Did anyone else hate how things ended for Lip?

2021.10.15 22:20 Reidddddddd Did anyone else hate how things ended for Lip?

Barely scraping by to make ends meet and still stuck in the South Side. He just deserved better
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2021.10.15 22:20 KingJonStarkgeryan1 What I believe they should have done with Spider-Man in the MCU Part 1

So I freely admit that I haven’t been the biggest fan of the MCU’s interpretation of Spider-Man. I feel like it isn’t the Spider-Man that I love from the comic book, cartoons, or even previous film adaptations. I believe a large part of this is due to a combination of drawing from Miles Morales instead of any other version of Peter, the writing/direction of the standalone films, the lack of consequences, very poor casting choices for 90% of the supporting cast (Vulture is excluded), and the lack of understanding of what makes Peter Parker Spider-Man. I was going to write the reasons why I dislike the MCU’s Spider-Man, but that ended up taking up nearly an entire page and this will be long enough as is. This version will still use Tom Holland as our titular character, I will make one for Garfield later. I will suggest possible actors/actresses that I think could have worked for the roles instead of the ones we did get. In addition this will take more from Earth 616 than from the Ultimate universe like the films have been. Also assume more quips and sarcasm.
Civil War:
First, before we even see Spidey, we get hints in the Marvel Netflix shows. For example we have Daredevil come across some gang bangers that are all webbed up for the police. Then in Civil War, we are introduced to Peter as a senior at ESU, preparing to finish his undergrad work and move on to grad school, sharing an apartment with Harry Osborn, his best friend. Prior to the escape of Bucky, Cap, and Sam; Tony is going over Cap’s files on potential avengers and sees Spider-Man’s file. While it doesn’t have his secret identity, it does have enough information for Tony to be able to intercept Spidey while on patrol.While on patrol in his own spandex suit, Iron Man intercepts him and gives him his whole recruitment speech. Spidey agrees under the condition that he doesn’t have to give up his secret identity just yet, banking on his youthful voice and small stature making people think he is a minor. Along with getting the whole with great powers comes great responsibility. On the plane to Germany, Iron Man gives Spidey a version of the Iron Spider MK1 suit (one more based on the comic book version), basing it’s design on the information and footage of Spidey that Cap’s file had. Peter feels like it isn’t perfect but decides to use it for now. Tony makes an off hand comment about dropping the suit off at Stark Tower every six months. The rest of Civil War happens pretty much as normal.
The Spectacular Spider-Man:
Then we get to Homecoming or as we are naming it Spectacular Spider-Man. Peter by now has disabled the tracker or spoofing it to not clue Stark to his identity and apartment. In the film we see Spidey trying to balance school, work, and his family and friends. For example he and Ned Lee (a reporter for the Bugle) are trying to go out with Betty Brant, Jameson’s(Jameson is played by J.K Simmons) secretary. At first it seems like Pete is in the lead when he and Betty have coffee together where she tells him of her dream to become a reporter. Taking care of typical street level crime and noticing that some of the criminals are using more advanced weapons and tech. At the same time Aunt May is trying to set Peter up with Anna Watson’s niece and says that she has such a wonderful personality. Which causes Peter to get out of there as quickly as possible. Eventually Peter stumbles on information that leads him towards one of the Vulture’s arms deals which he crashes. While he is able to stop the deal he isn’t able to capture the Vulture’s men, but he was able to web one of their weapons away, an anti-grav gun, and place his own designed spider tracer on the van. He sneaks it back to ESU and begins studying it there in the lab of Doctor Otto Ocativus, one of his professors. He discovers that it’s based on tech that is lightyears ahead of what Earth has and concludes it’s alien tech. Then we transfer to the Vulture where it plays out much the same as the original film where they are trying to fence this alien tech that they kept hidden from the government after the feds voided their contract with the city which stipulated that Toomes and his men could keep the alien tech and material which Toomes was counting on to keep his salvage business afloat. Stark was never involved in the clean up beyond donating towards the clean up effort and assisting in the reverse engineering of the tech. Pete builds a countermeasure for the anti-grav gun, not knowing the full extent of what they have, but figuring out how some countermeasure is better than nothing. He gets a call from Betty reminding them of their date where she was going to introduce him to her family. He promises to be there. That night he tracks the Spider Tracer to the Vulture’s warehouse where they are preparing for their biggest heist yet. The capture of Stark tech that was developed from the findings on the alien tech. Spidey infiltrates the warehouse and listens in on their plans, and having the suit record it in order to send to the authorities to ensure that they stay off the streets. Spidey goes in to stop them, but he bit off more than he can chew as some of their alien weapons have far higher velocities than normal firearms and the material is far stronger than his suit as he finds out when Toomes slashes him across the chest with his wings. Between the Vulture and the new shock weapons that Toomes’ gang has developed Peter takes a beating. The Iron Spider suit takes quite a bit of damage and a warning flash says that the neural analyzer is damaged. Peter reveals that the Iron Spider suit was a poisoned gift from Iron Man that was meant to analyze his Spider-Sense and discover his identity. He then gathers himself up again to fight against the Vulture’s men. Now with his head fully in it, he beats the Vulture’s men. The Vulture is ready for his heist and begins heading towards Avengers tower. Spidey shoots a tracer at him as he can’t leave these goons along with these weapons. The Vulture is gone, but Spidey successfully defeats and webs up all the goons. He gets a call from Betty reminding him of the date. He promises to be there. He pursues Vulture to Avengers tower and the final fight is much the same as in the original film. After a tough and drag out fight, Spidey defeats the vulture and webs him up. He then tries to make his date with Betty, but fails by being too late. Betty sees Pete’s battered and bruised face and asks him what happened. Pete lies and says that he got mugged when he was taking pictures of Spider-Man. He managed to save the pictures though. Betty cries and says she really does care for him but she can’t be with someone who puts himself in so much danger. Especially over something as stupid as taking pictures of Spider-Man to indulge Jonah in his tyriads. They break up and we fast forward about a week, Peter’s healing factor has nearly completely healed him and he is hanging out at Aunt May’s house. Where Aunt May drops the bomb on him that she invited Anna Watson and her niece over for dinner and they will be here in five minutes. Peter realizes that he has no way to get out of this and gets some of his spare nicer clothes he left at May’s house.The doorbell rings and Pete goes to open it. As soon as he sees Mary Jane, the lines should ripped straight from the comic books where Peter asks in shock if she is Mary Jane, to which Mary Jane responds with her classic line, “Face it Tiger, you just hit the Jackpot ''! The end credit scene will have Peter at Uncle Ben’s grave talking about his problems when Cap appears and explains how he figured Peter’s identity out and how he kept his identity a secret and outside of his files. They talk about the situation that happened in civil war and what it means to be a hero. Then Peter returns a destroyed and wiped clean Iron Spider suit in a bag of webs and a note saying “keep the suit”, and then we move to the final web swing in the classic red and blue suit.
The role of Mary Jane Watson is probably one of the hardest roles to fill in a comic book film as she needs to be flirty and charismatic enough to pull off the aforementioned line and be able to play the deeply wounded person who uses that charismatic exterior to hide the pain of her life. She also needs to have super model/movie star good looks. With Holland looking pretty young himself, we’re going to need an actress on the younger side as well. My short list for the actresses to fill the role are Madeline Carroll, Tara Polhemus, Madelaine Petsch, and Ellie Bamber. Carroll, I feel, can pull off the more emotional moments that the role requires given her real life integrity in keeping true to her Christian beliefs in the toxic environment that is Hollywood, along with her own career paralleling MJ’s. Tara while not having as long of a filmography as the others she is talented in music along with having a career similar to MJ’s, along with her good looks, I believe would help her in the role. Petsch certainly has the looks for Mary Jane being a natural redhead and very beautiful. She has about a half dozen awards and nominations, so while I have never seen anything she has been in, it is safe to say she is not a bad actress. Ellie Bamber would be my personal choice as while not a natural red, she does look really good as one and she has a very diverse career having performed on stage, on tv, and films.
Avengers Infinity War:
In Infinity War we have Spidey sitting on top of a building eating lunch when he sees the Black Order’s ship and joins Tony and Strange in defending New York against them. Spidey asks Tony if this is another one of his messes that he has to clean up or another attempt to discover his identity? Tony admits that he deserved that and he is sorry about that. The fight takes place as normal. With Spider-Man trying to keep Strange from being taken and nearly passes out from the lack of Oxygen where Iron Man sends the nanite version of the Iron Spider suit we got in Infinity War. The scenes on the ship take place as normal except Spidey doesn’t waste time by making the pop culture reference and just yells “Incoming!” per the warning his Spider-Sense gave him. It also keeps working rather than seemingly going on vacation. The fight on Titan goes pretty much the same as in the original film. But towards the end of the fight Spidey gets pretty badly injured with him barely clinging to life. As his body is lying broken over a broken building on Titan, we see a black goo making its way towards Peter’s body. The goo reaches Peter and covers him, accelerating his healing factor and stabilizing him. Peter isn’t dusted in the snap, instead Rhodey is.
Spectacular Spider-Man 2: Parallel Lives
This film will take place after Stark, Nebula, and Spidey get back to Earth. There Peter learns that his Aunt May and Harry were dusted. What I am trying to do with this one is have Peter be pulled in two different directions, one is resisting the temptation of power without responsibility that the symbiote and the other is fulfilling the Great Responsibility that comes with great power being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and a good man like Uncle Ben. We start off with Peter grieving and trying to push MJ away like we see at the of Amazing Spider-Man #122 (1973). With him even using some of the same lines that he used in the original issue. Like the issue, MJ stays with him to help him grieve and mentions that she understands exactly what he is going through. Later that night Spidey is on patrol with his new black costume. When he comes across the remnants of Vulture’s gang led by the Shocker trying to break Toomes out of Federal custody while Toomes is awaiting trial. Peter puts a stop to them, but in the process he delivers serious injuries to those involved. Crushing Shocker’s gauntlets and forearms, and putting Toomes in a coma when he tried to shoot Spidey with a plasma gun. As the symbiote subtlebly influences Peter to be more brutal to the people using the weapons that are most effective against it. We also see Peter run out of web fluid but the suit makes its own. Along with the suit jumping to him per his mental commands, Peter will realize that the suit is alive later in the movie. Peter is shocked by how aggressive and brutal he was but enjoys the power. The next morning Parker is at the Bugle selling his photos of the attempted jailbreak. Jameson goes on a tirade about Spider-Man being a menace as shown by how brutally he defeated the Vulture’s gang. Which causes Peter to try and defend Spider-Man. Which Jameson brushes off. Eddie Brock(played by Hardy) mocks Peter for his defense of Spider-Man and makes a snide comment about Peter’s failed relationship with Betty. Peter responds aggressively which does shock Brock) Peter and MJ go on a date in central park where Peter thanks her for all the help she has been and asks what she meant by her knowing what he was going through. There she tells him about her family. Basically as outlined in Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel Lives. With no one around she reveals that she knows he is Spider-Man, explaining that she saw run into the house the night uncle Ben was murdered and then leave out of his bedroom window as Spider-Man. Part of what made her agree to go through with their aunts’ matchmaking because Peter was like her hiding their true self behind a mask and she admired the fact that when faced with tragedy Peter stepped up the responsibility of his power to do what is right while she ran away from her responsibility to her sister. Mary Jane then says Peter inspired her to try to reconnect and atone for her mistakes with her sister. A fire breaks out near central park at Mt Sinai hospital, and Peter has to go but the symbiote is nagging him into not responding, seeing it as beneath him and worried about the fire. But Peter ignores it and goes to help. He helps rescue the patients and staff from the hospital but notices that he is getting weaker the more time he spends near the flames. Brock is near there and taking his own pictures and footage. Spidey is successful in saving the people from the fire and assisting first responders in putting out the fire. That night, Peter is sending his photos to Jameson but Jameson refuses to buy them since he already has photos, which shocks Peter. He decides to speak to Jameson in person the next day, but when he makes his way to he sees Jameson go on tv, where he claims he has proof that Spider-Man started the fire and shows the footage and photos that Brock took, which were doctored in a way to frame Spidey. Peter arrives at the Bugle and confronts Jameson and Brock and throws down his own printed photos of Spider-man which showed that Spidey got there after the fire started. As they are arguing, Robbie tells Jonah that he better look at the tv, where the Bugle’s rival network shows that the Bugle’s footage was fake with their own footage showing that Spidey came after the fire started and from Central Park. The opposite of what Brock showed. Jameson fires Brock on the spot and promises Brock will never work in journalism again. Then he buys Peter’s photos at a 50% higher price as an apology to Peter, followed by an order to print a retraction and prepare for him to retract his previous statement. That night Peter has a dream similar to one from the original comics and the 90s animated show which has venom and Spidey fight inside his own mind. Peter realizes that the suit is alive and tries to find a way to remove it. Remembering that suit caused him to feel more anger and aggression when he was facing shocker and how it wanted to avoid the flames. He theorizes that it is weak to sound and fire. So he tries to remove it at St. Patrick’s cathedral through the use of the bells. Which works, but unbeknownst to Peter, Eddie Brock is below the bell tower on his way to see the priest. The wounded symbiote falls off Spidey and onto Eddie, becoming venom. Pete returns home thinking that was the end of that. The next day while Pete is out at ESU, Mj heads over to his apartment to finish their conversation along with a gift. When she opens the door, she sees what she thinks is Peter in his costume, and asks what he is doing with his costume when someone could be here at any moment. That is when Venom opens his mouth revealing his fangs and tongue saying, Peter is here right now, only Venom. Venom then kidnaps her as the symbiote shares with Eddie all of Peter’s secrets and feelings and thus Venom decides to use her as a hostage knowing how much Peter cares for her. Venom then goes into a monologue into how he became venom and how Peter & Spider-Man ruined their life. MJ is terrified but does her best to hide it. Venom then using MJ’s phone calls Peter letting him know that he has MJ and to come to Times Square. Peter is shocked and wants to rush in to save her, but knows how powerful the symbiote is as it saved his life and made him much stronger. So using the lab at ESU, he builds several sonic grenades to stun Venom along with some taser stingers he had been developing prior to being taken into space. He stops at his apartment before making his way to Times Square to get more web fluid. There he sees a box on the floor guessing it must have been from MJ, revealing a new red and blue suit, with an extended Spider motif. Basically the Ben Reilly version. He dons the new costume and makes his way towards the Square and engages Venom in a vicious fight. We see Venom has MJ suspended high above the street. Having to balance fighting venom to save MJ to saving people from the wanton destruction venom is causing, which is endangering civilians. The combination of the sonic grenades and taser darts successfully weakens Venom enough for Peter to get the upper hand and gives him an opening where he slings himself into kicking venom into the main screen of Times Square. Causing a massive burst of electricity, knocking Venom out temporarily. As Peter beats Venom the webbing holding MJ above the streets breaks down and Peter has to sling himself up to her to catch her before he can swing her to safety. Peter takes her to the top of the Empire State where they can be alone. There they say they love each other for the first time and share a deep passionate kiss. The film ends with a final swing of Peter and Mj through New York.
The end credit scene fast forwards three years and Peter and Mj are married. We see a photo of their wedding with MJ in her iconic wedding dress. Then we hear the sound of babies crying, and then we see Peter and Mj holding their twins. A boy and a girl. Peter jokes about little baby May crying Mayday and he tries to calm her down. MJ says she has great acting skills as always cries when Peter isn’t holding her. MJ also says that the kids already seem to be picking their favorites as May is a daddy’s girl and Benjy is a momma’s boy. The end credit scene ends with Peter and MJ putting the twins to sleep and the twins both have a Spider-Man plush doll to sleep with, May’s doll is in the newer red and blue costume and Benjy's doll is in the classic red and blue costume. Foreshadowing the day they take up the mantle as Spider-Man and Spider-Girl (eventually woman).
In Endgame, Peter has finished grad school and has his doctorate, because of the long ride back to Earth from Titan, Tony knows Peter’s secret identity due from the journey back from Titan, though keeps it a secret from the government and the UN, understanding why his secret identity is so important to him. After Peter got his master’s degree, Tony gave him a job as a “Special project Technician” which was just a cover for Peter to use Stark’s resources to keep being a hero and along with MJ’s modeling and acting to support their family. With Peter becoming a special project researcher. After Cap and crew failed to convince Tony they get Banner and Parker to help them with the time travel. Parker is able to successfully identify the problem as his Spider Sense starts going off in an unexpected way, but doesn’t come up until Stark comes up with the plans for a larger and more accurate time machine. Though Stark is unable to create the time GPS system. Peter gets a full blast from his Spider Sense and is knocked out. While out Peter gets a vision of the great web that connects all of time, space, and the multiverse; along with correct equations to build the time GPS. This is to hint at there being something to Peter’s powers beyond being bitten by a radioactive Spider, along with setting up a potential live action Spider-verse film. We’ll never be able to do the Other storyline, but we can tease at the importance of a Spider hero in each individual universe of the multiverse. When the Avengers go back in time Peter takes the place of Rhodey in the film and the time heist remains as normal. When Thanos blows the Avengers compound we will get a “Will this be our destiny” moment where Peter is holding up a large section of the Avengers compound and eventually after thinking of all those who he loves and count on him and is able along with Rocket and Clint. The battle scene takes place the same as normal with Spidey being there from the beginning and unlike in the original film is able to avoid being overwhelmed thanks to his Spider-Sense, but he still gets pretty messed up from the bombing and battle. Though he still passes off the gauntlet to Danvers, Thanos still manages to destroy the quantum tunnel. The movie ends much the same as originally.
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2021.10.15 22:20 OXIOXIOXI Steam has banned games that use blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs

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2021.10.15 22:20 FUTretard 81 training Gardiner is absolute steal, very good defender with good size, 87 acc, 87 speed.

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2021.10.15 22:20 SC_444 Anyone else, spend some time ogling this stages beautiful setting and graphics?

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2021.10.15 22:20 Particular-Ad-6575 The Start Of My NEW *Podcast Series* (Ep 1)

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2021.10.15 22:20 Ayywhatsgoodfam Song of the Day: Next to Me

Song of the Day: Next to Me Let's see... where did I leave this thing? Oh, right. Sorry everybody for not doing this as often as I wanted it, but I'll try to keep it up fairly consistently starting now. Anyways, it's been a very exciting day, as we finally got the release of the EPs on streaming, as well as three brand-new old songs. Personally, I'm just happy I can listen to Leave Me without it breaking my eardrums. It's Friday, October 15th and our Song of the Day is Next to Me!
YouTube Link
Album: Evolve
Written By: Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon, Ben McKee, Daniel Platzman & Alexander Grant
Produced By: Alex da Kid
Length: 3:50
Latest Survivor Rank: 8th/12 songs (Evolve Survivor II)
Interesting Facts
  • This song was not originally included on Evolve, but was rather released on February 21, 2018, nearly eight months after Evolve's release. The day of its release, however, it was added to Evolve as the first track.
  • The song peaked at #7 on Billboard's Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart.
  • The music video is a little strange, ending with Dan Reynolds being executed... I swear I'm not kidding.
  • The female vocals in the song now are completely different compared to the vocals when the song was first released, as the vocalist wanted to do a different take after its release. To this day, you will get memed on hard in this sub if you point out this fact unironically.
Hit me with your opinions and any interesting facts you have on the song below!
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2021.10.15 22:20 kevinjm86 What art movement uses shapes and scribbles?

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wie und über welche Plattform erstellt ihr die Sankeys?
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2021.10.15 22:20 IIII12 92 OVR LVL 36 6’2 Playmaking shot creator and 98 OVR LVL 32 6’7 2-Way Threat looking for a third for park XBS X

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2021.10.15 22:20 Jamesyboi3000 Parasitic battery drain on 1998 Nissan Frontier

Hi everyone! I’m 15 just got my license and my truck has been having a pretty big issue lately. Whenever I leave my truck sitting for about a day or so the battery will be totally dead. I have been having my friends jumpstart me just to leave school for the day. I’m am absolutely 100% sure nothing on the truck is being left on. I went through every single fuse with a amp checker or whatever that thing is called and none of them came up as the problem. I bought a brand new battery and it didn’t help at all. I really need to fix this as I start work soon and won’t have anyone to jump me. PLEASE ANY HELP WOULD BE AMAZING
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2021.10.15 22:20 SplooshU Preferred homeowner drill torque?

Beyond the insanity of which drill brand to pick and which battery voltage (12 or 18/20 volts), I wanted to know what drill torque works for most homeowners. 12v and compact drills seem to run around 400-500 in-lbs while 18/20v run 750+ in-lbs. What do you prefer and what do you tend to use it for?
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I found a test location that was listed on the official government site that offers tests for 1.89£. How can that be? The people here are talking about at least 40£, so I am really confused.
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2021.10.15 22:20 m00se555 Trying to beat DM1

So I just beat Shura 2 and Alt. Shura 2, and I’m ready to try and beat dimension guide. I’ve tried a few things, but cannot seem to figure it out. Trying to decide if I want to use Rosalyn x Rosalyn, Rosalyn x Jogo, or Oak x Oak. Could someone help me figure out a team, assists, and latents? I’m trying to get the 85 stones before mystics comes back. My monster box can be found here
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