows anyone, including those with less technical backgrounds, to create their own digital assets verified on multiple blockchains. Mintbase provides users (minters) with various creative allocation and redemption mechanisms for their custome

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2021.09.20 22:18 the_travelo_ What's the best approach to testing infrastructure changes before deployment?

Is there any framework that allows for infrastructure tests?
I have to create multiple Glue ETL jobs using CloudFormation. I want to run 2 set of tests:

  1. That the jobs and associated resources are correctly created.
  2. That my ETL pipeline produces the correct results.
I'm setting up my CI/CD pipeline for this but I've got some questions about what the process might look like
I have three environments, Dev/Test/Prod so my questions are:
  1. Where do developers test their infra code? Do they have a sandbox environment linked to their feature branch?
  2. How to do unit tests on the CF stacks
  3. How are Glue Jobs tested? All I do today are unit tests using Pytest but I don't know how to test and end to end pipeline when a new data source is ingested.
  4. How can I include Data Quality tests?
I'm using AWS products (CodeCommit, Code pipeline, etc)
Any resources or pointers are appreciated
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2021.09.20 22:18 Standard-Sector-910 hea ?

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2021.09.20 22:18 goaliealex626 [Question] What is the best way to jailbreak an IPhone XS

I know about checkrain but are there any otheeasier ways? If you could provide links that would be awesome.
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2021.09.20 22:18 royr5000 White peacock

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2021.09.20 22:18 TheDemonChief I hope that Crow tells off Mara at the end of the season

I can imagine a scene after Crow learns who he was (or possibly regains his memories as Uldren) and Mara tries to manipulate Crow into being Uldren, "loving and devoted brother," and Crow sees through her and goes off.
Something like:
Mara: Come now Uldren Sov, dear brother. You belong next to me, your Queen, your loving sister.
Crow: No! I am not Uldren Sov. And I am not your brother! I am Crow, Guardian of Sol. You will not use me as a tool like you did my past self! I stand side-by-side with the Guardian, not under your heel.
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2021.09.20 22:18 Ninjaball17 Should I bring a basketball?

I was wondering if I should bring a basketball when I move in or are the basketballs that are available to rent at the IMA good quality?
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2021.09.20 22:18 coasterghost 'Devastating': Florida Republicans worried about 2022 as they crafted election law

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2021.09.20 22:18 amderin Rated tongue (hitch) weight for R1T

I couldn't find it here or the website, so I emailed Rivian. Their response:
"On the R1T, the trailer hitch receiver and vehicle structure are rated for a tongue weight of 1,155 lbs."
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2021.09.20 22:18 GeminiMoto My Chicken Rice and Broccoli Conspiracy Theory

Not even trolling here but I have a theory that "Lots of chicken rice and broccoli" is actors speaking in code to other actors. Basically it's their way of saying they do gear to other actors. What do you guys think, is this a reasonable assumption? It's like tell me you're taking steroids without telling me you're taking steroids
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2021.09.20 22:18 wrestlefixnews Matt Cardona Retires From Deathmatch Wrestling

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