Question about Catalyst

2021.12.03 07:59 razor_jaw86 Question about Catalyst

Are there an infinite amount of Dead drop delivery missions? I’ve done no less than 200 of them and they just keep reappearing, do they just repeat ones you’ve already done or what?
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2021.12.03 07:59 undercoverpilotppl Day 1 - Off my chest

A few hours after blocking her completely (Phone, Whatsapp, IG) she withheld her number and called me. I blocked her after I offered to give her a lift to work and she refused saying it wouldn't be a good idea for her. She can't have it both ways i.e. drop breadcrumbs of a conversation with me but not let me any closer. It's the anticipation which is my kryptonite. If I'm able to remove 100% of the anticipation I can be stronger.
I picked up not knowing who it'd be and it was her - she asked if i was okay and I responded in a half asleep tone "yes" - Does this mean I've broken no contact? . She said "well if this is what you want I won't call again" (Of course, this isn't what I want) and that she "didn't understand how I went from offering her a lift to blocking her". I grumbled some words as I was so sleepy and said I had to go. She seemed upset - Why? Is it because I've reclaimed my power? Did she want her cake and eat it with me forever begging for her attention whilst she displays a dismissive attitude?
At the end of the day I need to remind myself of a few things:

  1. She ended it with me. She already knows what I want and if she isn't willing to provide that then there is no point in keeping in contact.
  2. I'm not here to play games or slowly coax her into wanting to see me whilst I feel like I'm dying inside on a daily basis with all the anticipation. I need to think about myself, my health and my well being - I've already had to take sleeping pills at night to deal with the anxiety (I stopped doing this 2 days ago). She's a grown woman who needs to figure out herself what she wants. I'm not going to make her nonsense part of my life.
  3. I've explained to her that she has an avoidant attachment style and she needs to recognise this (she only has had short term relationships and these have all been with much older men except for me, she is highly independent (doesn't like depending on anyone), doesn't like commitment/"I love you" is a massive thing for her, sex has more of a "fuck me/porn" attitude rather than a loving one, little regard for building something long term and stable - doesn't seem to understand the importance of this)
I was tempted to call her today to explain why I blocked her but fortunately I thought about it some more and realised I will just be wasting my breath. I need time to recover, detach myself from this broken person and build up my well being and vitality again. What a shame she can't see the bigger picture.
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2021.12.03 07:59 KraberGraber06 🏃$Rift token, earn tokens while running - A cryptocurrency devoted for better health 🔥- App preview released on the website - Fair launch in two days 🚀- New unique concept✔️

🌐 Website: www.Rift.Run 🌐
Rift App 📱 Rift is built behind the idea of being able to earn money while improving your health. An app is going to be released where you can convert steps taken into $Rift tokens. The general health is slowly but surely getting worse with each day that passes. The team behind rift’s goal is to counteract that as much as possible by enshrining the importance of taking care of our personal health and to motivate the more difficult persuadable people by making a way to earn money while going for a run.
Fair Launch ⌚ A fair launch will be held on 5th December at 17:00 GMT where we launch the token on Pancakeswap.
The team ✨ The team behind the project is five people who live for what we do. Every single individual is well-adapted and experienced in what they do and has a fighting spirit that screams the desire to move forward with the project. Our team is built on a media communicator, a web developer, a marketing manager, and last but not least two application developers who also have backgrounds in the crypto industry.
Tokenomics 📈 tokens 10% tax (3% is burned, 2% for marketing, 3% to the liquidity pool, and 2% for development) Liquidity will be locked instantly when we launch.
Socials 🌐
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2021.12.03 07:59 Easy_Sherbert_2321 Shiba Lambo | Next BSC GEM | 7% SHIBA Rewards | Less than 1hours old | Low Marketcap 💎 | Safe Contract ✅ | Renounced and Locked | Dont Miss Out

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2021.12.03 07:59 Professional-Box- Whats your best turkey recipe

Hi, its my birthday on sunday and i want to eat turkey thighs. I will have two of them for 5-6 people. Likely to be cooked in the oven, i guess its more or less like chicken... i would like to obtain something like braised turkey if possible.
My question is whats your best keto turkey recipe ?!!
I am 2 weeks into keto in order to lose weight and detox from my sugar addiction and insulin résistance. Never felt so good in my life ! So i don t want to ruin it. Thank you
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2021.12.03 07:59 purpledolphin99 Whats the weirdest thing you do when you're alone?

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2021.12.03 07:59 Fabulous-Marketing-4 About psychopaths in my everyday life (3 mini-stories)

Hello there.
I am wondering whether you have come across some psychopaths in your life, I will start:
-My neighbour after having met her for 20 years was asked to come to a trial to testify against a neighbour I had a problem with, although at the beginning she said she was coming, later on she didn't feel like it, so the judge forced her to come.
Her whole family has stopped speaking to us.
-I made a course as I was unemployed, there I met two girls that seemed normal ones, later I noticed that they secretly hated me, they lived in my neighbourhood, they never offered me to get to class with them by car and had to go walking (I didn't mind walking though) one of them got mad sometimes when I told her something. They are currently working in the place we had the course, and I noticed that when I went there again, they were very nice to me, but something was weird.
Maybe they hate me for something I did? I don't fucking know.
-My father has a sister, she is one mother who had 3 children, those children are now in their forties, their father died long ago, regarding the inheritance, one of the children wasn't going to be given anything because he has an illness (a really bad one), the other two barely care about him and one of them has even told him to die soon because of his illness. I try to keep being neutral towards this, but I currently barely care about the two brothers.
Don't be like these people guys.
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2021.12.03 07:59 bucnasty101 Bert 'The Hitman' Hart

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2021.12.03 07:59 Rainelion Visitors not using the Inn?

I just read something in game about visitors leaving at nightfall unless you build a Inn. Building it is the first thing I did yet visitors always leave at night unless I assign them to a house first, is this normal?
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2021.12.03 07:59 DerpyDooTwo Painful itchy mucus re: vagina

Hey, I know this isn’t in relation to my sexual health as it’s been a LONG time since I’ve masturbated or been with anyone.
My vagina is frequently secreting too much mucus that seems to be mostly around the perineum area/‘at one end’ of the vulva. The whole area frequently feels itchy and quite often painful (inflammation due to the wetness I believe - in other areas of my body I suffer significant eczema).
Any ideas on what I could do?
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2021.12.03 07:59 ahishnabe Geoff’s being crypt-ic ⚰️😛

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2021.12.03 07:59 DesignerGoal2 Yoshihiro and Musashi kiritsuke: are they the same knife?

A friend bought me a Serbian cleaver from The Cooking Guild as a gift. I didn’t recognize the company, but I knew enough to know that it was probably a Chinese knife and that they likely overpaid. It’s the thought that counts, and it is quite sharp, so I’ll definitely use it when I can.
It did inspire me to finally make a move towards getting myself a legit Japanese knife though lol. I’ve been poring over this subreddit trying to make as informed a purchase decision as I can make, and I’ve seen a few companies discussed whose M.O. seems to be buying knives from small blacksmiths and just branding them as their own.
TL;DR: Yoshihiro and Musashi both sell a similar stainless clad kiritsuke, the only differences seemingly being the price and different colored handles. Do you think these knives are the same knife being sold under different brands?
[Yoshihiro knife](Yoshihiro Kurouchi Super Blue Steel Stainless Clad Kiritsuke Multipurpose Chef Knife (8.25'' (210mm))
Musashi knife
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2021.12.03 07:59 CelebBattleVoteBot Cindy Prado (top) vs Stephanie Rayner (bottom)

View Poll
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2021.12.03 07:59 RuneScimmy133 When you realize Wreck it Ralph 2 was about the Metaverse [OC]

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2021.12.03 07:59 svanapps EQONEX To Present at the Sidoti December Virtual Micro Cap Conference on December 8, 2021

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2021.12.03 07:59 JaquesDeCoq What's the opinion on 1le wings in a 1ss.

I am toying with the idea of a Z1le wing on my 1ss after I do the front lip, rocker panels and wheels. Is that seen as sort of an upbadging thing to do?
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2021.12.03 07:59 FallCompetitive7976 03-December I am still here

It is 03-December 10:59. I am stressed.
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2021.12.03 07:59 No-Classic-6064 Out of my last 50 games played, all 50 of my opponents used tack shooter and the vast majority (75%+) used alchemist and village, how is this acceptable?

Btd battles 2 is a game where you can make literal hundreds if not thousands of different combinations of towers and their crosspaths and yet the meta right now is so bad that literally every single person on the ladder above the initial arena (I am currently high lead dungeon) is using the exact same tower combination with the exact same cross-paths. Surely even 50% pickrate of a tower on the ladder is a cause for concern in a game with 22 different towers.
I personally refuse to use tack as it would ruin my game enjoyment and I would not care what other people use if it was not for the fact that tack, especially when comboed with alchemist buff stacking is both so insanely overpowered it makes everything else look like a joke and that I have to deal with it every single match.
Before you comment that "oh people just do not have upgrades" or "wait for the meta to settle down", this IS the meta and people have plenty of upgrades, hell people have dropped tack zones and homelands in what feels like every other game. People use tack because it far outperforms anything early game and even late game with how absurd its ceramic and moab damage is. The entire ladder is going to be one big joke if tacks are not nerfed soon or their synergy with alchemist is not fixed. Or at least let people ban one tower before choosing towers.
I do not mean to sound like ranting but I was genuinely super excited to play this game and if tack spammers in all my games is all it has to offer then whats the point in actually playing? Where did all the other monkeys go?
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2021.12.03 07:59 ema55447 10 collections that will make your photos stand out! +170 best lightroom presets in one place and pack us this coupon PC143

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2021.12.03 07:59 duncan_johnson What movie/TV show has the best designed horrific creatures?

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2021.12.03 07:59 cryingabomination First Grow! How we lookin? Skywalker x SN DAY 24 / CDLC DAY 23 / 3BOG DAY 14(?) / Bagseed DAY 16(?)

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2021.12.03 07:59 Will1b0y Verificação de vinda durante mais de 72h, alguém Que me ajude Porfavor?

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2021.12.03 07:59 Mazikeen_demon what are some good adult books on Wattpad?

I'm a couch potato and Love to read stories play choices game or watch series but I'm tired of teen fiction/high school stories. I can't understand why in every story girls are 14-19 y/o and the boys are 18-23 y/o and at teen girl already have multiple breakups, sex experiences and DDD size and boy at 19 is criminal, gangster, Mafia boss and a freaking billionaire. Hello, respected authors are you all out of your mind? You know it's not permitted for under 18 to read 18+ stuff and you guys are writing super eroticism in a book where characters are under 18 LOL. I love erotic books but not when the story is KIDish. Anyways! Can anyone tell me a Wattpad BDSM good book where the mc is not some high schooler? Or tell me an app where can I find some good "adult" books.
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2021.12.03 07:59 FE_Coin 💎UNIVE💎✅10/15% reward in BTC, ETH, BNB or USDT [Your selection]✅💰Dapps online tomorrow, get ready for the rewards..💰✅Audit✅✅Doxed team✅✅Updated website✅✅Soon 100 Holders✅💥X100 easy💥

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2021.12.03 07:59 Aiden_321_ I always see people here crying here over scoring above 35 and loose half my lifespan

Imagine studying like crazy and still scoring below 35.
And then you see mfs shedding tears over a 37.
Like... Ohkay..?? Then what should someone like me do, jump off a cliff?
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