Meteorologist Fired After Refusing To Get Vaccinated

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Install this app, Watch and download "Creed II" at no cost.¶2=2¶4=175¶3=Creed_II
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2021.09.20 21:59 Educational-Hawk3066 Triggers

I’ve been battling with drug addiction for many years now. And have gone through the usual protocols of learning what my triggers are and avoiding them/eliminating them. I’ve only just realised that a major trigger for me is certain music artists. Having had to cut ties with people I love to avoid using again aaand having to cut out a huge chunk of music that I love seems too much to bare. It is what it is I guess. All for the greater good.
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Hello all. It has been quite some time since high school for me and I stumbled across a particular problem i just can't seem to remember the method for. I'm looking to find the antiderivative of (x/4)^2 and what I'm struggling with is the du/dx part because it has been a while since calc 1 for me. Any help would be much appreciated. It's not really the answer I'm worried about, I just would like a clear method to solve these problems involving du/dx. Thanks so much for any help.
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2021.09.20 21:59 SpookyCharlezz We are at the point where Non-whites get treated better then Whites, but somehow we believe that its the other way around.

Most people, when they talk about this subject, always talk about the 1900's and how it was bad for black people back then. I'm not saying that Black people never experience racism anymore, but in most places, Racism is old.
On the other hand, many people get away with being racist to white people, and it just doesn't count? For example, if someone called a White person a 'white cunt' and say they can't handle spice then thats not racist, but if you call a black person a 'black cunt' you are racist.
As another example, if there is one space left in a school, and two people, one white and one not, with the exact same grades are left, the black one will get chosen. Because if they choose the white one its rAcIsT, but not the other way around?
It makes no sense and I hate it when non whites tryna talk about white privilege when they have no idea how much privilege they have. Its fucking dumb and Society would call me racist if I said this IRL.
And tbf, it works the same with Genders, but icba to write another essay, but I'm pretty sure you understand.
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Stains on midsole, lightly used, midsole is too thin for me. $85.
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2021.09.20 21:59 SargePepa Is Lamar the best runner in the entire league?

Obviously he’s the best running QB of all time, but do we need to start listing him amount the best rushers of all time? Has anyone made people miss like him?
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2021.09.20 21:59 tall_penguin I am always feeling guarded. I can't open up to anyone and always self-sabotage due to past trauma with coming out

I've been feeling this way for quite some time and I really don't know how to address it. I guess the point of this post is me asking for help and advice.
Growing up, I was always in denial regarding my sexuality. Though my family was never hateful and homophobic, I was always surrounded by an atmosphere that would make gay jokes, say "ew" at gay couples, etc. This type of commentary and banter came from both my family and friends I surrounded myself with. I slowly discovered my attraction to men, but suppressed and denied it. After I graduated high school, I got out of that toxic bubble and never looked back. I made new friends, got more exposure to the community through meeting various new people, and eventually started going on dates here and there (still not out). After I got my first fling and eventually was left brokenhearted because I couldn't bring myself to come out, I met someone else and decided to finally tell my mom about who I really am. It went well, which led me to tell others, like my dad eventually, cousins, some close friends, etc. Some of these interactions went very well, others were okay, and a few left me scarred.
Three "coming out" interactions have left wounds that I don't think will ever heal, and it's literally been two years. Firstly, my father. When I came out to him, it was outside while his girlfriend was in the house. I told him and it went great with all the usual "don't worry this doesn't change anything" type of commentary, until he said "it's your choice." When he said that, it killed everything and really made my stomach drop. We eventually talked about it and he apologized, but I still feel off about it to this day.
The second interaction that hit me hard was with his girlfriend. One day, years ago, I remember sitting with my dad and his girlfriend watching TV and a commercial came out that featured a gay couple. I remember her saying "what has this world come to" and that comment stuck with me forever. I'll never forget it. After I left my dad's house when I came out to him, I drove home and cried to my mother. She told me it's fine, he said it changes nothing, he still loves me, etc. It's okay. I had also confided in my mom about how I was scared because I didn't know how he/his gf would react based on past commentary. She ended up texting my dad saying glad it went well, he was scared because he thought your gf didn't like gays, etc. This is when shit hit the fucking fan. Of course they were offended. To make a long story short, it ended in me becoming the bad guy, his girlfriend getting furious that me and my mother would make such "false accusations", she doesn't care about my sexuality, etc. This came in the form of a text that came to me while I was at work, which resulted in me clocking out immediately to take my lunch break, bawling my eyes out, and calling her to try to make things right.
The last interaction has come from multiple people in the form of "I already/always knew". Is this supposed to be comforting?
To get to the point, I still am not comfortable with my sexuality and fear I never will be. I still get that stomach-drop feeling when someone brings up sex or dating, even if I'm already out to them. I feel like at this point, if I haven't told you yet, I probably never will and you can figure it out for yourself. I have a few friends who I consider very dear, close friends that I haven't even told because I'm like "what's the point". I have a workplace full of allies and members of the community, yet 90% of them still aren't in the loop. I'm sure people talk, as I'm clearly on dating apps and have told a few people of course, but like I said, I just cannot bring myself to have that type of conversation again, even if I know for a fact it'd end in nothing but love and support.
What gives? I have days where I am confident, comfortable, and outgoing, and others where I want to isolate myself and drown out the world. I have so much anxiety when I'm at school because I feel like I don't and never will fit in. Overhearing tone-deaf straight people who make gay jokes still gives me that gut-wrenching feeling that makes me want to slither down my seat and drop dead. I really don't know what to do or how to manage this anymore
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unzips your zip file
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2021.09.20 21:59 itheoddity Contracts, Communities, & Relaunches: My thoughts on the Bonfire / Embr fiasco.

Contracts, Communities, & Relaunches: My thoughts on the Bonfire / Embr fiasco. I briefly touched on this situation in the last Saturnaday mini status report, but I've been thinking about this quite a lot lately and I think there is a lot to learn from this situation. I think it also brings up some good topics of discussion (and, I'm trying to post more on Reddit anyway), so I figured I'd just share my full thoughts and get other peoples' opinion on the whole situation as well (As I'm reading over what I wrote, I'm realizing that this post is LONG AS HELL, OH MY GOD, so apologies in advance if you don't like reading haha).
I'll preface by saying that I never followed Bonfire that closely (although, I've followed them enough to know that this is not the first time they've encountered problems), I try to distance myself from the majority of the BSC cause I find a lot of it to be off putting (scams, deceit, dog coins, influencer """""marketing""""", etc. Just all around lots of things I don't find particularly appealing haha. Plus, I find it more productive to just focus my time on Saturna). On top of that, the Bonfire community was quite hostile towards Saturna in the beginning (coming at us with raids and lots of targeted / coordinated FUD. Obviously not everyone was hostile, as I'm sure there was a decent number of people who held both bonfire and Saturna), so I never really gave the project much thought. As a result, what I say here is my own personal perspective & assessment from the point of view of someone outside of Bonfire. I don't know what the internal team communications looked like, so I don't know the true nature of the situation. So, all I can provide is how it looks to me, and give my opinions on the situation from the perspective of someone on the development team of a token other than Bonfire.
All good? Sweet, let's get started. From what I gathered, Bonfire made the decision to relaunch because of complications they we're facing with the fact that they had renounced ownership of their token's contract. After, I believe they said months of work, they announced their solution to this issue: Stopping work on Bonfire and moving their their codebase and development work to the new project: Embr. I get why they would want to do something like this, as they're not alone in these sorts of complications. Saturna faces these sorts of complications as well (as I'm sure any other token project birthed around the same time that also renounced their contract is as well). For example, one of the functions in the Saturna contract allows us to whitelist wallet addresses so that they can be exempt from the transaction tax. It would be really nice for us to be able to whitelist things like the NFT Marketplace contract so that if you pay for an NFT in $SAT, or if you tip someone (one of the new features we have planned for the marketplace, which will be a $SAT exclusive feature), they would receive exactly the amount that you send them. The reality is that these sorts of limitations hinder $SAT's utility as a transactional currency, so we have to look elsewhere in terms of meaningful utility for the token within the Saturna ecosystem, one of the the easiest options being tiered benefits for the amount of $SAT held, which is what we've been going with / will expand upon in the future. As I said, these limitations are not unique to Saturna, and likely every token with a renounced contract and a LP/Reflection/Burn mechanism is feeling the effects of these limitations, whether their team tells tell you about it or not. While these limitations are unfortunate, I don't personally think its that much of an issue for Saturna right now, not enough to justify a Saturna relaunch anyway. It just forces us to be creative about how we develop things and bring utility & functionality to the Saturna ecosystem. I'm getting off track though. The point is, the Bonfire team decided that the limitations of the renounced contract justified a relaunch. However, they handled this announcement in a suspiciously poor way.
How did we even get to this point? Well, to answer that, Let's turn back the clock to earlier this spring. The bull run was at a peak, meme-coin hysteria had never been higher. Tokens we're 100x-ing left and right. Rug pulls & honeypots became rampant and it was an all-around circus. Because of this (the rug pulls and honeypots), people started to get a little more cautious about what they threw their money into, especially as the market declined following the crash in early-mid May. There was very little trust in BSC developers, which makes sense considering a lot of them we're anonymous, Saturna's included, although I think we've had ample time and put enough work in to put scam concerns to rest, I'd hope anyway. Anonymity made it very easy to get away with things like rug-pulls and other scams. As a result developer's started implementing certain features into their tokens that would solidify people's trust in their respective tokens. The first big feature is locking liquidity. For those who aren't entirely sure the specifics of what that means: Basically when you create a token and send the supply to somewhere like pancakeswap, they send you LP-Tokens in exchange, which act as the controlling body of the trading supply. Whoever controls the LP-Tokens, controls the trading supply. This is obviously a huge security concern. If an individual controls the LP-Tokens for a given coin, at any point they can give them back to pancakeswap and receive the trading supply of the given token, thus taking off with the money (this is the standard definition of a "rug pull"). As a result, people began locking liquidity as a sign of "good faith". They would either lock it temporarily (say, for a period of 1 year), or in Saturna's case: forever, by sending them to the dead address (or the "black hole" as it's described in the whitepaper). It makes sense why this would be an act of good faith: No one controls the LP-Tokens, and thus no one can rug-pull a token's holders. The other action people would look as a sign of developer trust was renouncing the token contract. The contract is what dictates how a token functions on the blockchain, and again, this presents a security concern. If one person can control the token mechanics, they could, for example, change reflections to only go to their wallet, or any other number of nefarious acts. Renouncing ownership, similarly to locking liquidity tokens, puts no one in control of the token, thus no one can act maliciously by abusing the ability to change token mechanics. So, one of the first things that people looking to invest in BSC coins looked for was 1. Locked liquidity and 2. Renounced ownership of the contract, and these two points became the number 1 source of FUD for new projects, whether the FUD was true or not. Further, any project that came out around the same time as Bonfire/Saturna/Etc. we're basically forced to both lock their liquidity and renounce their contract in order to be taken seriously. Now, as a lot of the projects that we're born out of that time are starting to roll out their deliverables and set up their plans for the future, they're all seeing the shortcomings of actions like renouncing the contract and locking liquidity. Do I wish we hadn't done either of those things? Maybe, but like I said, if we hadn't done those two things, I don't know if as many people would have invested to get us off the ground so that we could stay around as long as we have (I'm laughing because I'm using phrases like "as long as we have" despite the fact that we're only ~4 months old and I still very much consider Saturna to be in its infancy). Now with all of this scene-setting out of the way...
From a Bonfire to an Emb(e)r. Stepping back and looking at the entire scene of this announcement / transition to Embr, it doesn't paint a pretty picture. The overall apparent lack of consideration for the current Bonfire holders was baffling. This is broken down in parts. The first part being that they seemed unapologetically opposed to the idea of offering a 1:1 airdrop of the new Embr token. This is what I would consider to be the "bare minimum" that you could do when relaunching your token. I go into more detail regarding the different ways people can handle relaunches, but I'm unconvinced of their argument that "there wouldn't be enough liquidity" as a reason for not doing so, as the liquidity pool backs almost 50% of their market cap at the time of writing this (which is, granted, likely higher than it was prior to the announcement that they were moving to Embr).
They also created a not-insignificant amount of hype leading up to this announcement. If I recall correctly, there were tweets from team members (I can't seem to find them right now, perhaps they we're deleted) that we're claiming that the announcement was going to be "huge for Bonfire". This is misleading at best, and deceitful at worst. Let's not beat around the bush, at the end of the day, crypto projects like these are completely intertwined with their tokens. "Well, duh. Of course they are" I hear you say. However, people like Jeff Bezos are quoted saying things like "The company is not the stock", and it looks like the Bonfire team would agree with a statement like this. I suppose in some cases that's true, but not in crypto projects like this. The main difference here is utility. Tokens can be integrated into the products that projects create in a way that stocks never have, or ever will be able to. As a result this "separation of the token and the project" is naïve at best. Claiming that an announcement will be "huge for Bonfire" (presumably talking about Bonfire the project, not Bonfire the token) undeniably leads investors to believe that their announcement will be something that will hopefully increase the price of the Bonfire token (because at the end of the day, we're all here to make money). Judging by the questions they we're taking from the community after the announcement, they knew very well what their announcement would do to the price of the Bonfire token. So, the fact that they hyped up their announcement, only to announce something that they knew would tank the price, screams "Pump & Dump" to me.
All of this left the community (understandably) pretty upset, but they weren't done. Their most audacious action, in my opinion, is the Embr presale eligibility. A large portion of their community is already mad at the amount of money they had lost because of this announcement (many of whom we're already down a lot already from having bought early during the early-May hysteria). Given all of this, Who do they open the Embr presale to? The exact same people that they just pissed off. This, in my opinion, is a MASSIVE middle finger to the bonfire community, and I just can't see how anyone on the Bonfire team thought this was a good idea (although it seems like the Bonfire team keeps defaulting to responding to criticisms with "What would you do?", acknowledging it wasn't a good idea, I hardly think this is an acceptable excuse though). This feels like mugging someone, getting caught, and asking the person you mugged to pay your bail.
Also, this is a small personal gripe, but Embr is undoubtedly a poor name choice for a number of reasons:
  • Embr is already the name of a NUMBER of other things share this same name, (seriously, search "embr" on google, tons of other things share this name) so they're setting themselves up for failure from an SEO perspective already.
  • Going off of the previous point, I think a lot of other tokens are short sighted in their naming conventions (another one is mentioned later in this post). If Embr ever grows to be something significant, they are undeniably going to run into copyright concerns regarding their name, considering how many other things out there are named Embr.
  • Seriously? They relaunch Bonfire (arguably one of the largest "types" of fires) as Embr? Did no one on the Bonfire team see the irony this?
Emphasis on dying.
Overall I think the situation will hurt Bonfire / Embr way more than it will help them. As I mentioned earlier, it left a lot of their community feeling betrayed, and I think the team lost a lot of the trust the community had for them. Relaunches are already hard to pull off successfully due to people already having invested money into your project, and not always wanting to dump more into it. And now, not only does the Bonfire team have to deal with the inherent difficulties of relaunching, but they now have to deal with the fact that they're relaunching to a community that feels betrayed. It's going to be an uphill battle for them to say the least, and I'm not going to lie and say I think its going to go well. The way everything was handled just shows a complete lack of acumen, in my opinion (or, they we're using the hype from the announcement to P&D and are going to use the likely failure of Embr as an excuse to disappear, but who knows).
The Relaunch Trio. The way I see it, there are 3 ways of doing relaunches, A type 1, a type 2, and a type 3.
  1. A type 1 relaunch is what bonfire did. This is the "least desirable" approach, in my opinion. A type 1 relaunch consists of abandoning the old project and starting over from the ground up. New token, new contract, new everything, basically just walking away from the old project. Bonfire took a type 1 relaunch further (in a bad way) by opening the presale to the community that feels they just got robbed, as I described above.
  2. A type 2 relaunch is similar to what the NASA token, along with many others, did (Coincidentally, NASA was another token that tried to raid / FUD us into oblivion... I'm sensing a pattern here: Tokens that try to attack us end up imploding down the line. If that pattern holds true I can think of a couple other tokens that should be very nervous right now haha). Basically, you do the relaunch as described in Type 1, but you also airdrop V2 tokens to people that held V1 tokens in a way that the V2 tokens are either a. the same number of tokens, or b. the same proportion of the total supply, if you decide to relaunch with a different max supply. A type 2 relaunch is not a perfect solution though. Hypothetically, If you held 1% of a token's supply, and the value of the LP was 1000 BNB, your current bag is worth 10 BNB (more or less, there are additional factors that have to be considered when calculating bag value from LP value, but this is an oversimplification for simplicity of explanation purposes). If this hypothetical token decided to relaunch and was able to get 100 BNB in its V2 presale, once V2 starts trading and you get your airdrop, your bag is only worth 1BNB now, just for transferring to V2, granted there are other factors that determine your net loss in this sort of situation, like how the people behind the token handle the relaunch mechanics (whether they did a true fresh start, or like did a token sacrifice mechanism or something). Another problem with type 2 relaunches, is that it creates a lot of selling pressure immediately once the V2 token starts trading. People who were already down on V1, and now down MORE on V2 are (in my opinion) more likely to cut their losses. On top of this, there are always people or bots that buy into presales and immediately profit on the presale/public trading price difference. All of this combines to create an overall risky endeavor.
  3. Finally a type 3 relaunch is the closest to an ideal situation if you're going to relaunch, however this is also the hardest to pull off. Type 3 is identical to type 2, however it requires you to raise/provide enough initial liquidity in the presale period that when you relaunch, you're starting market cap is greater than or equal to your market cap prior to relaunching. This way, people's V2 tokens, once they receive them, will be either equal in value or greater value than their V1 tokens, and none of the holders get screwed over. Getting this much initial liquidity is not easy, though. I would assume people that are already guaranteed to get V2 tokens because they we're a V1 holder aren't as likely to participate in a presale, because they've already put money into the project by proxy of buying tokens, and a presale would now be asking them to put more money into the project. There are other sources of liquidity, external angel investors / investment firms can help with things like that, but the specifics of agreements like that have to be done delicately as to ensure that there is enough supply to have a liquid market once V2 starts trading, and everyone who is getting the airdrop still gets the proper amount of tokens.
These three methods obviously build off of each other, and depending on how you handle a relaunch there are ways that you can be somewhere in-between a type 2 and a type 3 relaunch (for example, say you only are able to raise 90% of the prior liquidity in the v2 presale, not quite enough to be a type 3, but it's better than nothing).
What can Saturna learn from this? Like I mentioned earlier, Saturna has a lot of the same problems as Bonfire stemming from the renounced contract. However, clearly, if Saturna we're to ever relaunch in the future, It would need to be arguably one of the most delicately handled things we've done, or ever will do. I'm not implying that Saturna has plans to relaunch ANYTIME soon, this whole Bonfire situation is a pretty good justification to shelf that idea for the time being, but there are undeniable benefits to having complete ownership of your token's contract. I personally do not think the renounced ownership is the end of the world for a token like Saturna, like I said earlier, It just forces us to be creative with how we bring utility to the ecosystem. IF (I cannot stress how much of an "IF" this is) Saturna we're to ever relaunch in the future, it would be something that would be discussed HEAVILY with the community as a whole before committing to a decision. A relaunch affects all token holders, so all token holders should get a say in the matter.
Conclusion. So wrapping this up I have some thoughts. The primary being: A lot of these BSC projects (the ones that aren't just blatant P&Ds or Rug pulls, anyway) are basically bootleg companies. And, that being said, running a successful company is hard. There are a lot of tough decisions involved and due to the nature of all of these tokens having communities surrounding them, every decision made is a lot more a. visible and b. scrutinized. I'm not defending their actions in any way, because I think overall it was still handled very poorly and as a result it really does look like they maliciously pulled a fast one on their community (at least from an outsiders perspective), but as someone on the team of another project, I can fully understand that sometimes hard decisions have to be made sometimes. I've heard the idea floated that Bonfire has always been a rug, and they just kept doing what they could to delay the inevitable, in which case it really wasn't worth taking all of this time to write up what is now a 6 page document (closer to 10 double-spaced) on the situation, but it seemed like from the outside Bonfire had a solid thing going for it. I can't speak to whether or not that claim of them always being a rug is true, because like I said, I don't know what the internal communication looked like. However, I think any BSC token can learn a lot from this situation overall, Saturna included.
TL;DR: IMO Bonfire dropped the ball. Hard. Like to the point where it looks malicious. But, at the same time, their desire to want control over their smart contract is understandable, so its an overall messy situation. What do you all think?
I'd love to hear what other people's thoughts on this are, especially if you we're also part of the Bonfire community and could provide an additional perspective. Even if you weren't, what are your thoughts on Bonfire, the way they handled the relaunch, and relaunches in general?
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2021.09.20 21:59 jesusmcjesus Astrozero Gasless NFT Marketplace Preparing For Liftoff!!!🚀

This couldn't be a better time for all of you NFT artists to change over from that corrupt Opensea platform that charges you exorbitant seller fees. In case you didn't know one of their executives was scamming artists and doing insider trades that not only hurt YOUR sales but it also killed the confidence of the platform. Here's the news article straight from CNBC:
Astrozero on the other hand is virtually gasless to list on the Polygon Network. Fees are over 2.5 times cheaper than Opensea and they aren't run by a corrupt leadership group.
Here's our twitter:
Here's our telegrams: (native token Elonone) & (Gasless NFT Marketplace)
Oh yeah, and now with the help of Hyphen on Bicomony you can bridge your eth <> polygon there virtually instantly at super low price conversion. (
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2021.09.20 21:59 TheMixerTheMaster Nike Drake - From the Morning [Folk Rock]

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