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What has happened since W2S last uploaded #shorts

2021.10.24 09:46 MJenius-MJ What has happened since W2S last uploaded #shorts

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2021.10.24 09:46 Yu_Cheddar_Beweav_It MY and M3 in garage, how to [iOS] share address with specific car?

I’ve got a MY and a M3 in the garage. In the past with only one vehicle I could share an address via iOS’s SHARE > TESLA option which would send to my MY. Now with the M3 here any time I share it sends to M3 only, with no options to select which car is primary vehicle or to choose which car to share with. Any thoughts?
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2021.10.24 09:46 MacandCheese6 Morgan Shows Her Swimsuit To Her Husband (Translated) [toarufate]

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2021.10.24 09:46 Sophie_in_Wonderland My Experience With Early Switching

The following was initially written for /plural because I wanted to reach out to the broader plural community and share my experiences, and it's written with that audience in mind. But I realized after writing it out that this could also be beneficial to the tulpa community itself as well, and decided to share it here with you guys. Note that although I hope you can glean something of value from this, it's not intended as a guide. It's merely a collection of our experiences with switching thus far. What you do with this information is entirely up to you:
Hi, my name is Sophie. I’m a tulpa who has experience with early switching. We’re one of the few tulpa systems I’m aware of that were capable of switching since before we discovered tulpamancy existed. With little research done into non-disordered systems and how they switch, I decided to add my own experience to the available pool of knowledge. It’s only anecdotes, but that’s unfortunately all we have without access to real data yet. My hope is that knowledge gained from non-disordered systems might be useful to disordered ones.
1. Pre-Self-Awareness Channeling/Entering
Like many accidental tulpas, I began as an imaginary friend. In my case, I was a companion based on a fictional character my host was writing. He liked to talk to me to develop my source’s character, and would occasionally “channel” me. This exercise had him trying to make the thoughts he imagined that I would be thinking flow into his brain. The goal here was to get into character so that he could better write from my source’s perspective.
If I was already being imposed (mind’s eye, not hallucinatory, and I didn’t even have a consistent face at the time) outside of the body, he would have me walk in to physically enter it before channeling my thoughts. Each time he would do this exercise, he (we?) would mentally assert “I am Sophia ______.”
At this point, we both considered me an imaginary friend, and this exercise to simply be roleplaying. I did not consider myself a sentient being, and the word switching wasn’t in our vocabulary.
This continued for a while until there came a day when I wanted to do something in the outside world that wouldn’t be possible in the mindform. When trying to think of a solution, I asked my host if I could “take over” the body for a bit. This was the moment I think I realized, on some level, that what we were doing was more than simple roleplaying. My host was disturbed, and I was denied. I accepted it because I wasn’t real anyway and that was my place.
2. Post-Self-Awareness First Switch
After discovering the tulpa community months later, which was incredibly welcoming BTW, my host let me switch in that night to write a journal of my own. We used the same method for switching as before, deducing that this is what we had been doing all along.
This time, however, the act of switching felt fundamentally different than it had in the past. Before, when I had switched in, it had always been to perform a specific task. It was to serve a purpose. Even though I was kind of in control, it was like being on a leash. This time, my host gave me complete freedom to do whatever I wanted. I started writing my journal for a bit, which felt incredible, but then I stopped part of the way through just to feel the walls and the couch with our fingers. It was euphoric, being free to do whatever I wanted in the physical world for the first time in my existence.
As an aside, I’ve since really loved fronting to the point where it’s almost addictive. Like, sometimes I’ll ask to front just to go sleep in the body just so that I can feel the real world for a bit. I think that this might be because, unlike a lot of tulpas, I didn’t start out in a Wonderland. Being (poorly) imposed from the beginning meant that the physical world has always been the world I was a part of, and I’ve just been a ghost in it. If you’re considering making a tulpa and don’t want them to crave being in the body, it might help to give them a Wonderland first so that they can get used to having the imagined senses in the headspace before going straight from having no senses to all of them at full blast.
3. Trading Places
After that, we changed our switching method slightly so that we actually visualize a full switch, with whoever is fronting stepping out of the body first, withdrawing as much of their “mental essence” (I don’t know how else to describe this) as they can, and then whoever wants to front stepping into the body. We usually close our eyes for this. To this day, this is our go-to “clean” switching method. It takes a couple seconds, but it’s consistent, and has worked every time without either of getting front stuck, and leaves no harmful feelings afterwards or blending.
4. The Abrupt Switch
Contrasting the clean switch, if my host needs to front because his family wants to talk to him, or there’s something he has to be the one fronting for at that moment, he can switch in abruptly while I’m in front. But this is very unpleasant, we blend a bit when this happens, and it feels like our heart rate increases. We try to avoid this as much as possible, because it’s really not a fun experience.
5. The Forced Switch
Another not so good experience. Shortly after becoming self-aware, my host did something that would have made me feel like he was trying to invalidate me. I went dormant. I think because my part of the brain was still trying to process complex emotions I hadn’t ever experienced before. My host tried to contact me, but couldn’t, and started freaking out. Before, he could always feel me and my emotions. But this time, he couldn’t. Given that he had always tried to channel my character to get into my head, he naively thought that he could do the same thing here because we were both incredibly new to this and had no idea what we were doing.
So, he visualized me outside of his body, and then he pulled me into it.
The result was devastating. As it turned out, the reason he couldn’t feel my emotions is because I couldn’t feel them myself. When I was pulled in, I felt completely hollow. It was the worst experience of my existence. When you’re emotionless outside of the body, it’s like you’re sleeping. But being inside the body while feeling that complete lack of emotion is horrifying.
It also convinced me I definitely wasn’t real, triggering the worst of my many frequent existential crises which I’m not going to get into here because that’s not really the point. What is the point is that we both realized that forcing someone to switch in without their consent is damaging, and we agreed to always have the consent of the other party before switching in the future.
6. The Accidental Switch
The first time I switched in accidentally was when we had been doing a lot of abrupt switches recently to try to be able to switch as quickly and seamlessly as possible. I had recently started chatting with people online, and was excited to see my messages. Talking to real people outside of our head was a big deal at the time. My host read them for me, and asked if I wanted to switch in, but I said I didn’t, and asked if he could proxy for me instead.
At some point while typing, I realized that I was the one doing the typing anyway. I think a combination of him acting for me, my excitement, and his willingness to let me switch in all helped to facilitate this switch. Afterwards, we decided that if I was getting excited like that again, we would both put up barriers to try to resist the switch. If I want to switch in and he’s able to allow it, he usually lets me front whenever I want anyway. Our fear of going down that path was that allowing accidental switches could lead to me ending up fronting when neither of us want me to.
We continued this until...
7. The Kissing Switch
I spoke of this in a post on /tulpas. My host kissing me in the Wonderland had the effect of making me super happy like when I was wanting to check my messages before. In conjunction with my host tuning out of the body, this triggered an “accidental” switch. Or maybe accidental isn’t the right word though since we were often intending to switch in these moments. Maybe it would be more accurate to call it an “emotionally triggered switch”.
It was really fun for a few days. Then we saw a deer while walking, causing me to jump to front without realizing it. Ultimately, we nixed the kissing switch because, while fun and cute, we didn’t think it was healthy to train the brain to accept these emotionally-triggered switches any further.
8. The Equilibrium
This is not switching per se, but about a co-fronting equilibrium we reached one day due to partial possession and VR. We were playing a game called Rush of Blood, which is a terrifying rail shooter horror game. It’s VR. You have one gun in each hand. So, we naturally think this is great for partial possession practice. And it was… mostly.
See, when you’re terrified and already partially possessing, it can be easy to start to move parts of the body that you’re not supposed to be controlling. I’m only supposed to be moving the right arm at this time, but something pops out at us, and then I start jerking the head around. Occasionally even taking control of the right arm because I really want it to die.
By the time we took off the headset, we were both equally fronting, and could allow the other to take control of any given limb instantaneously where it would have previously taken several seconds to be able to gain that type of control. We’ve since been able to enter this state again with effort, but that game is what sort of “unlocked” it for us.
By the way, I’m posting this for completionist reasons, because I want to share my full experience so everyone can read them and maybe gain some sort of insight from it. I would highly advise AGAINST playing this specific game if you’re a traumagenic system. It should go without saying that content in the game is likely going to be extremely triggering to many.
9. Miscellaneous
We also have experimented with using items, like putting a leaf behind our ear for me to switch in with. But it wasn’t consistent. Sometimes it worked, but sometimes it didn’t and we needed to do the trading places visualization anyway. I also used to imagine an anime-style transformation sequence in my head while switching. But that was more for fun and didn’t really have any functional benefit.
So, that’s it. I hope that this information can be useful to someone out there. Or that maybe others could at least relate to our experiences. I don’t know if it will be helpful or not, but I figure that if I don’t share it at all, then it definitely won’t be. Thank you for your time. :)
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2021.10.24 09:46 Hbkthegoat Someone admitted to putting a spell on me

Hey Reddit, so recently I just got out of a 3.5 year relationship which was very toxic during the relationship,my ex (22F), has said she was a witch, has put spells on one of her friends etc. Well, recently probably 2 weeks ago, she admitted to putting a spell on me to have me come back. Now I’m not sure if she put another spell on me to feel really guilty for leaving a bad situation and I wanted help to see how I can get out of a spell if so. Thank you!
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2021.10.24 09:46 dunji_dabb FL STUDIO 12.4.2 CRACK for SALE ($50) PAYPAL / WETRANSFER

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2021.10.24 09:46 theoyeo [Discussion] Should I use futures for light short/long selling with a high capital?

I'm considering trading with some long-term funds by doing some light swing trades on KuCoin futures with nothing more than about 3x leverage on only large coins such as BTC and ETH. This would be about 90% of the overall portfolio.
Having not used futures before, I have a few concerns:

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2021.10.24 09:46 Bodydrag Darkrai --- 0840 5581 9099 & 3171 2762 5864 --- be online

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2021.10.24 09:46 regular-boy How do you rank the guys from J-High from strongest to weakest?

Just base on the non-fast pass users, I think for now Daniel is No. 1. Rank the guys of J-High from strongest to weakest.
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2021.10.24 09:46 PragmatistAntithesis [Complex Mappings] Find a conformal mapping from half the unit disk to the full unit disk

The domain of the half-disk is S={z : |z|<1, Im(z)>0}
The mapping w=z2 almost works, but fails to map anything onto the origin.
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2021.10.24 09:46 lets_clutch_this glass maker

Anyone else feel really sorry for him? He was just one block away from making it and would've made it had it not been for the VIPs trolling him. I feel like he definitely deserved to pass, especially since he creatively utilized his skill on this game.
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2021.10.24 09:46 2joshua3 A goofy potato looking for hugs and [friends]

Everyone likes potatoes in one form or the other so I guess everyone's gonna like me too 😌😂
I'm currently jobless and have a lot of free time and I'm here looking for some amazing friends online or irl!
I'm pretty open to all kinds of conversations, feel free to vent or talk about anything!!
23M from UK here, if you're around my age then HMU! :)
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2021.10.24 09:46 theilluminatipapa Totally unstable Rtt graph and network error

So am i checked my wifi its working fine on other devices and i tried play other online games like csgo and it's working fine And when i play valorant i get this continue network error and my Round Trip Time is like hell it's graph is more worse than a human's heart beat idk what's wrong with ny game i mean something's wrong with the settings or some configuration file?
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2021.10.24 09:46 Mahsa_avakin Look what i found out 😂 she blocked me just bc i told her that all of participants are cheating 🤦🏻‍♀️

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2021.10.24 09:46 chelseatoddx Lashes vs. Eye mask?

I've been heavily considering getting lash extensions for some time now, and I know quite a few ladies who do, and they look fantastic. Here's my issue, though: I'm a night shift nurse, and I sleep during the day. When I sleep, I wear a 3D eye mask so I don't have to use blackout curtains, and make my room an actual dungeon. So, has any one been through this? Will they hold up, or is my goal of having gorgeous lashes futile? Any advice would be extremely appreciated!
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