I got attacked by a pack of wild Coyotes

2021.12.08 12:55 JosHxDude I got attacked by a pack of wild Coyotes

It was October 12th of 1987. I was walking down the road in some part of Eastern Texus. I think a little past El Pasto. It was just past 6:30 pm. A little chilly but sure was dark. I could see so many stars.
Well I had some pizza on me. I was about to eat a slice when all of a sudden I heard a grow. I look to see some sort of figure and see it started to approach me. It was a coyote!!! I start to back away when I hear a grow around my back. I stopped.
(At this point I knew I was surrounded) Good doggy.. I say to the coyote. I thought maybe it wanted the pizza so I took a bite and then put the rest of the box on the ground. They then all swarmed the box as I walked away. I then bolted. Usain Bolt ran 26.1 miles per hour or so. Well I felt like I was running 50. But it didn't matter the Coyotes catched up to my couch potato running self and jumped on me. I yelled mercy!!! They started biting into me. It sure hurt. It hurt so much that I blacked out...
The next thing I know I was in a hospital being treated for rabbies and being asked if I was me and what year and date it was. I got out a few months later. I was atleast 40 to 55 pounds less. Mainly because they didn't let me eat like I was at home. They then told me my fat saved me. I had enough fat around my neck where the Coyotes couldn't execute me fast enough before help arrived.
It's been 34 years since that fateful. I became a ufc fighter and won the lottery. But I have yet to return down that road again.
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2021.12.08 12:55 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Fennec] [Titanium White Interstellar] [Titanium White Helios] [Titanium White Zomba] [Titanium White Laser Wave III]

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2021.12.08 12:55 Gamevolt1 Can anyone help identify this font?

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2021.12.08 12:55 local_loseer i drew this awhile ago i drew lexi because i don't know how to draw dudes :p

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2021.12.08 12:55 puffcopropro DRIP - GDP x Orange Eruption

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2021.12.08 12:55 swagNextTuber Fox News Christmas Tree Arson Suspect Craig Tamanaha Has 3 Priors, Fire Not Political: Cops

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2021.12.08 12:55 Drakyem I'm giving away free DIYs. Come and get them! I'll open for the first 6 people who answer with ✨ I'll send DODO via DM. (Pick up only those you haven't learn yet)

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2021.12.08 12:55 PrincessBeepBop69 me irl

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2021.12.08 12:55 small5719 Sudden Slightly Blurry Images

Have had my DSLR for about 5 years (Canon T5i). Takes great photos. I have been using it a lot this fall; I’m a newbie practicing (family) portrait photography. I’m in learning mode. Images were looking nice and sharp until this past weekend- I had four sessions and a ton of the shots were weirdly focused, slightly blurred… rarely sharp. I didn’t do anything differently than I did the previous 12 sessions (building a portfolio here). Tried both AP and manual modes. Same thing. Using a 35mm new-to-me lens. I’m pretty frustrated.
I’m not beyond saying “it’s me not the camera!” but I honestly haven’t done anything differently. Could it be an equipment issue? Would love some opinions!
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2021.12.08 12:55 ReconRocky Fitment for CNT 4" exhaust

For anyone who ones the CNT 4" exhaust how well does it fit on the 2020 wrx? I heard there has been reports of it not fitting well or at all. Thanks.
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2021.12.08 12:55 TwitFeedBot 🐦 @psyder_twt: PS@Homeのスライドショー、ずっと前に作ってすぐに削除されてたんだけど、また見れるようになってた。 ps@home 720 https://t.co/6XL8BKv2K6 #pshome

🐦 @psyder_twt: PS@Homeのスライドショー、ずっと前に作ってすぐに削除されてたんだけど、また見れるようになってた。 ps@home 720 https://t.co/6XL8BKv2K6 #pshome submitted by TwitFeedBot to PostcardsFromHome [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 12:55 Extinctkid Does Genshin Impact have a canon timeline since we started playing???

So I recently opened a F2P account just to have fun and speedran all the way to Adventure Rank 20 so I could do the new Albedo event before it was over and I noticed some curious things.

  1. Despite me not having completed the final portion of the mondstat archon quest, Albedo and Sucrose referred to me as the one who defeated stormterror in his story quest.
  2. When we meet Eula, there is a small text box that introduces us to her but in-game we talk as if we have already known each other and know about her backstory despite me not having done her story quest yet. Same thing with Bennett.
So it got me thinking if there is a canon timeline of how things happened, despite the fact that we can do some story quests and hangout quests out of order. The fact that 2.4 patch likely could have Lantern Rite would mean that its been canonically a year since the last one right? So I thought it would be fun to think of a canon timeline on how things happened. Let me know what you guys think and if there are any changes, corrections or additions. Also sorry if this has already been posted before.

1.0 to 1.1
  1. Traveler arrives in mondstat, all the events of the mondstat archon quest ensue.
  2. Amber, Lisa, Kaeya, Diluc, Klee, Jean, Venti, Razor and Xiangling story quests
  3. Liyue archon quests
  4. Zhongli, Childe, Mona and Xingqiu story quests
  5. Unreconciled stars event
  1. Albedo story quest followed by Chalk Prince and The Dragon
  2. Dragonspine quests including Joel's quest
  3. Ganyu's story quest
  1. Xiao's story quest and Lantern Rite
  2. Dainslef world quest
  3. Hutao story quest
  1. Bennett, Noelle, Chongyun and Barbara hangouts
  2. Windblume festival
  3. (I don't want to put We will be re-united here because it seems like the Inazuma prologue takes place right after this quest but that was in 1.6)
  1. Teapot release
  2. Noelle part 2 and Diona hangouts
  3. Eula story quest
  4. (Zhongli story quest part 2 not included because we ask him about the information we received from the we will be re-united quest)
  1. Golden Apple Archipelago
  2. We Will Be Reunited (seems to take place just before the Inazuma prologue)
  3. Inazuma prologue quest (funnily enough, at the end of this quest, Kazuha tells you that Alcor needs some time before it leaves for Inazuma and if you did the quest the day it came out, you would have had 3 weeks before 2.0, which is a good amount of time for Beidou and the crew to get Alcor ready)
  4. Zhongli story quest part 2
  1. We arrive in Inazuma and act I ensues.
  2. Ayaka and Yoimiya story quest (wierd placement ngl)
  3. Act II & III of the archon quests
  4. Raiden and Kokomi story quests
  5. Moonchase Festival
  1. Labyrinth warriors
  2. Thoma and Sayu hangouts
  1. Shadows amidst the snowstorm event
  2. Beidou and Gorou hangouts
  3. Itto story quest
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2021.12.08 12:55 Kimba147 A sleepy cute commission I made recently!

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2021.12.08 12:55 contiki6 Need help with threading

Im trying to work out what im doing wrong. Im trying to get the two threads to both start, pause for a little while and than finally stop.
At the moment it's only starting up

import time
import threading
from queue import Queue
que = Queue()

def thread_worker(que):
my_id = threading.get_ident()
print(f"Thread {my_id}: starting")
for c in range(4):
que.put(f"Thread {my_id}: {c}")
que.put(f"Thread {my_id}: done")
def print_message_from_queue(que):
it will be executed by main thread and prints the message from queue
while not que.empty():

if __name__ == '__main__':
# creating queue
que = Queue()
# creating two thread and passing the worker and queue
Thread1 = threading.Thread(target=thread_worker, args=(que,))
Thread2 = threading.Thread(target=thread_worker, args=(que,))
# stating the thread
Thread1.join() # waiting for finish
# calling for getting message
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2021.12.08 12:55 DarkUrGe19 SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Nearly 17 years after being sentenced to die, Scott Peterson will be resentenced Wednesday to life in prison in the 2002 slayings of his pregnant wife and unborn son that gripped the world then and since.

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2021.12.08 12:55 swagNextTuber Greg Tate Tributes Paid to Music Writer and Critic After His Death Aged 64

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2021.12.08 12:55 Any-Part4466 Understanding the Difference Between Responding and Objecting and Harassment

One thing noticed here is people mistakenly thinking that it is harassment to object or call someone out for improper or false allegations and posts. It is not, especially when supported by explanations, quotes, and links on point:
-Directly confronting a person about the substance of what they said that is objected to is entirely appropriate on a forum like this.
-Continuing to respond but with substance is not harassment.
-Disagreeing substantively with a post, comment, or reply with substance is entirely appropriate on a forum like this.
One evidence to me of a lack of validity is the lack of substantive responses and deliberate avoidance of the substance of certain posts made here by me and occasionally others. That suggests that people are posting based on emotion and rhetoric and not based on logic and substance. Much of the hate I receive is precisely because of that substance. This is a form of cognitive dissonance. I also use a tactic called mirroring to reflect back to others the attitudes they are demonstrating.
One of the complaints about my posts, comments and replies is their length. But they are longer precisely because I explain and even provide at times links and support. That is different from merely asserting opinions and rhetoric.
If sometimes, out of frustration, I or others use harsher names, that is unfortunate, but my effort is to generally understate, not overstate, and to be able to justify rationally the statements and remarks I make substantively. I do consider what others say, even if offensive to me and critical of me. If I say something wrong or improper, I will delete it and/or apologize.
Harassing a person by posting pictures of that person ( u/MirzaJan directly and on his blogs and via his sock puppets and proxies which he is notorious for on some Internet sites), doxing that person (u/MirzaJan, u/Binary_Mechanics_Lab and others), and simple name calling out of the context of the post and discussion are not legitimate forms of free speech, nor are they ethical or proper.
The fact that the exbahai subreddit left up improper posts and continued to allow these practices, especially harassment and mentions of persons blocked from responding, illustrates the level of hypocrisy, lack of decency, and fundamental lack of ethics and morals of its primary participants over time. The relative absence of persons there having the decency to object or disagree with such behaviors is also illustrative of a serious problem of groupthink and pack mentality. That, unfortunately, is sometimes being reflected here. It is all-too-often a sign of moral decay, the "forces of disintegration".
If the participants on the exbahai subreddit were ethical and honest, they would have long ago objected to having certain persons posting there and the substance of what they are saying. Even an exbahai familiar with the Baha'i texts and guidance would know that a lot of what gets posted is simply false, misleading, or improper. One does not have to agree with the Baha'i Faith to recognize that what is going on is crossing the line ethically and morally. It discredits the participants and the subreddit and its moderators.
Finally, that reddit fails to police itself and deal with obvious trolls and spammers too often is all too evident.
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2021.12.08 12:55 NibblesMcGiblet I just got sexually harassed by a customer at work. Mgmt laughed, co-worker mansplained.

I work in retail. I was on the sales floor and am wearing a cute Eevee Christmas hat, and also a matching shirt. A guy just came up to me and said “what are you supposed to be?” and I said, “Eevee, my favorite pokemon” and I pointed to the image of her on the back of my shirt. He said, “easy?” And I said, “no, EEVEE, with a “v”. He said “OHH so you’re not talking about yourself. You mean the character. Well, nice hat anyway.”
It took me a second to process that he just called me “easy”. I was annoyed but finished my work and tried to shake it off.
When I saw my (female) manager in the back room I told her “I just got sexually harassed by an old man” and she LAUGHED. Without even asking for details.
My (male) co-worker said, “he didn’t touch you did he?” And I said no. The manager said that I could file a report if I wanted but that nobody would really do anything about it, and in an attempt to blow it off I joked(angrily) that I guess it doesn’t matter because if you put three fat old white men in a lineup together I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart anyway.
My co-worker immediately said, “yeah because all white males are pieces of shit right?” sarcastically. Then he complained that he is sick of cis white males getting so much hate lately, and said it is unfair. I said “look the guy was white so if you put him in a lineup with two other guys who weren’t, then obviously I would be able to tell which one he was!”
Neither asked what actually happened. Which is fine. But I just went from annoyed to PISSED so just wanted to vent where people might get it. Thanks for listening.
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2021.12.08 12:55 Zigy_raven1210 Im a broke kid

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2021.12.08 12:55 DreamSuitable1369 I hate myself

I hate everything about myself. I just wanted to rant about this bc it feels like hell i hate my nose i look so ugly why when i look at my sister shes constantly getting compliments and people treat her different bc shes pretty i envy her and other people im ugly i can change nothing about me i want to get plastic surgery
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2021.12.08 12:55 No_Cap_7709 Just thinking , after yesterday , DD will most likely be late this week .

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2021.12.08 12:55 slyfox49 Delete all files modified by a specific user

I need a way to delete all files modified by a specific user. The library I'm in had many folders and subfolders as well.
I'd even take an option that would work in file explorer view.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.08 12:55 enaburning why can't I just shut up?

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2021.12.08 12:55 codingprolab CSE 220: Systems Fundamentals I Homework Assignment #4

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2021.12.08 12:55 swagNextTuber Internet Backs Man Refusing to Help Elderly Neighbor Who Threatened His Dog

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