biomechanical tattoo healed

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2021.10.15 23:35 r_12_1 Hexsylvania Power Zones (?)

How do you unlock 23+ zones in hexsylvania? I heard it was linked to story progression so I assumed I should just finish all of plankerton and now I just finished canny Valley storm shield one and it is still locked, how would I be able to play them so I can complete my venture quests?
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2021.10.15 23:35 crackheadshawty switch oled

So I just got the new switch, and noticed there is a screen protector on it already, if I buy a screen protector for it, lets say a glass one, im afriad if later down the line when I have to take it off or replace it, it's gonna peel the original screen protector off with it, has anyone had any problems with this or worried too. Thanks in advance
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How should I rotate my wheels with a front rocker?
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Eu pedi a pessoa que eu gosto em namoro e ela aceitou. Isso aconteceu de manhã e tô até agora sem saber oque fazer. Eu nunca tinha pedido alguém em namoro e a outra pessoa ter aceitado. Qual o próximo passo??!?
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2021.10.15 23:35 qnaeveryday Spoilers! Rachel’s character change.

Damn does anyone else notice Rachel’s extreme character change after the starfish book??
I really hated the way she was presented in that book, but it gets a pass since she’s literally has her personality split in two. But after that, her character just seems x10 more reckless and and arrogant.
The book where she’s the leader for a day was hard to read. She’s always been one of my favorite perspectives to read from but I couldn’t stand her in that one.
Then the next book with the andalites, she keeps up her insanely bad attitude, fighting with Marco, abandoning everyone in anger, and then just attacking people at McDonald’s?
I know she’s always been the “reckless” one. But from her books, we know that she really isn’t as tough as she pretends to be, she just puts on an act.
After the starfish book, it seems like the angry Rachel completely took over. Am I overthinking it?? Or is done on purpose to show us how the wars changing these kids and little by little… well they’re not kids anymore. Idk, but it’s been bothering me.
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2021.10.15 23:35 geekstar69 25 M4F Any horny females want some black dick today?

I'm free the whole day. I'm really horny and can host or travel to you.
about me: 25, black, 5'10, clean, vaxxed, friendly, hung and down for some fun.
if you're a female and feeling horny, take a chance for me and message me so we can make this happen. let's have some fun.
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2021.10.15 23:35 Level_Ad_4781 Mod Request

Thought of a really cool concept of putting the sacred gears from Highschool DxD into the game. Maybe the more popular ones and the thirteen Longinus. Pawns could have a small chance of spawning with them. They'd obviously make pawns far stronger than those without sacred gears. Maybe create balance breakers? Maybe add the clans and races in the future? I'd do it myself but I don't have the experience or knowhow to do so.
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2021.10.15 23:35 Electronic-Bridge155 FAQ/Simple Walkthrough HC 09

I might not answer every "basic" question you have so please ask in the comments and I'll continue to edit those into this FAQ. Rare makes a lot of good points in his faq about the differences in these games so it would be a good idea to read both to find the right game for you. Some of us still play both, but I PREFER 09 for many "quality of life" reasons. It can get tedius talking to every position and missing plays during the game for it, practicing during the week can take a long time, lots of other little changes.
NFL Head Coach 09 isnt merely a fresh paint job on an old car design, its a complete redesign/reimagining. The general things are still the same, but the functions are vastly different. In this game you only get 16 years, and its less about the coach "in story"(there really isnt one). 09 doesnt have a coaching tree to keep track of the staff that went on to become coaches, you just gotta keep track on your own. But your goal shouldnt be to hoard coaching talent, you should be developing your future rivals. A coordinator thats been with you 3 years has probably gotten good enough to be a head coach everywhere. You should "fire them"(let them leave) so you can verse them. No one should stay on your staff longer than 5-6 years and thats if you promote from within. If you don't plan on promoting someone, let them go somewhere they will be. But make sure they're good enough if they're a position coach to become a coordinator.
But let's talk about sliders real quick because, in my opinion, they fix a lot of flaws in this game. I have my set on the sidebar. They're equal(like 50/50) so both sides have the same rating. They aren't made to make the game super hard or super easy. They're made to make the game simulate/play as accurately as possible. There are flaws with the base 50/50 set that can easily be fixed with a simple rebalancing. The slider set is no-nonsense, everything is either 25 50 75, or 100 and the slider page will explain why everything was changed to what it is now. They have been a work in progress over 10 years and 25+ careers of differing lengths by me, plenty of others have enjoyed them. I've tried every other set on operation sports and others, I was literally in those forums talking through them with everyone. The sliders in the sidebar are the most sim/realistic set you can make. It will nerf the overpowers pass game and boost the run game, fixes the special teams, etc.
Back to how the game works. During the game, you're not on the sideline talking to every group of players or individuals. Instead, you get quick popups for reactions to plays that just happened. Say a rb runs for 20+ yards which are considered a BIG RUN so they prompt you to either be emotional or calm. How you answer and the rb's personality will determine if you boost or hurt your favor with that player. If they hate you enough, they might ask for a trade. If you're in negotiations for a new contract they might just walk away from the table if you keep lowballing them. But this is the least important thing in the game. You can always be wrong, so long as you're successful you'll keep your job. The big thing that hurts/helps approval for a coach is special moments that trigger in scenarios like going for it on 4th, whether you should blitz or cover on a pivotal 3rd down. Getting these right can significantly boost how everyone views you, getting too many of them wrong can get you fired in the long run if you're not winning games.

The way you impact the game is by developing your coaching staff. There's an EXTENSIVE skill tree and a special skills tree, that everyone on your staff can grow on. The higher the position on the staff, the more you can build up. So a rb coach can only build up rb development or rb special skills, an oc can develop the entire offense and get special skills for that entire side, you as the hc can develop any position or buy any special skill except of a couple "coordinator only" under play learning/stealing. You can and SHOULD call EVERY play or you can have your coordinators by dismissing the task that play. Everything else is done for you based on most of the ratings you know, but also a couple new ones.

In 09, your players have to master every play to perform their best. Every player is different though based on a learning rating. So someone with a 90+ learning will master plays in a couple uses/practices through gameplanning, someone with a 25 will probably NEVER even LEARN a play. The Prima guide recommended not getting anyone 50 or below because they just dont have the IQ. My exception is someone like a dline or oline that's just blocking or pass rushing. They don't need to know the play, they just need to be able to do their job. But an unlearned play can still be VERY SUCCESSFUL when called in the proper scenario(ie cover 2 killer against a cover 2 defense), however theres a possibility at least one person on the play will mess up their assignment. You'll see this a lot if theres a fb on the field that doesnt know the play, they might just stand still. Or wrs might run the wrong route, defense might go to the wrong zone.

DONT LET THIS DISCOURAGE YOU FROM CALLING THESE PLAYS. YOU HAVE TO CALL A PLAY AT LEAST TWICE NORMALLY BEFORE YOU'LL EVER PRACTICE IT IN A GAMEPLAN. This is why you play EVERY PRESEASON GAME, so you can afford to lose while calling ONLY UNLEARNED PLAYS. You call all of those plays yourself because your coordinator will stick to the same 15-20 plays max, using the same ones in the same scenarios. They also cant differentiate from the 2min warning/opponent down big and a normal 1st or 2nd down. They'll send in 4-3 against 4 wrs and get destroyed a lot of the time in those scenarios. When you're in the regular season, you'll have a VARIETY of learned plays if you do this, maybe even most of the playbook at that level. A coach's goal in this game should be to master the entire playbook every year. When you cant even select an unlearned or learned play, they'll be greyed out, its the best feeling. That means every play is now BOOSTED for everyone at mastered, they play better than their ratings. Learned means you wont make a mistake, unlearned means you might make a mistake. ABUSING MASTERED PLAYS REMOVES MOST OF THE DIFFICULTY IN THIS GAME. If you use the same 15 plays all game, you cant complain that the game is easy, that's your fault. You took no risks...

As I mentioned earlier, practice is no longer really a practice, its just a gameplan. You get this slot machine type of menu where you select from a bunch of randomly selected plans you could use. If you dont like any of them, you back out and go right back in for a new selection, acting like a slot machine, hoping you get your "lucky 7s". Set the clock speed to slow so you can keep going in and out more or you might run out of time too fast to get the one you want. Gameplans range from practicing specific kinds of plays like outside runs or man blitz, to working with positions that need a boost of development like oline or dbs. On defense, you can gameplan to work with the dline against the inside run, or dbs coverage against standard pass. You can gameplan for a specific position, like against qbs when facing people like manning or brady. You can work on blitzing them or stopping them by working on coverage. You can work on tackling or catching the ball, forcing fumbles. You can gameplan against the run or pass game, or you can even just learn a single play(fastest way to master a play).
But you only get 3 gameplans every week so you better pick ones that will help you win AND learn more of your playbook. you don't want to keep repeating the same ones. If you're versing a cover 2 team, you can work on inside run one week and the next time draws, or FB runs. All of them attack the weakness of a cover 2 but you're learning 15 different plays(if you have that many) instead of 5 repeatedly. Gameplans that arent single plays will practice up to 5 plays, but as I said earlier, IF YOU DONT CALL A PLAY, IT WONT BE PRACTICED IN A GAMEPLAN. So you need to call 5 DIFFERENT plays of every kind(quick passes or screens) to get the most out of gameplans. No matter what you pick, the game is going to select plays by most success in that type. If you work on pass blocking its going to pick the most successful play thats not fully mastered from every kind of pass play. Thats not good to learn plays so I highly suggest working on specific types of plays that attack the weaknesses of the opponents.

Speaking of opponents, every coach has a philosophy. You can see this by going to coach stats and clicking in the right stick on their name. You can scroll through to see what kind of players they like at every position (ie tall, speed, or route runners at wr), how they like to call plays(ie blitz heavy man coverage, heavy pass west coast offense), the special skills they have, how well they develop their players(intangibles, learning, physical for every position), their performance strategy playcall and chemistry rating.

Performance is the most important rating in the entire game. If a coach has a 1 out of 5, their team is going to significantly underplay on the field compared to a 5 of 5 who will get more out of their players than their ratings seem like they should get. Consider this one of the main ways to adjust the difficulty of the game. 1 is very hard, 2 is hard, 3 is normal, 4 is easy, 5 is very easy. Its not the only thing that affects difficulty but its the most powerful attribute for a coach.

Strategy and play calling are mainly for coordinators because if you're gonna pick the plays yourself, you dont need it for you or your coordinators. If they're gonna call plays you want at least a 3/5 in play calling for them, 1/5 would mean they almost always select terrible plays, 5/5 they'll normally pick the same best plays possible. This is why you learn as many plays as possible in preseason, in the situations they work, because that will train your coordinators on how you would call them.

Strategy should be a 5/5 for your coordinators tho, because they're the ones who determine how many plays you get to use the gameplans you selected in game. Your head coach doesnt affect it so you dont need it, nor do you position coaches. Chemistry is also something I dont boost. It can help if you want to stop someone from retiring or keep people happy, but like I said earlier, your players could hate you but if you're winning you're staying put. Also, theres special skills to make them like you better, charm and charisma will boost the good reactions and lessen the bad ones on the relationship.
The first special skill you should buy tho if you're creating your own coach is AMBITION. It costs 20k points(you start with 50k), but you save 15% on every other special skill after that. Saves WAY MORE than 20k, over 100k in the long run easily. Other special skills include job-specific skills like boosting coverage or improving running moves(ie spins jukes stiff arms trucks) to coordinatohc specific ones like play learning and play knowledge retention over the season and offseason. You can boost speed or strength for everyone under you at any coaching position. But these are just the basic ones. As you get further into the tree, your hc can literally make all your coaches better than their original potential at certain things like play-calling or all development. You can get the motivator skill once in your career which will unlock higher potentials for every player on your team AT THAT TIME OF USE, at every rating. So if they had a 90 speed potential, they might be a 96 speed potential after motivator is used. Same thing for ANY other attribute, it affects every rating for every player.

Speaking of potentials. Its not just any player can get to 99 overall. Theres a range at every rating(by the players abilities) and overall(which is based on the philosophy you have set). So someone could be a 60 overall but still have a juke move thats at 94 and can get as high as 99 juke move. The way you develop your player is through production on the field so they must play to reach that 99 juke. "But why would the player be a 60 overall then?" Philosophy dictates how overall and overall potential(not attribute potentials) is determined. A team that likes tall redzone wrs doesnt really care how fast someone is, they're looking at size(6'3+), jumping, special catch, catch in traffic, stuff like that. But a team that wants speed receivers rates overall on speed agil acceleration with less concern on how tall someone is or how well they catch/route run.

Philosophy's dont change how someone plays on the field, just how each team evaluates players. This comes into play when trading people. Someone who seems like a 70ovr in your scheme/philosophy, might be an 85 in someone elses because they rate players differently. The attributes were all the same but they prioritize different ones than you do. It comes into play with contracts as well. If a player is considered a 70 overall before getting into contract negotiations, they'll take a much smaller contract, but higher they'll want a bigger longer contract.

Speaking of trades and contracts. This game has the best system ever created for these areas, with only one flaw. You only have 2 mins to negotiate a contract or trade. If you fail, someone might have outbid you for them, contracts make you wait till the next week to return to the table. If its you offering someone on the block and multiple teams want them, you can go in repeatedly until you get an offer you want. When it comes to trading, you're either looking for the top or bottom option, the compromise is somewhere between them. If you're signing a player or trading for someone elses pick/player, you want to scroll up as fast as possible and give the lowest you can. They'll tell you if its unacceptable, and then you go down further to give up more. If you're trading something away, you wanna scroll all the way down and work your way up so you can get as much as possible for a player or pick.

Dont waste too much gawking through the offers for contracts or trades, especially when multiple teams are involved trying to get something from you. You got 2 mins, you have to hurry. Theres an option after pressing on a team to say "raise your offer", go all the way to the bottom team, tell them to raise their offer, rinse and repeat going to the bottom and telling them to raise until they say they wont, then go to the next person above them, until no one will raise their offer. Shouldnt take longer than a min. Then you negotiate with the top team for the best offer you can reasonably expect based on what you're trading and what they're offering. You wont normally get the best offer, but you might be able to get the 5th best and they might have stopped raising it at their 10th best offer or lower.

Drafting should probably be covered at this point. You have 10 mins in the first round per pick to trade for their pick or trade your own but you cant trade IN ADVANCE. So if you want a pick thats coming up, you have to wait till you're on that pick to trade for it. Not every pick will be available. If the team wants someone they're gonna take them and refuse to trade. But the best way to get more trades avaialble during a draft is to have EVERYONE on the trade block that you dont have a future with, the exceptions are stars you want to re-sign and people on too high of signing bonuses which would cause serious cap hits. But EVERYONE ELSE, even if you wouldnt mind keeping them, put them up. Just cause theyre on the block or in a trade option DOESNT MEAN YOU HAVE TO PICK THAT ONE. JUST GET THEM TO THE TABLE BY SAYING THEY'RE AVAILABLE AND THEN OFFER DIFFERENT PACKAGES!

Speaking of contracts and trades and drafting. This is where your GM can really affect the game. You can build up their trade negotiations and contracts which affects some of the options you get a better gm can get a team to take less for someone or get more in return, or a player to sign for less. You can boost their ability to scout and how many people they can scout at a position. You can get special skills that auto scout all the small schools or big schools, even medium schools(so all 3 meaning you wont have to scout anyone yourself).

The unsung hero of the coaching staff is the Trainer. This guy is disrespected and underappreciated. EVERYONE HATES INJURIES, especially to players you need. But your trainer cant improve unless he heals people. So its always good to get a couple of the GLASS HOUSES from free agency in preseason, let them play till they get some serious injury to get more points for your trainer. People you werent going to start anyway, just get them some snaps to break a leg, literally. But a great trainer(555 plus special skills) can make your team a juggernaut. Their fatigue recovers faster(in game and in general from wear and tear over the season), the injuries can be healed faster, the injuries will be better pinpointed to how long till they recover. Special skills can negate the amount fatigue or health hurts ratings on the field(you dont see them in the rostedepth chart). If you get a later skill in the tree you can literally completely heal a body part.

In this game, it tracks where the injury occured and that part's health percentage is based on the severity. So if a guy keeps injuring his left leg, it might drop to 30%. That means he might injure that leg again at any time. Gets low enough he might have a career-ending injury. But if you have the special skill I just brought up, he gets leg injury, once he's back on the team, that 30% leg will now be at 100%. So you really want a good trainer and you want to get the special skills if at all possible.

At the end of a season, when you lose in the playoffs or not make them, or after the super bowl, you'll be able to fire anyone on your staff and then hire replacements. But its not like other games where you just have a list to pick from. No, you bid for coaches, just like free agents in the offseason, other teams are fighting for this talent. So one coach at a time, starting with the MOST DEVELOPED coach. If you dismiss or just not bid enough, the next coach wont be as developed, BUT HE COULD HAVE MORE POTENTIAL TO DEVELOP INTO. So the first coach might be a 5 4 4 in their development of a position, but thats the max he can reach. he'll never reach a 5 in those other 2 without a coach using a special skill while he's on the staff. Meanwhile, the next coach shows as a 3 4 3 but has a potential of 5 5 5.

Which is the better coach? Depends on what you need. If you're already a lb specialist, you can survive having a 343 at it for the position coach and develop them into that 555. But if you suck at developing lbs, you prolly want that 5 4 4 because 4 is still great at developing, just not elite. Also gotta consider performance. If you can have a 5 in performance and get stuck with a 3 4 4, might be better than a 3 performance with 5 5 5 unless your 2 other coaches for that position(hc coordinator position coach) that develop well enough. Performance is going to impact play on field the most so obviously you want that as high as possible but if your coaches suck at developing that position, you need at least ONE good coach at developing, can afford to miss out on that 5 in performance at that point. Always keep in mind what your head coach is developing to consider who is best to fill your staff. If you've become a juggernaut coach by year 5, you should get coaches with more potential at positions you specialize so you improve the coaching talent available.

Finally, playbooks are important, but not so much to scare you from trying different ones. There are some that have everything you need(most of the ones nfl coaches use) and then there are special ones like the 46 defense that doesnt have a dime and has 3 "big" sets in 4-3 3-4 46. So like you're gonna need to CREATE those plays you're missing, or hope you can steal them from your opponents. At the 2 min warning of the 4th quarter, if your coordinators are good enough, they'll ask if you want to steal a play. You can only steal one on each side of the ball, if your coordinator can. Sometimes you'll only get an offensive one or just a defense one. You'll get 3 choices tho for each. This is how you can really improve your book... but its also how the league improves their own. When they verse you, they can steal your plays, including the ones you create...

So you might make some money plays(edit one in-game or in the play creator outside of games) and use them against an opponent. The next time you verse them, they might use it against you if they were capable of stealing it. So everyone's playbook evolves every game just by stealing plays. That adds difficulty as the years go on and great coaches are stealing from other ones. Someone that was just running a cover 2 43 defense might start getting a bunch of 3-4 man blitz if theyre in a division/conference that plays a lot of them.

Im gonna make a post for specific plays I make, but in essence, you should be making ones that specialize against something, or fill a gap in your playbook, like making dime plays for a 46 defense. You can get premade plays as well that do what you wanted but that can be limited in the easy creator. Theres an advanced creator that has every play but its a hassle to scroll through everything to find what you want. Still, you might need to in order to have the one you like or want to edit.

The play creator isnt perfect, but you can do a LOT of things with it. You can put damn near anyone at any position, you can move almost any position(barring qb, and rb/wr on runs/jet sweeps). So you can create some funky formations. Or you can take a normal formation and OPTIMIZE IT for your talent. So one of my favorites is taking a basic nickle(4dline 2lb) and turning it into Nascar. This is a real subtype of the formation used by the Giants BOTH TIMES THEY BEAT THE PATS IN THE SB. They didnt run 2 dts on their nickle, they had 3 des and 1 dt. They also removed a lb(whichever was weaker) and put another safety at that position to improve pass coverage. By doing this, you can create a mean pass rush sending just 4(if you have the talent for it), and shut down the pass in coverage because a safety is better at zone and man MOST OF THE TIME. Yes, there are lbs better, there are safeties worse, but in general a safety will be better at coverage. On offense, to boost the run game you might change in an extra tackle for the te.

None of that is CHEATING OR CHEESING. Thats called being a coach and making plays that work for your team. Dont feel bad about putting different positions at other spots. Also, dont feel bad about changing a players position completely. Not just in a single play, or in the depth chart. You can change players positions but not to every other position. Some times you have to chain a couple edits to get someone where you want, like a te to fb to hb(there are couple this where is great). Some people you cant get where you want through editing so you use depth charts, quick subs in game, or created plays. But editing is great when you have a pass rushing lb that cant cover, he's prolly better at de. Same can be said for an athletic de that has some coverage(at least a 50 in each) being put at olb in a 3-4. You can really find some gems moving people's positions to better fit your scheme/philosophy.

I dont know what else to write at this point so please ask questions cause I want to make this as long as others need. I have some more indepth posts on separate topics but this should give you the "basic" version of each.
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2021.10.15 23:35 footwit 8-й тур Премьер-Лиги. Анонс матчей субботы

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2021.10.15 23:35 BulbulatorPrzyczlap Białorusini o sytuacji na wschodzie.

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2021.10.15 23:35 3Vang lxd recover help.

I reinstalled a new machine and moved my storage pool disks over. I am able to recover my default pool from one disk, but not my second pool from my second disk. Pool "disk0" is on /dev/sdc. sdc was partition as
sdc 110G 0 disk
├─sdc1 110G 0 part
└─sdc9 8M 0 part

| default | btrfs | /dev/sdb | | 8 |
| disk0 | zfs | disk0 | | 2 |
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