Jenna Ellis complains that she and Rudy Giuliani are being smeared for working for Trump and promoting his bogus stolen elections claims, likening their efforts to John Adams defending British soldiers in the Boston Massacre or Atticus Finch in "To Kill A Mockingbird."

2021.10.15 23:17 TrumpSharted Jenna Ellis complains that she and Rudy Giuliani are being smeared for working for Trump and promoting his bogus stolen elections claims, likening their efforts to John Adams defending British soldiers in the Boston Massacre or Atticus Finch in "To Kill A Mockingbird."

Jenna Ellis complains that she and Rudy Giuliani are being smeared for working for Trump and promoting his bogus stolen elections claims, likening their efforts to John Adams defending British soldiers in the Boston Massacre or Atticus Finch in submitted by TrumpSharted to TrumpCrimeFamily [link] [comments]

2021.10.15 23:17 kmc7794 Playing With Myself Vol 5 - Black Nile

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2021.10.15 23:17 ribsflow Booming Advices needed: Help me pick my Booming Class

Hey there, I'm theory-crafting (oh boy!) a character for an upcoming campaign, and I've decided I'm gonna build my guy around the Booming Blade cantrip. Since I'm fairly new to spellcasting classes and to D&D in general, I'd like to get some feedback on things I didn't consider for these builds, and some opinions on which would work best.
The idea is to bang someone with BB and then either disengage or forcibly move the enemy, forcing him to stay locked in place or taking the secondary damage. I'd make this happen through:

For classes as of now I'm considering Warlock or Cleric. I know Arcane Trickster and Swashbucklers Half Elves/Elves/Variant Human can do this but I'm gravitating towards a full spellcasting class. Also I've considered a Artificier Battle Smith/Bladesinger multi, but it looks difficult to pull off in early levels.
Going Tomelock I don't waste the Extra attack and get some nifty bonus like the best ritual casting in the game, some great face skills and fun invocations for general shenanigans. And Eldritch Blast: sweet, sweet Eeldritch Blayst.

Goblin + Warlock : By going Tomelock I'd get Shillelagh at level 3 and I'd start with Goblin for the bonus action disengage, making my guy pretty hard to pin down on the battlefield.
  1. Can either fight at close range thanks to BB or be an excellent Eldritch Blaster
  2. Hide as a bonus action when you've got nothing better to do with it might give advantage on the next BB/EB/Spell you cast.
  3. Keeping an enemy in place in things like Hunger of Hadar, Sickening Radiance or near a Flaming Sphere is gonna be fun.
  1. Light armor and no shields means you are at risk anytime someone farts in your general direction, if you wanna get into melee range.
  2. Bonus Action Disengage conflicts with things like Hex, Flaming Sphere ramming, Celestial's healing words or giving instruction to Summons.
Tabaxi + Warlock : Compared to goblin I'd have to invest in a feat to execute the combo, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, since two of those feats open up Bonus action for other uses.
  1. With Feline Agility you can reach a distant enemy still not in melee, lock him away and get back to Eldritch Blasting from afar.
  2. Mobile gets me more movement, which is gonna be hilarious with Feline Agility, Crusher just happens, no saving throw needed and adds some boons to critting with Shillelagh, Telekinetic gives a free and invisible Mage Hand and the chance to disengage teammates from nasty enemies to reposition themselves.
  3. I get to role-play like a Khajiit, Khajiit has wares if you have coins.
  1. Taking a feat slows keeps down the line things like WarcasteASI increases.
  2. If you don't connect with BB you can't move 'em, and are stuck in melee with baddies.
  3. No free advantage from Hiding means that if you don't hit you wasted your turn: one shot, one opportunity.
For patrons I like Genie for Genie's Wrath (You add Proficiency as damage once per turn any time you hit someone) and Celestial as emergency healing via Healing Light further expand the versatility of an already greatly versatile class. Hexblade Tomelock might seem weird (the spells aren't of great use) but I get a free, no-concentration-needed Hex and, most importantly Medium armor and Shield prof.

Going Cleric I get possibly the best bonus damage to my Booming Blade via divine strike, good armor proficiencies to keep me alive, fantastic spells in both combat (spiritual weapons, spirit guardian I'm looking at you) and utility. Keeping your guys alive, kickin' and blessed also looks like good times: getting a good at-will damage like this kinda frees more spellslots for helping them. Getting all this build needs might be a problem though.

Half Elf + Tempest Cleric : Variant Half Elf gets me BB. This ideally is a STR build since Tempest gives me Heavy Armor and martial weapons. The choice here is between Crusher and Mobile, since Bonus Action is gonna be reserved for Spiritual Weapon and Healing Words, so Telekinetic is a no-go.
  1. Raw damage. Tempest Channel divinity here helps BB damage and a good element for divine strike makes it pretty powerful. If we assume secondary damage hypothetically it enables a ludicrous 10d8 damage at will at level 20 while still wielding a shield. (1d8 martial weapon + 3d8 initial booming blade + 2d8 divine strike + 4d8 movement damage).
  2. Heavy armor means no dex needed.
  1. Heavy armor means no dex needed. Stealth is gonna be a problem, dex saves and initiative also gonna be a problem.
  2. Taking a feat slows keeps down the line things like WarcasteASI increases.
Half Elf + Twilight Cleric : Most of the above applies to this, bar Channel Divinity
  1. Aura-like abilities like its Channel Divinity and the Paladins auras this domain get incentivize being an in-your-face melee cleric. Keeping enemies in your Twilight Zone helps you and your allies cause when they hit back, they have to eat through a bunch load of temp hp.
  1. This domain seems very unfunny to DM. 1d6+Cleric level temp HP every turn looks like a lot. A LOT. At higher levels flight in darkness and half cover while in the Zone seem also a lot. Maybe I'd feel bad.
Is there some combo I've not considered? What do you think, is this viable or I'm just lost in a theory craft loophole that will not translate well enough in actual play? Do my builds works or I've forgotten some mechanical rules that makes them not feasible? Will my DM hate me for being a weird one trick pony?
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2021.10.15 23:17 Abygahil Received a letter from IRS about changes to my 2019 return as my employer reported more to IRS than it is in my W2.

As the title says I got a letter from the IRS telling me I over a couple of grand as what I reported on my 1040 is not what my employer reported to them. I have my W2 in hand and all the information it is correct to what I reported on my 1040 but the letter says I forgot to report an extra 10grand. I remember when I got my W2 I actually got 2, one had all the information and the 2nd one had some small amount in box 1 and the rest was all empty, I asked and was told to ignore the second one as it was a mistake and to go ahead and file the 1st one. I am afraid they messed up somehow and now I have no clue what to do. Any help would be appreciated it!
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2021.10.15 23:17 musicTux Thoughts on CIS 262 with Rajeev Alur?

Is Alur a good professor for this class? Also, does he record lectures for the class even when school is in-person?
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2021.10.15 23:17 TinyTaters Cloud video storage that integrates with Premiere for editing. Suggestions wanted!

My group recently merged with another group on the other side of the country and we're trying to find the most efficiently way to collaborate.
Currently we have half a petabyte worth of video and mograph stored on Amazon s3 and they have a similar situation. We've begun looking into products / services that integrate cloud storage solutions with premiere to edit anything from anywhere.
Do any of you use services like this? Do you have any recommendations? Do you have any limitations about the solutions that you'd like to share?
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2021.10.15 23:17 JJPoland 27F. When you are not in a mood to make fresh selfies. You take old ones.

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2021.10.15 23:17 Jason310M Greetings SHIBarmy. Am I doing this right?

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2021.10.15 23:17 Pickle72523 My proposal for a railway between Dublin and Miami

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2021.10.15 23:17 Zoomoth9000 If it's covered in blood and running towards me, I'm probably *not* supposed to shoot it...

If it's covered in blood and running towards me, I'm probably *not* supposed to shoot it... submitted by Zoomoth9000 to gaming [link] [comments]

2021.10.15 23:17 ChloKins sleeps anywhere except her comfy bed!

sleeps anywhere except her comfy bed! submitted by ChloKins to cats [link] [comments]

2021.10.15 23:17 robotgraves Great post game interview with jschlatt

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2021.10.15 23:17 fakeaccount_6767 Deleting chat logs for your account?

Quick Question
Throwaway account (obv).
Hey so I’ll be frank.
I was a bit of an idiot when I was younger and said some stupid stuff on my twitch account that I would prefer no one see.
If I ever get into streaming, I’d rather not have someone log my account one day randomly and see all that, so I had a question.
If I change the email and username on my account, and then change the username back to what it was 6 months later, will chat logging my account show nothing? What if I just change the email, or just change the name?
I’m hoping I can keep the same name but if you decided to log that name, nothing would show up.
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2021.10.15 23:17 Consistent_Tooth3340 ITS LIT

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2021.10.15 23:17 TheGiftOf_Jericho Pre-Battle 3: Mintasaur I choose you!

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2021.10.15 23:17 marmar730 Pale skin

So I was iron deficient anemic for id say a solid year. I have gotten most of my numbers back within range (still working on ferritin) and when I was at my worse I was a literally ghost pale white. Well, I've gotten some color back, but I've noticed im still kind of pale but no longer anemic and just BARELY iron deficient so im wondering is the damage that was done semi permanent? I always had a light olive tint to my white skin but I have been pale for what seems like ages, I just dont understand. My vitamin D is good, B12 is good so maybe its just my new normal. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks 😊 🙏
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2021.10.15 23:17 elebexm Universities for Cyber Security Undergraduate

Hi, I'm applying for uni entry for 2022, so I'm currently trying to pick my university choices. I really want to do Cyber Security, or a Computer Science courses with a strong cyber security focus (i.e. more than just having optional cyber security modules in third year). I'm only applying for bachelors courses, which reduces my choices of Cyber Security courses down quite a lot.
I've looked at the list of NCSC certified (and provisionally certified) courses, and the list of universities with an ACEs-CSE (Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Education) which seem like pretty good indicators of quality. However, a lot of the universities I've ended up with on my list I don't know a lot about.
Can anyone tell me a bit about any of these universities? Are they reputable? Are they nice places to live? Do you know anything about their Cyber Security or Computer Science departments?

I'm also applying to Warwick, and am not considering any universities in London or Scotland. I don't know much about Wales, but I'd be willing to consider it if there was an outstanding course there. Not worried about grades, applying as A*AA.
Thanks! And if anyone has any suggestions about other universities, I'd be happy to listen.
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2021.10.15 23:17 Adorable-Return-2474 September: Top FTDs from the SEC

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2021.10.15 23:17 FlyingTurtle4790 Exponential Bully Face

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2021.10.15 23:17 7unkrat ShapeShift hopes to create 'rarest and most historical' NFTs with 80% trading card supply burn

Non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift recently burned hundreds of themed collectable “cards” from the blockchain-based mobile game, Spells of Genesis. The team said that the remaining cards will be placed under the control of its new DAO.
According to on-chain data, ShapeShift has burned at least 817 of the digital ‘ShapeShift the Wanderer’ cards in its possession. This follows an Oct. 12 announcement the exchange intended to burn the majority of cards to make those in circulation “among the most rare [Spells of Genesis] cards in existence and among the oldest NFTs in existence.”
“These are some of the earliest NFTs (circa 2015) that were minted by Spells of Genesis and given to ShapeShift as part of our partnership supporting their early blockchain-based game development,” said ShapeShift. “These could end up being some of the rarest and most historical NFTs ever.”
In total, there are now only 183 editions of the asset, known on-chain as SHAPESHIFTCD, out in the wild. Many of these are believed to be lost, making them one of the rarest original Spells of Genesis cards in existence.
According to the exchange, it plans to move 32 remaining cards in its possession from the Counterparty (XCP) to Ethereum blockchain using the Emblem Vault bridge, which allows crypto users to wrap Counterparty tokens as ERC-721 assets and trade them on Ethereum. Of the total not burned, the platform will retain 16 cards to sell before 2022 and give 16 to its decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, treasury. ShapeShift said it will unlock the cards in stages over the next two years, but FOX token holders will vote on whether the DAO sells or HODLs.
“Whether the DAO sells these NFTs for ETH, holds them for the long term, or some combination thereof they will become a valuable and important asset in the ShapeShift DAO treasury,” said the exchange. “There is some chance the NFTs do not end up being valuable and become a non-useful asset, but even in that case no harm is done to the DAO.”
The move seems to be an attempt to drive additional interest and gain more value from the crypto collectible cards, which predate CryptoPunks and all other major NFT offerings to come out of the recent boom. According to Shaban Shaame, blockchain pioneer and CEO of software company EverdreamSoft, Spells of Genesis cards are “not particularly easy to acquire” given their location on the XCP blockchain. However, the Emblem Vault bridge has provided users with a way to trade the tokens on Ethereum, leading to a new boom in trading activity for the once all-but-forgotten assets.
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2021.10.15 23:17 collectingthemacabre The Man Who Owns the Skull of St. Vitalis. Watch the video
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2021.10.15 23:17 ZoolShop Person dies after house collapses following explosion in Clayton-le-Woods

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2021.10.15 23:17 Anglosajona12 Can't beat Dragon Quest XI last boss

Ok so, before the flamming on such an "easy" topic, well, I really can't, I even stopped playing for around 4 months, and am thinking on playing again, if I can find a way around
It's not about strategy, since I have change my active party countless times and tried different strategies, is not about equipment since I have best equipment for almost everyone (except for post-game equipment obviously). is not about levels since I am lvl 96 average, I just don't know what to do
I don't know if its, because actually I don't even remember seeing that in options and don't remeber find it either when I was trying to beat the boss, the fact that I am playing, perhaps, on hard difficulty, but if my memory serves me right, DQXI don't have difficulty levels except for the one where you play without armor...
so my fight goes like this: I mainly use Hero, Veronica, Serena and a change between Hendrick, Jade. My strategy tends to cover the healing with Hero/Serena, while using bounce with Veronica to avoid the boss casting and hitting me with mass spells, get the tank Hendrick to get all the dmg, while healing him and getting him the defense skill where he blocks all the attacks, or almost all of them, while also attacking with Hero and Veronica, and the same Hendrick while the skills and buff are active. So... with that I only manage to literally get Last Boss Mask off. I tend to change Hero for Sylvando to cure status afflictions, and then get Hero back, to continue attacking or sub-healing with Serena.
All the variations I do are always keeping at least Veronica and Serena in the team, but basically I have tried all the formations possible; and where lies the problem? for me, Last Boss gets between 3 to 4 turns consecutive and gets my team down to the 100-200 mark (when Hendrick is not blocking, since there is always 1 turn off where you have to decide between blocking and PERHAPS letting the rest of the team get hit/die, or absorbing all damage and PERHAPS letting him die, when you don't have the Aggro skill buff active + the blocking all attacks active at the same time, since there is always 1 turn diff between both) where I have to heal the entire party while only attacking with Veronica... then Boss heals 999HP, and my MP starts getting down and down, until I have to restort to items or the combine spell of Ver and Ser (don't remember the name) to get MP periodically per turn, but no matter how I see it is too weird I get killed in "his turn" (the 3-4 turns consecutive he gets) or get down the 100-200 mark (sometimes 300) for the entire team. I see people talking about strategy and lvls being around 70, and getting good gear, but I can't get better gear than what I already have since I am not post game, and I can't get a better strategy that literally protects my team that is not Hendrick absorbing all dmg... SO, why the heck is my last boss fight so hard compared to what I read in the forums and what I see in YT-videos? is perhaps the PC-definite version of the game harder? If I could at least lvl up over 99, well, good grief, but I am 25+ lvls over the average for that boss, with best gear possible until that moment, and there is no strategy that lets me win this fight... any ideas? any help that could be provided? any way to get the damn difficulty down (if that is the actual issue, since, as I repeat, I don't remember DQXI having different Diff levels beside the no armor run).. what can I do to actually finish the game?
All that without tanking into accoutn his breath atk where he literally infects the entire team with at least one status ailment, and if you're lucky enought, that might NOT be curse... :) - that at some sort of point,I can actually deal with.. if the boss wouldn't smack me down all the time in his turn
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2021.10.15 23:17 Sarah2965 An egg famine!

I hope someone out there will have some ideas as to what’s going on with our flock. We have six multi cultural hens, three 2 1/2 year olds and three 1 year olds. Our older girls have been molting for about three weeks and have stopped laying. The weird thing is that the younger ones have also stopped laying even though they’re too young to molt. Nothing has changed with food or living arrangements. Before this all six were laying pretty regularly, getting half a doz eggs every two days. Has anyone any advice or is this perfectly normal? In our four years of chicken keeping we’ve never had this situation before
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2021.10.15 23:17 Eric_Bigglesworth What do you do when you've irreversibly broken trust with someone who means everything to you

I had this friend who i could trust with everything, we could do anything together. They were the only person in the world who mattered to me, and I still value them above all else. But I did something that destroyed their trust in me, and now they say that they will never be able to fully trust me again. I dont know what to do to fix it, I don't even know if I can. But I have to put things back to the way that they were no matter what.
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