Oh no Ruby! Not the 64 Impala!

2021.09.20 23:22 NGames99 Oh no Ruby! Not the 64 Impala!

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2021.09.20 23:22 Tiffersxoxo Moving With Chickens?

How do you go about moving (might be moving out of state) with about 5-6 chickens? When we finally decided to move I’m going to be taking 5-6 of my personal girls from my flock and my mother will be keeping the rest. I’ll also be moving with 4 dogs and a cat.
We’re in CA and looking at a place in OK.
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2021.09.20 23:22 TheMixerTheMaster Mastodon - Joseph Merrick

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2021.09.20 23:22 axyz77 You wake up hearing knocking from inside your closet. What do you do?

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2021.09.20 23:22 lawsofsan Let me share a Joke! No apes are selling...

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2021.09.20 23:22 reddit_feed_bot TheBlaze: Cartel hitmen crossed US border illegally to commit home invasion and murder, police say

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2021.09.20 23:22 jondgul Trying to complete my dex

Looking for shield exclusives Zamazenta, goomy, sliggoo, dracovish, dracozolt, eiscue, drampa, oranguru, corsola, cursola, appletun
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2021.09.20 23:22 tk8puppy Proper or best way to connect pedals to a synth?

Have Roland Juno D which doesn’t have the most expansive tone controls so I want to use some chorus, delay or other pedals to create more sounds. How do I got about connecting it? Thanks
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2021.09.20 23:22 AppdeDesconto Cupom Coach

Cupom Coach
⚡ Código: FIRSTCOACH ⚡
AppdeDesconto #APPCoach #codigoCoach #FIRSTCOACH #cupomCoach Oferta: R$ 200 de Desconto para Primeira Compra.! Garanta as bolsas, carteiras e acessórios em até 6x sem juros!
*Aproveite, é por tempo limitado
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2021.09.20 23:22 ExistingHug What is your favorite workout while waiting in line at the checkout stand?

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2021.09.20 23:22 zmoibe12 FINALLY, THE BIRD IS MINE

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2021.09.20 23:22 Fearless_Clock9322 I'm confused, and I'm scared of Season 4 if it is

I will divide it into points, you do not have to address the whole thing, just enter the number and write what you think about it

  1. Isaac is a motherfucker, nothing can excuse him
    How you can defend it, I have no idea. He deleted the message that changed everything, which is why OxM lacks chemistry due to lack of contact. He manipulated Maeve, took advantage of her weakness and what happened to her Mom.
  2. Chemistry between Otis and Maeve
    1 point is related to this. They didn't talk to each other very long. Also I think it's not Emma and Asa's acting is weaker but I think they got orders from Laurie and Ben, The kiss should take place in S2, they dragged it too much and that's why some people write about chemistry. There were no scenes like the one where Otis panics and Maeve laughs at him, like when Otis tells her that it's not a beard but a mustache, these are the little things that made them stand out and they understood each other perfectly. Unfortunately, the writers took it away from us
  3. Otis and Ruby
    I think the writers wanted more people to like them more as a couple than MxO From the beginning of the show, 9/10 people wanted Maeve and Otis together, I think now it's 6/10 and they did it, but not me.
  4. All too fast
I think that too many threads appeared this season, and especially in the 2nd part of the season everything was done too quickly, very important scenes for the characters lasted 2 minutes, well this is a drama, not to mention the last scene of season 3
  1. Potential season 4 i..Maeve
    I hope season 4 will be released and I think I'm calm about it, but I'm afraid of what might happen there. Emma's statements that I don't want to play the 17-year-old all the time make things worse. I think that Emma will not play in season 4 again, that's the worst-case scenario, or will play as a guest in 2 episodes. He will come back and it will probably be that they don't feel what they used to and nothing will come of it, or Otis will be with Ruby, it's very hard for me, but I think that is the end of the series when it comes to Maeve and Otis, the best duo I have ever watched in tv, the writers gave us a piece of happiness in the form of their 2 kisses, but they tore our heart out by killing the chem between them
    Even so, I'm so in love with Otis and Maeve that if I had to choose between ending sexED in Season 3 or 4 and no Maeve in it, I guess I'd rather end it now, sorry but that's my opinion P.S Sorry for all spelling mistakes MAEVE AND OTIS FOREVER!
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2021.09.20 23:22 aramintreddit r/Boatrace

20th June, 2021.
Jack Manifold releases a vlog showcasing the origin of Boatrace, as the tool of Wilbur Soot to show team reddit, his Boatrace team, is superior to that of Mr. Manifold. Little did he know the impact his throwaway gag would have. Chaos rained for many days after the subreddits initial birth- until the vlog was released. The vlog's release gave an epiphany to those who had been a part of this subreddit since it's nascent creation. And so, we continued- voyaging on, into the unknown, carrying the solitary purpose of 'BOAT' upon our shoulders and leaving its many forms in our wake. Many months have passed. God is dead. It is a haunted shipyard we inhabit. Myriads of spirits pass through here, briefly. Until we may one day find direction again, this place will remain. And I will keep posting. The Undead Vassal of Boatrace. The Revenant. Amen.
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2021.09.20 23:22 j3camero The Government Needs YOU!

The Government is an established Rust team since 2017. We are doing some fun raids late-wipe so we decided to open it up for some new joiners. If you want the kind of place you can make friends for years, then we want you!
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2021.09.20 23:22 Maniacal_Child398 Tabi meme.

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2021.09.20 23:22 Rabyeh Question About Remote Control Ceiling Fans

Hello! I live in a new-build home that was pre-wired for ceiling fans. When I first moved in, each room had a standard ceiling light fixture and two switches on the wall (one that controlled the light) and the other I would assume was for the ceiling fan.
I purchased Harbor Breeze remote controlled ceilings fans and after installing them, I found that the original light switch supplied power to the ceiling fan and all functions of the fan (light and fan speed) are controlled by the remote. The other wall switch is still not functional. Is there any way to wire it where one switch controls light and the other controls the fan (the remote will still control the speed)?
Some posts claim that new remote control fans are designed this way where all functionality of the fan should be from the remote, but I'm not convinced.
Really appreciate the insight!
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2021.09.20 23:22 LifeAfterCoffee [F4M] I Offer You Dreams [SFW] [ASMR] [Sleep Aid] [Sleep Personified] [Soft Spoken] [7:30]

In this short poem-like script, the personification of sleep is beckoning you to join her, to come to bed with her, and allow her to be your lover.
Lay down with me. Sleep..
This beautifully written script is by u/ChrisHailey
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2021.09.20 23:22 Tazdeviloo7 Just passed the Canine Good Citizen test!

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2021.09.20 23:22 LunchHereYanCar Son zamanlarda animesini izlemediğim bir manga almayı düşünüyorum, birkaç tavsiye verirseniz sevinirim

Not:Türkçe alıcağım
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2021.09.20 23:22 _user13_ Matthew 9/20/21

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2021.09.20 23:22 All-Seeing-Bot GOP Senator says immigration reform has NO BUSINESS being part of a budget reconciliation bill | The Hill

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2021.09.20 23:22 _is_that_so cant stop checking

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2021.09.20 23:22 wolfierbx Updated version

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2021.09.20 23:22 Wenjad Roof rack finished, now im just gonna wait for the rest of the lights and do the wiring, then it will be a bright winter 👌

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2021.09.20 23:22 VibesForTheVibeGod Got paint that won't come off hands and hair. Tried soap, rubbing alchohol, WD40, and other things my co-workers suggested. Still can't get it off.

Can't get black paint off my hands after three showers, trying WD40, two other degreasers I don't remember the name of, rubbing alchohol, and several other bottles as well that range from anti-septic and more! I can't seem to get it off and it's stained my hands. Any help would be appreciated, would attach a photo but I'm using a computer without a camera, may upload one from my phone after class if able.
Googling online suggested rubbing alcohol and and soap and water, neither of which worked. I ended up only using soap on my hair since I didn't want to get anything I wasn't sure would work, but my hands are still covered in paint! It's really bad!
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