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Young Sheldon 5x09 Sneak Peek Clip 1 "The Yips and an Oddly Hypnotic Bohemian"

2021.12.08 12:54 Super_Description169 Young Sheldon 5x09 Sneak Peek Clip 1 "The Yips and an Oddly Hypnotic Bohemian"

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2021.12.08 12:54 JesusBuddhaKrishna PSFE and STNE and Fintech may be reversing trend finally. Big share repurchase announced and these are plays for Latin America, Blockchain, iGaming, Metaverse payments, etc. These two are setup for the future.

These two have secured they're place in the future for future banking and alternative systems.
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2021.12.08 12:54 Comfortable-Class576 Every newspaper and TV channel are biased

Every newspaper and TV channel internationally are biased towards one political ideology or another.
And if you read everyday for a year a newspaper that doesn't align with your political views you will slowly start shifting your political views due to the exposure to their biased news slowly slipping into your mind.
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2021.12.08 12:54 Lunasecure How to deal with what I consider intrusive and hurtful questions by family members?

Hi, my son was recently diagnosed. This diagnosis wasn’t a surprise to me but my family were surprised and don’t really understand autism and ask me a lot of questions like what causes it etc. I don’t mind explaining even though I’m still learning myself. However, some questions I find to be intrusive, upsetting and hurtful. For example today I had a family member ask me out of nowhere “has he ever called you Mammy?” I said no and walked away before they saw me crying because this is something I’m a little sensitive about. Another example would be the other day when a member asked how I was doing in a very sympathetic way like how you would for somebody who’s loved one had just died. I told them that I am good, that I wouldn’t change my son for the world and I love who he is and they responded with a rude “really?”. It just feels like they are being judgemental and ignorant, it’s upsetting me. Has anyone experienced similar issues with their family? Should I just ignore them or say something?
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2021.12.08 12:54 Lol33ta Furious Resurrection by Dominik Mayer

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2021.12.08 12:54 Desperate_Minute_850 My sis💦💦

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2021.12.08 12:54 Dillbags250 My dad hiking the backcountrey at my local ski hill. Was happy with how it turned out.

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2021.12.08 12:54 Dillbags250 My dad hiking the backcountrey at my local ski hill. Was happy with how it turned out.

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2021.12.08 12:54 BigOlD20s Magical Adventures Shard Value

Bored at work and I hope I didn’t miss anything.
I’ve got 22 new common cards, 10 new rares, 7 epics, and 4 new champions.
Common 22 x 3 x 100 = 6,600 Rare 10 x 3 x 300 = 9,000 Epic 7 x 3 x 1200 = 25,000 Champs 4 x 3 x 3000 = 36,000
Total for a complete set is 76,600 shards
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2021.12.08 12:54 peterpackage Season 2 is better but cmon, get rid of the daughter and aunt

Season 2 is overall way better, but gets stuck in a mess of sticky cringe whenever the daughter and aunt are involved
The sub story about the white woman stealing the dress and all the racial goodness, man that was the cringest thing i have seen on TV. I felt bad for all involved. I know black people don't need rubbish like that to help their cause. Writers should be shot

The Robyn, Harry and awesome asian sniper girl stuff is so good. The storylines around them are much harder hitting .
Get rid of the daughter and aunt and you have a really good show
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2021.12.08 12:54 Fair-Satisfaction491 .

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2021.12.08 12:54 Coolasslife I miss everything the relationship could have been

Even if at the end of the day we would have broken up anyways, I just can't help but feel that we missed out on so many good parts. I had the attitude of "it will happen eventually" towards anything I wanted to do, and now that eventually will never come. I just can't help but think of all those things when I'm reminded of her.
Mornings are rough
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2021.12.08 12:54 flyguyty09 Lmaooo 😂

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2021.12.08 12:54 Galileos_grandson Automation Of Transiting Exoplanet Detection, Identification and Habitability Assessment Using Machine Learning Approaches

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2021.12.08 12:54 LavishLycan Pocky for you cuz your epic!

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2021.12.08 12:54 SeekingSublime Q:

On the hotspotty map I see some hotspots have red lines connecting them - what do these mean? I assumed this means they are within the same hexagon, but which hexagon? On explorer.helium I used to be the only hotspot in my hex; what level is the hex that is shown in explorer? Now a new hotspot shows in my hex in explorer. (Me: Dazzling Foggy Perch; Them: Rare Chili Mongoose). In hotspotty Rare Chili Mongoose has a red line to another hotspot, but not to me.
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2021.12.08 12:54 ChaseDawg1 Playoff Scenario Generator?

Does anyone know of any way you could possibly get playoff scenarios generated for your league? Because we have 6 teams still fighting for 3 spots in the last week of RS and I've been trying to make it on my own but I realized there is way too much math for me to do, so I'm wondering if there is something that I can use to do it for me
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2021.12.08 12:54 waterbottles4 How Much Polkacity Do You Need to Become a Millionaire?

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2021.12.08 12:54 zachparker7 Bitcoin Mining And The Case For More Energy
Why bitcoin mining will galvanize the greatest revolution in energy production since the Industrial Revolution.
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2021.12.08 12:54 thenuanceblog Insight in the Sky

Enjoying my visit to a distant land
in my unblinking mind’s eye.
Still the hour draws near at hand
when I must take my leave of the sky
and reattach my feet to the ground.
By that time hopefully I’ll have found
a deeper sense of the world or myself
because insight can’t be sold on a shelf.
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2021.12.08 12:54 SelfRaisingWheat Which countries operate supersonic fighter jets?

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2021.12.08 12:54 milkshakeSweet Notify me

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2021.12.08 12:54 OutcastByChoice O3 + CPU_FLAGS_X86 Sorcery (MUCH faster compile times)

I saw Brazilian YouTuber “Distro Hopper” (formerly Gentoober) using -O3 + CPU_FLAGS_X86 in his Gentoo install for 2021…
Decided to test this on my own machine… as I like experimenting.
The results were unbelievable… The machine burned through GCC and Rust (the source-only ebuild, not the -bin one) in less than an hour. (Will run genlop later to confirm).
Also I noticed CPU usage is much lower with these optimizations on.
Wow, just Wow!
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2021.12.08 12:54 5thTimeMajestic Nation Shinobi - The corruption Rate my set

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2021.12.08 12:54 Voidon43 Add Tomboy Solar Flare🥶🥶🥶🥶🥵🥵🥵

Helo! I am an avid PVZH fan and one of my favorite ♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️ characters in the game is solar flare!!! HOTTEST CHARACTER EVER!!! Someone made a tomboy version of her🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥶🥶♥️♥️♥️❤️♥️🥶❤️♥️🥶❤️❤️♥️♥️❤️😏😏😏 and she is now my waifu!!1!1!1!1❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥵🥵🥵
Monajag if you do not add my waifu to minecock I will hacker your!1!1!1!!😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
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