2021.12.03 06:29 Any_Acanthisitta9843 Ow

Hi. I've been dealing with autoimmune arthritis since I was 15. I just turned 37. I've been managing it well (psoriatic) with methotrexate and xeljanz. I recently contracted a well known virus and my arthritis is flaring like I can hardly believe. My left hip is excruciating. I'm trying not to cry, I'm barely walking. It's been a very long time since I had flareup hit me this hard. I never opted for pain pills because addiction runs in my family. I'm taking ibuprofen 600s and using a heating pad but I'm struggling to get thru the day. I have two children and go back to work post quarantine on Monday. Any advice?
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2021.12.03 06:29 THB_Stefan_ Tower starting XP not working properly

So after the update everyone should have free 2-2-2 updates on all towers. However I dont have these upgrades for towers in the primary category. I saw that other players have the same issue but with support towers. Anyone else experiencing this? Also we were supposed to get a XP refund for level 1 & 2 towers we upgrades before the patch right? I dont think I got a refund.
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2021.12.03 06:29 panzercampingwagen The WHO is right for trying to stay out of the China-Taiwan conflict.

If the WHO kicks against China's shins the CCP will simply deny them access to 17% of the world's population. The WHO's job is to watch over the health of everybody on Earth, including 1.3 billion Chinese, even though their leaders are assholes. Their decision to leave politics to other organisations so that they can keep doing their job in the most effective way possible is the right one.
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2021.12.03 06:29 LeoMo00ord ayo??😳😳😳

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2021.12.03 06:29 kiltedturtle Parts (wheels) for Craftsman rolling chest CMST22751RB

I got a Craftsman 5 drawer rolling chest from Lowes, CMST22751RB. I really love it, but in my very small shop moving it around is hard. The wheels at the handle end are on swivels, the other end are fixed. I'd like to replace the fixed ones with swivels. I'm not find a parts place that carries replacement parts for this box. (I end up at the Sears parts direct site, that chest isn't there and the older ones don't have parts.
Any suggestions for alternatives? Thanks
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2021.12.03 06:29 ftoons Smaller than a crow. Yellow line at tip of folded wings. Oman

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2021.12.03 06:29 skullbot2424 Loading Artist: Pick of the Litter

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2021.12.03 06:29 CrazyInsurance2975 So 3% of all of the 86,000 NFT's are going to be considered rare illustrations. I was just thinking what they could be and....

I know some of them might be replicas of some of the very first comic-book illustrations (if not THE very first comic illustrations), but then I got to thinking, what if some of them are full comic-book illustrations or iconic comic-book strips from the most memorable moments in history. Maybe you can even flip through them. I'm not an NFT expert, just a dumb, extra excited ape. But does anyone know if this is possible? Maybe even with a Stan Lee signature in the bottom corner. Or something you could actually pick up and flip through in a digital metaverse?
I know I'm probably I'm just over-thinking this (I have ADHD, sorry), but maybe AA secretly knows that this will blow our minds, change history, and make the shorts actually shit their pants when we open them up and find out.
This could be huge!! Digital copies of actual, iconic, rare, comic books of our favorite characters. My tits are so fucking jacked right now!!
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2021.12.03 06:29 Mr_Deventoux Où se procurer de la monnaie.

Ami.e.s français.e.s, bonjour Je cherche a me procurer une centaine de pièces de 5 centimes d'euros pour un projet artistique. Sauriez vous comment m'y prendre ? Je suis passé a différentes banques mais ils leur faut l'accès a mes comptes, même dans une agence de ma banque c'est pas bon car ce n'est pas l'agence où j'ai mes comptes (sérieusement, c'est quoi ces histoires de régionalisation des banques, surtout pour des opérations aussi triviales.)
J'ai lu sur linterweb que je pouvais faire ça et achetant des timbres a l'unité en distributeur a la poste mais je risque d'avoir tous les gabarits de pièce existant, et ça me paraît un peu stérile.
Auriez vous une solution ?
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2021.12.03 06:29 AlyssaExplora Fighting crime after dark

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2021.12.03 06:29 ChangYuanying 211203 IVE ID Card

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2021.12.03 06:29 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Tyranno GXT] [Tyranno: Crazed Firefly] [Pink Ethereal] [MTRX] [Pink Pixel Pointer]

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2021.12.03 06:29 snail_that_ran_away Inspired by someone's post here

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2021.12.03 06:29 heatlifer305_ We can thank the Thunder, we are not the largest margin win in NBA history 🥳

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2021.12.03 06:29 Jack-256 Recommendations for balanced cables that pair with the HiFiMan Sundara?

I only have a Qudelix5k and I found another post that mentions the 2.5 balanced output is much better at driving them. Only problem is I don’t want to spend crazy money on a cable and it seems impossible to find a (2)3.5mm —> (1)2.5mm cord. Any help would be appreciated!
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2021.12.03 06:29 chillin42000 28 chubby in Palm springs looking for a older man

I'm a chubby guy 28 looking for a older lover that is discreet and can keep a secret i need someone who can work with my schedule and that is patient it might seem to much but I'm on The DL so its hard to go out without anyone knowing if your interested in working something pls hmu
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2021.12.03 06:29 RogueYautja What time do the phone lines open?

I thought itd be 9am but they're currently shut and i need to sort out a £110 refund
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2021.12.03 06:29 dissenting_cat How do you slow your brain down and focus or relax?

Lately I haven’t been sleeping too well. My brain is just constantly on. I managed to have a good sorta break from having my brain on when I took a “gap year” (gap two years) and moved 15,000kms away to a remote mountain town in Canada for a working holiday post-uni. Even then I was doing online courses, read 140 books in a year and hiked like 15 mountains. That’s slow for me.
My brain is almost always on. But only recently has my sleep been badly affected. According to my smart watch (idk how accurate it is) I get 25% or less deep sleep when I should be getting at least 45%.
I’ve never had anxiety medication or any regular medication and personally I don’t like the idea of being medicated long term. But I do smoke weed regularly (a lot more than I used to) and it did help me sleep but now I think my tolerance is too high. Not to mention I’m living in Australia where it’s illegal and the quality varies (mostly garbage quality) and you never know what you’re getting! A nurse recently told me they’re putting other drugs into weed here, probably just trying to scare me but could be sorta believable — meth is cheaper than booze here.
So how do you guys slow your brain down? Are you using natural methods? Are you using prescription drugs? Are you just ignoring it like I was?
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2021.12.03 06:29 AlbabImam04 Ranking All Electric Type Pokemon REMADE (Part 2)

Ranking All Electric Type Pokemon REMADE (Part 2) Hi! Its been a while. Yeah, sorry for no post this week but I had exams and I got sidetracked...by Ultra Sun...for the 2 thousandth time. Those games are fun to nuzlocke ok. Regardless, I'm back with Part 2.
Fighting Part 1: https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/qg38t1/ranking_all_fighting_type_pokemon_part_1/
Fighting Part 2: https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/qkaga7/ranking_every_fully_evolved_fighting_type_part_2/
Poison Part 1:https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/qq1ezd/ranking_all_poison_types_part_1/
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Ground: https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/q6jfg0/ranking_all_fully_evolved_ground_type_pokemon/
Rock Part 1: https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/qv5dtb/ranking_all_rock_types_part_1/
Rock Part 2: https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/qvwnzs/ranking_all_rock_types_part_2/
Bug Part 1: https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/qsxm3i/ranking_all_fully_evolved_bug_types_part_1/
Bug Part 2: https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/qudi69/ranking_all_bug_types_part_2/
Steel part 1: https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/qxcvu9/ranking_all_steel_type_pokemon_part_1/
Steel part 2: https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/qzkb3d/ranking_all_steel_types_part_2/
Fire part 1: https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/qe2e4u/ranking_every_fully_evolved_fire_type_part_1/
Grass Part 1: https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/qdehef/ranking_all_fully_evolved_grass_types_part_1/
Grass Part 2: https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/qdeoeu/ranking_all_grass_types_part_2/
Dragon part 1: https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/r13rxh/ranking_all_dragon_type_pokemon/
Dragon Part 2: https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/r2iy8k/ranking_all_dragon_type_pokemon_part_2/
Dark: https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/q5s09j/rannking_every_single_fully_evolved_dark_type/
Fairy part 1: https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/ql26gq/ranking_all_fully_evolved_fairy_types_part_1/
Fairy part 2: https://www.reddit.com/stunfisk/comments/qpdjhg/ranking_all_fairy_types_part_2/

25) Jolteon (-1) While not quite as abysmal as it is in SS, Jolteon is not at all a good Pokemon. Most notably, Jolteon has severe coverage issues, which most of the C tier Pokemon don't have. Sure its fast and strong, but that doesn't make much premise when you can't hit ground types, especially since non-Specs HP Ice won't be doing very much to non-4x weak grounds. The choice between HP Grass and Ice is also a difficult one. All in all, Jolteon is possibly the simplest Pokemon to use, just spam Electric type moves and HP Ice accordingly, but its generally outclassed, leaving it to open D tier.
26) Eelektross (+2) Only Pokemon to have no weaknesses, Eelektross is an interesting case. It has tremendous coverage between Flamethrower, Giga Drain and Drain Punch and it's choice of Hidden Power. However, the problem is it's speed. Like I said last time, slow electric types just don't work out, and while Eelektross is immune to ground, it's lack of resists doesn't help it either to switch in. And it's attack stat is generally a waste beyond just Knock Off since Wild Charge is a terrible terrible move. However, it still doesn't have any weaknesses, and an Assault Vest set will do good work, allowing it to come in on weaker special attacks and dish some pain out in return.
27) Vikavolt (-1) With a massive base 145 Special Attack, Vikavolt is capable of nuking just about everything in sight. But wait, wouldn't the Rampardos syndrome hold true here too? It's very very slow and it's not very bulky at all. Well, that lies in Vikavolt's typing. In the lower tiers, grass is one of the most dominant types, and Vikavolt gets ample switch-in opportunity thanks to them. That's not all though, since Vikavolt also has Levitate, allowing it to switch in on ground type moves and then scare those pesky grounds like Quagsire away with Energy Ball. Use it well, and it will reward a dilligent accordingly.
28) Rotom-Frost (+5) Frosttom, despite being this low on the list, still very much has the qualities of a standard Rotom form, and so it pulls all the general tricks you'd expect. Double status, will-o-wisp, Blizzard to scare away grounds, and a very juicy Bolt beam stab combo. However, Ice is an awful defensive typing though which significantly holds it back. Lack of Ice Beam and being forced to run Blizzard is also a pain, as is that nasty Stealth Rock weakness.
29) Rotom (+5) Regular Rotom has a better defensive typing than its refrigerator counterpart, but far worse bulk. It's hit taking capabilities are pretty much null. However, it's a fearsome wallbreaker with Specs and access to Trick. And can easily come in on a double predict, or with Volt turn support. Not to mention the common Choice Banded normal attacks in the lower tiers might give Rotom just the opportunity to switch in and unleash havoc.
30) Oricorio-Pom Pom (+5) Like with Zapdos and Thundurus, Electric/Flying type is really good typing and that holds true for Oricorio as well. Despite it's seemingly terrible stats, this can actually hold it's own somewhat. It's has a very dangerous Hurricane, and like I said before, flying type attacks are really good. It also has a boosting option in Calm Mind, and while that isn't nearly as good as Nasty Plot. It also has Taunt to shut down otherwise annoying walls like Clefairy or Audino, making it good against defensive teams. Its meagre bulk and Hurricane's unreliable accuracy makes it more or less inconsistent as well, to say nothing of how difficult it can be to get on the field at times.
31) Raichu (-2) Raichu was once, unequivically, one of the most mediocre and bland electric types ever, due to it's mediocre damage output and speed uncharacteristically low. Not the best look for the elder brother of the series mascot. However, it got a slew of buffs recently, 10 extra speed is the highlight, but so is Nasty Plot, where it can serve as a pretty good Nasty Plot sweeper between it's coverage in Grass Knot and Focus Blast as well as any surprise physical sets using it's signature Volt Tackle, Play Rough and Knock Off.
32) Stunfisk (-1) Only those who have been reading these lists from the start know the time when I mentioned that people would forget Stunfisk existed in a subreddit called stunfisk. But you guys were right, Stunfisk is not a worldbeat, but it's something. It has good bulk and it's typing is unique, being a ground type on whom waters and flyiers won't dare to pivot in on a Earth Power lest they get Discharged to death. Similarly, Discharge is terrifyingly potent at spreading yellow magic and opposing grounds won't want to bear the brunt of it's scalds. With all that said, Stunfisk has several flaws. As a defensive Pokemon, it lacks reliable recovery while as an offensive build, it's too slow. But regardless, in the lower tiers, you should get good value out of Stunfisk.
33) Manectric (-3) Lot of draft league fun aside, Manectric is, for all intents and purposes, a slightly worse Jolteon, with lower stats in every department, the exception being attack, which is more of a negative than anything. However, while its a slightly worse Jolteon, its not that much worse, and its access to Flamethrower, Overheat and Switcheroo are just as excellent as you'd expect.
34) Silvally-Electric (+2) This had so much potential to be good. Base 120 power STAB move with no drawback and coupled by Swords Dance. Sign me the heck up. But its physical coverage options synergise so poorly with it. And while having Boltbeam is nice along with U-Turn and Defog, it isn't nearly enough since not only is it not strong or fast, it cannot run a boosting item like Life Orb, inhibiting it's strength furthur. It's quite bulky for an electric, and while it won't be super effective, +2 Crunches will be starting to put dents in most ground types with Multi-Attack doing the rest.
35) Morpeko (+2) Morpeko is an interesting case. It's an electric type with a good STAB physical move as well as coverage in Seed Bomb. Aura Wheel's speed buffs also make it difficult to revenge kill at first glance since it gets faster with each use, sort of like a mini speed boost. However, Aura Wheel is really unreliable due to changing type so quickly and Morpeko's damage output isn't stellar. While you could try to remedy that with Protect, that makes it quite predictable and easy to play around. Similarly, it's bulk is non existent, making it difficult to switch in.
36) Pincurchin (-4) Pincurchin is an interesting case. It has one of the best abilities of all time in Electric Surge, which, despite it's low Special Attack stat, Rising Voltage will do gigantic amounts of damage. It also gets a slow Volt Switch to get it's number 1 partner in crime, Alolan Raichu, to get in for free. And don't even think of going to a ground type directly do block the switch, well you can do that, but it's generally very risky due to Pincurchin's access to Scald, which has a real chance to burn the ground type. Considering most ground types are physical, this is not something they'll appreciate at all. However, considering it will generally take up 2 slots for an electric type, it's team will have a pretty amplified weakness to ground attacks, which is never nice.
37) Rotom-Fan (+3) The lord of memes, the Levitate king, Fantom. It's not just that it has a useless ability. The main thing is the move it gets upon transforming. All the Rotom forms thus far mentioned, have a unique trait. They are Volt passers who don't care about grounds due to their unique traits. Fantom doesn't have that. It's Air Slash would barely even scrape grounds and it's weak to the ever common rock coverage present along with the grounds. Not to mention, in a tier as low as this, ice and rock types are very common, meaning Fantom's defensive typing isn't nearly as good as it was for Zapdos in OU. It's still a Rotom form, so it still has quite a lot of use with status spreading and pivoting.
38) Golem-Alola (-21) Well, while Golem is one of the most underwhelming Pokemon to grace this planet, beneath Golem's terrible stats lies one key attribute, Magnet Pull and Earthquake. With a Choice Scarf, it can pivot in on any of Heatran's attacks except Earth Power and then remove it for good. This is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO PULL OFF AND ANY SMART PLAYER WILL SEE IT COMING, but I don't need to explain why that's so good. This is something Magnezone can never dream of doing. Imagine fighting a Volcarona without a Heatran in the back to stuff it, truly the stuff of nightmares. But aside for that, it's frankly quite terrible. It's even not the best at checking Corviknight since you don't 1-shot it with Wild Charge (which is a terrible move). Still, Alolem has a very very small niche in OU, which is at least something I can pay lipservice to, unlike everything to come.
39) Boltund (0) Boltund has a stat spread seemingly designed to take advantage of versatility. It has a blazing speed stat of 121, as well as manageable mixed offensive capabilities with it's 90 base each. However, it's coverage really stinks. On the special end it has Thunderbolt and nothing else while on the physical end it has Play Rough, Psychic and Fire Fangs. At least it gets Strong Jaw boosted Thunder Fang for a respectable BP of 97.5. Which leads to the next point... it has no bulk to speak of with no resistances to even switch in on.
40) Electivire (-1) Electivire has great stats on paper. 123 attack coupled with decent base 95 speed. Why is it this low? Let's take a look back at the physical attackers we've met so far, what do they have in common? A signature move? Yes. I've said this many a time already, Wild Charge is a terrible terrible terrible move. Not to only is it only base 90 power, but it also does recoil to shorten it's non existent longevity even furthur. And while 95 speed is solid, it's not good enough. Motor Drive is something no actual experienced player will ever fall for. And while it's coverage is good at first glance, all of it's moves have really low BP with the exception of Earthquake, which A. is not really a good coverage move for electric types since it's resisted by the grasses and B. most grounds won't be even feeling the hits, especially because they have great physical coverage. And honestly, just Iron Fist, better STAB moves and 10 extra speed would do the trick of Electivire. Trust me, I speak from experience. Electivire open up the bottom 10 of shame, because make no mistake, it is not a good Pokemon.
40.5) Pikachu This guy doesn't need anymore attention.

41) Ampharos Ampharos is a disappointing case. Honestly, I thought Ampharos would be much better than this. After all it's pretty much a staple on all Johto teams. However that is more of a case of everything else being bad rather than Ampharos being good. Ampharos is the same issue of being a slow electric type. However, the problem it has is much worse than anything Eelektross has to face. It's much frailer AND it doesn't have any real coverage option aside for Hidden Power to deal with the grounds. It's coverage it's that good either. It's pretty much Focus Blast and Power Gem, neither of which help it against grounds much. It has some cool utility options in Heal Bell, but there are usually better options for that. I love Ampharos, it was a great chief and badass as heck in Super Mystery Dungeon, but in competitive, it just can't hold it's own.
42) Electrode (+3) Basically a worse Electrode aside for being a potential nuke otherwise. You can use a suicide Double Screens set with Electrode, with Explosion to get its teammates in safely and Volt Switch otherwise. But that's about all it can do actually. Its outclassed by Volbeat as a rain setter, but its not that much worse so I'll give it a pass.
43) Zebstrika (-1) Zebstrika's stats are not one of a Pokemon who would struggle to make a case even in the lower tiers. It has an impressive base 116 speed and a solid base 100 Attack. Then please tell, why is it worse than Morpeko. Zebstrika has no movepool to speak of. Not even a good STAB option. Wild Charge is a terrible move as I stressed so far and it's only other decently damaging move is... Low Kick? Heck, even Low Kick is terrible as the Pokemon in a tier this low are very light. It gets Overheat then why not Flare Blitz? It gets Low Kick why not High Jump Kick? It gets Wild Charge why not Volt Tackle? Sometimes GameFreak's tomfoolery is beyond me.
44) Luxray (-1) I'm going to rue my existence for putting Luxray this low, but it can't be stressed just how badly Luxray does in the competitive scene. First of all, it's slow AND frail, which is a terrible trait to have in Pokemon. Secondly, it's damage output is pathetic without Guts and it lacks no options to boost it's attack otherwise. And Guts too A. inhibits it's potential to switch in and B. it STILL has difficulty dealing damage due to Wild Charge being such a terrible move (which piles on even more recoil btw). I honestly don't know how Game Freak can even save Luxray. Aside for getting a mega or a regional variant, I don't think Luxray will ever see the light of day in PU, which is a massive shame.
45) Dedenne (-1) Dedenne did surprisingly well for itself in my US Fairylocke I talked about earlier but eventually got replaced by Mawile, who was the M.V.P. of the team (on a team with Primarina, Gardevoir, Sylveon and Ribombee, I know just play along with it). Back on topic, don't be fooled by its obnoxious random battles set, it won't work in serious play. Then what does it have? Dedenne is a really fierce attacker due to it's secondary STAB Dazzling Gleam as well as coverage in Grass Knot, and pivoting out against potential walls like Roselia with Volt Switch. Dedenne is a top tier attacker in NFE, and nothing will change that.
46) Emolga (0) Electric/Flying typing. That's the only positive thing I can say about Emolga. It's damage output is null and it has no defensive utility to speak of. It has good speed but what are you doing with it? Its quite a good Pokemon in LC where you can make use of it's defensive typing and strong STAB attacks like Thunderbolt and Acrobatics, though it is a shame it does not get Hurricane. Its also relatively hard walled by the extremely dangerous Dedenne, so that's something to keep an eye out for.
47) Plusle (+1) 48) Minun (+1) Ok, Plusle and Minun, they have interesting traits. Plusle has more SpAtk than Dedenne and can Nasty Plot, but doesn't have the secondary STAB backing Dedenne up. Dedenne's secondary STAB Dazzling Gleam could be the difference against potential checks like Krokorok. Plusle similarly has pathetic bulk, even for NFE standards, making a set up difficult. Combined with a lack of U-Turn and you have an all around mediocre Pokemon, while Minun is basically Plusle but slightly worse.
49) Pachirisu (-2) Pachirisu is the absolute worst electric type. Its even worse than Plusle and Minun. Its defenses aren't too spectacular, even by NFE standard mostly due to the lack of reliable recovery. Its defensive typing is similarly awful, giving it only an electric and flying resistance, the former being removed by Volt Absorb anyway. Ever since it won VGC 2014, Pachirisu has been irrelevant, and I doubt seeing a change to that anytime soon.

Regieleki is at the bottom of B
That's many a fault of my worst list fixed up. I'll be going over normal types next. Hopefully tomorrow, but Monday at the absolute latest. Regardless, I bid you adieu
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