What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever witnessed in public?

2021.09.20 22:21 BeWhatItBe What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever witnessed in public?

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2021.09.20 22:21 Wifiscifi Disney Actor And COMEDIAN SARAH SILVERMAN Endorses SECESSION! USA 1 & USA 2 IS NONSENSE!

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2021.09.20 22:21 reps_up Intel Alchemist GPUs are being built by a competitor because Intel doesn't have room

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2021.09.20 22:21 lackingakeyblade you ruined my entire mood for today. i hate you.

dear dad,
u're a verbally abusive shit head. i never want to learn driving from u ever again after what u did today. u made me so angry, upset, and scared today. now i dont wanna do anything productive because u ruined my mood. i'm so discouraged because of u, that i will do NOTHING today. fuck u.
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2021.09.20 22:21 fanttasy89 Wixoss EN Facebook Announcements Start!

Hey team,
The official English Wixoss Facebook (linked below) says they'll start posting announcements this week. Today's is a quick summary of the game and a little ad for the November 6th English products release. I was going to share it over here on the subreddit, for whoever isn't on Facebook, but I don't think I can post pictures in this sub. Is that something we can update? It'll be fun to post card releases here when they start happening. Anyways, check out the official FB and follow it here:
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2021.09.20 22:21 Forsaken-Bee4241 Is the Liberty Prime power armor skin gonna be again in the atomic shop and for haw many atoms?

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2021.09.20 22:21 iCrab The only thing worse than the rewards is the people complaining about them

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2021.09.20 22:21 yeesquid HeroCreationsFN: A year later

I found this sub through looking up Fortnite hero skins on google.I applied for mod and surprisingly I made it.All the people I met on here were awesome.The combos were always super creative.However a year later it’s safe to say this server is dead not counting the occasional combo every month or 2 months.I’m not that surprised that it’s dead the skins are good but the sub overall was a gimmick.Besides most people don’t really spend that much time on one skin.We also never really got along with fnfashion but that’s not a reason why the server dies.To wrap it all up I’m glad I was able to mod for a awesome community even if it was only for a few months.
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2021.09.20 22:21 Ormr1 I drew a U.S. Special Forces soldier but it’s WW1

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2021.09.20 22:21 Sullysteph Please help me ❤️

Hi! So I’m super new to applying makeup but I absolutely am in love with everything makeup. I would like to some recommendations please (drugstore , high-end, both) for the following: -primer (one that’s not really oil my skin type is combo) -blush / bronzer (for reference I’m color fair, I do burn but I don’t tan) -eyeshadow palettes (I’m looking to do soft glam looks or neutral) -lipsticks (can be any formula) —>items to gravitate towards dark pink,red colors -any other makeup item you think I should have I don’t mention foundation because I want to get used to other products before I add that into my routine
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2021.09.20 22:21 ZealousidealRead934 Which sign you think I look like?

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2021.09.20 22:21 theborderlineartist Election Day 2021

If you're thinking of voting conservative today because it serves your financial interests, I think it's important that I share that my military, life-long-conservative-voting family all but abandoned me at a very early age because I was showing the signs of mental illness.
Over my lifetime, I have had to navigate homelessness, teenage pregnancy, abusive relationships, and sexual assaults without the safety net or support of a family. They chose their own self-interests over my well-being for decades because the issues I faced were mired in social stigma. I was left to rely on various social programs and menial jobs in order to survive...social programs that the Conservatives and PPC are actively looking to eradicate. My own conservative family expected me to survive on programs they were actively voting against.
The disconnect is real.
In theory, making decisions that strengthen your financial security are a great idea if your social values strongly uphold the care and compassion necessary to take care of those within your family and social circle who are suffering. But my personal history is an account of how this theory often doesn't account for reality. My story isn't unique, and my experiences have been echoed by many people across my travels.
Historically, conservative-minded voters often negate and reject the broad social and familial responsibilities that come with their financial security, choosing instead to put on blinders when it comes to addressing poverty and the various offshoots of social dysfunction that happen to both cause it and that stem from it.
They tend to follow ridiculously outdated narratives that use absolutely zero of the science that has been developed over the last 8 decades explaining every psychological, structural, and educational inadequacy, and every socioeconomic issue we face today.
They instead, defensively adopt a mindset of "not in my family" and simply eject anyone who doesn't follow this narrative for the sake of continuity, and comfort. This type of ableist thinking and willful ignorance has been notably present within military families for decades.
If the narratives and values one upholds are self-centered, inflexible, and based on their own financial security and self-interests, it's signalling to a serious and fundamental problem in how our society is structured. Humans are not solitary creatures, selfishness does not serve the whole, and societies only manage to exist when there is collaboration and cooperation that acknowledges and cares for the value of every member.
Excluding and ignoring the existence of others simply because they're different is excluding reality as it is. In psychology circles, we refer to this as delusion. It's a symptom of mental illness.
How can one justify a position that claims to actively care for and defend the interests of an entire country while simultaneously voting for a party that is structurally seeking to destroy and harm the people within it? The mind boggles....
We all desire financial security, but none so much as people like me, who have been bouncing around, insecurely housed for decades. People who have to choose food or medicine this month. People who eat out of dumpsters on the regular, who live in tent cities because the shelters are overflowing and unsafe. People who have no home and no hope. People trying to gain a toehold through social programs, public health care, specialized education programs, and mental health and addiction services long enough to gain the skills, stability, and resources necessary to become self-sufficient. People like me, who's entire family line has rejected them. People who have no other options BUT social programs and social housing and food banks and welfare programs in order to survive.
When you go to the polls today, please remember that there are literally millions of Canadians who are being treated as throwaways and after-thoughts. We're Canadians too. Canadians who have been left out of the conversation and social supports during the worst crisis this country has seen in 90 years.
I implore you to think outside of yourself. To think broadly about the issues we see most often in cities across the country. If you have a roof over your head, if you own land and property, if you have rrsps, a secure job, a vehicle or two, a cottage, a savings, a fridge and cupboards full of food, a post-secondary education, a family, and a strong support network - these are all privileges that so many people out here don't have.
Choose. Wisely.
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2021.09.20 22:21 ovelhabrancapreta A dublagem de the witcher 3 é maravilhosa, mas descobri o pq que em alguns pontos é zoada.

Quem joga the witcher 3 já deve ter notado que as vezes os personagens estão calmos mas o tom de voz ta como se fosse uma batalha.
Ou as vezes o contrário, a voz ta calma e o personagem ta puto.
Nunca entendi o pq disso, ai hoje eu assisti uma entrevista com o dublador do Geralt e descobri que os dubladores não tinham acesso as cenas do jogo, eles tinham acesso somente a falas e a pequenos desenhos que retratavam a cena, mas nunca a cena em si!
E por conta disso eu digo que a dublagem é maravilhosa, por mais q em alguns momentos seja zoada, a galera que fez essa dublagem fez um esforço brabo de bom sem ter visto cena nenhuma!
Impressionante, sério mesmo.
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2021.09.20 22:21 Mamgabetterthananime Cursed_Mha Fan

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2021.09.20 22:21 lesregu How to propagate this plant?

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2021.09.20 22:21 Tallsocks420 This entire subreddit rn

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2021.09.20 22:21 bizzymuch No messaging app

So I just got a Samsung gear S3 frontier from a friend. I got it hooked up to my phone but I don't have a messaging app to view my texts. I do have a Google pixel 4 as my phone so I'm wondering if that's the issue. Can anyone confirm if that's the issue? Does anyone know how to get the messaging app on the watch with a non Samsung phone?
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2021.09.20 22:21 HJenkinsRSN AEW Rampage Viewership Falls More After Last Week's Record Low

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2021.09.20 22:21 Steve-trang Am i shadowbanned?

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2021.09.20 22:21 sckatter New NFT’s with my Blok Monkey collection! It will be an honor to do a giveaway after my first sale. 14 live now, link in comments!

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2021.09.20 22:21 ClingyDreamers Zelda minish cap - part 4: Ghostie wants them boots

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2021.09.20 22:21 Imaginary_Passion_65 $BnbExpress 🚆 | Just Launched| BNB 8% Rewards Every 1 Hours | FairLaunch | AD Campaign running | Community Driven | Huge Potential

Get ready to win at BNB stations every 1 hours!
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⚠️ 8% Bnb Reflect Every 1 Hours
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Fair Launch & Our Earnings
The team does not have any dev-wallets. They only sponsored the liquidity pool, so that the market cap starts very low. The team members could grab a maximum of 1% of the total of shares, so they can guarantee a fair start for everyone. Accordingly, the value of the token is defined by our community.
🌈 Links
🌈Contract: 0x103ecffc911b96552d215feb7ef39337b4190e6f
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🌈100% LP Locked 1 year
BNB REWARDS every 1 hours
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2021.09.20 22:21 hotliqueur “Vampo 1” First NFT created! OpenSea link in comments.

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2021.09.20 22:21 Puzzleheaded-Page140 Dialogue

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2021.09.20 22:21 PelinalCoomstreak Coomer moment

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