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How to customize your Transistor.fm Website with JS and CSS

2021.12.03 07:18 u-copycat How to customize your Transistor.fm Website with JS and CSS

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2021.12.03 07:18 sick_hive The number 56 follows me everywhere, so of course I subscribed.

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2021.12.03 07:18 Neelkanth20 Amazing Woodworking Hack 💫⭐

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2021.12.03 07:18 alien2003 So full version of Signal now has collapsible left side bar, should be way more usable on our beloved device

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2021.12.03 07:18 ninenine Utaha and Tetsuya Chihara on-air at J-Wave's "Design Energy"

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2021.12.03 07:18 michael676767 What would you say to “cash works for everything” aside the whole inflation thing?

I’m curious what y’all would say to this. My dad and I argued about finances and he’s a weird guy always trying to one-up you no matter what, so when crypto gets involved he ignores the very obvious like adoption (crypto.com arena lmao) and says crypto will barely be a thing in 30 years. But the actual context for this post is that he and I argued that crypto does all the things cash can do but better.
You wanna trade money to any person in the world? Just about every coin can do it.
Want to make a transaction but keep it private like cash because showing up on a bank account looks embarrassing? From just privacy to sex toys to your nerf or nothing black market empire? Monero means money.
Want to get into a market but there’s barriers for entry? Lots of cryptocurrencies have gateways into legacy markets at lower entries making it easier for absolutely anyone to get into a different market. A workaround that’s ironically better than the original path. Examples would be gold-stablecoins, lofty on Algorand being house NFTs generating income daily, Terra having stocks purchaseable on some programs as that other post pointed out.
I point out ease of entry heavily for crypto, because it’s for everyone. Cash works anything that’s outdated at this point. But the true reason? Why the fuck do I need quarters in 2021 nearly 2022 to pay for a fucking parking meter in LA?
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2021.12.03 07:18 JamiroFan2000 "Satellite" By THUNDERCAT Ft. Louis Cole & Genevieve Artadi (NEW SINGLE!; YouTube)

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2021.12.03 07:18 alltherach_ 211203 j-hope

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2021.12.03 07:18 reptiliandude What does “Kayeen” mean?

Kayeen is not what they call themselves.
It is what we of the Naigaje call them.
The “Kayeen” refer to themselves in their own language as “The Renowned (because of our accomplishments).”
This is similar to how humans have adopted the term Homo sapiens sapiens, which is an extension of the term Homo sapiens.
Homo sapiens essentially means “thinking, thinking man,” or in some circles, “Wise, wise man.”
Ostensibly, this is because of humanity’s climb into modernity via the incorporation of technology into the personal and societal framework of the same.
Nearly all sentient species name themselves in much the same way as they acquire the ability to examine their ancient histories and ascend into various states of modernity.
Humans have another term called “DAESH.”
It is a transliteration of an Arabic acronym of a radical Islamic organization which also sounds similar to an Arabic verb that means “to tread underfoot,” and so is used in an insulting manner by their opposition. in order to delegitimize the group's claim to be an "Islamic state.”
That is much how we Naigaje use the term “Kayeen.”
It is against our legal statutes for me to use the actual name they call themselves when referring to them publicly here as they have not “officially” revealed themselves to humanity as a whole.
As there has been no statute written against it here on this world, I can freely refer to them by the derogatory expletive they have so richly earned.
So, I have chosen to do just that.
If humans refer to them as such, they cannot legally force a change on that without demonstrating their insult and thus verifying the accuracy of what I’ve been saying here.
Some of you who visiting Reddit from the Dark Web might remember the thread where I explained how humans have incorporated some of our words from ancient Sumer as well as from the Dragon Mountains among those tribes now called China.
One of those terms is *the ability to do something, this could be because of skills learned or natural ability.
It is pronounced “Kuh-Yee.” You would use the word “Can,” as in he or she can do this or that.
If someone learns something from repeated failure but keeps on struggling against all odds until they finally succeed, it is the same word but the tonal as well as the pronunciation are somewhat different.
If someone can’t do something for one reason or another, we use the term “Kuh-Yeen.”
Notice the N
If someone cannot do something because they don’t learn from their mistakes, or because of ignorance, stubbornness, obstinacy or arrogance in pursuing the wrong path, we use the term with a different tonal as well as a somewhat different pronunciation.
It sounds more like “Kane,” as in the Cain in Cain and Abel.
In the language of the Naigaje, this is more often used as an expletive to refer to a someone, or a group of individuals who consistently fuck everything up despite all attempts to teach them how to do it right.
Hoh nenah Kuh-yeen and Woh nenah Kuh-yeen in time were simply shortened to “Kuh-YAEeen,” or “Kane.”
So, those who call themselves “The Renowned” (because of our accomplishments), much like how Homo sapiens sapiens refers to themselves, because of their ascent into modernity were instead referred to by Naigaje as “Kane.”
Since I am not legally allowed to refer to them by their own much ballyhooed, high and mighty official name, I have chosen to call them by the Nagajian expletive my own kind will immediately recognize.
This serves a greater purpose in proving to my own kind who and what I am, since I have little desire or need by either immediacy or circumstances to prove to humans who and what I am.
“Kuh-YAEeen” and “Kane” are derogatory terms known well to us, and were often used to describe this so-called “Renowned” by that prophet who was stolen from us and exiled for his alleged crimes against those who continue to calibrate real time and have, “bound our world to the same.”
That exile also has a name, although many Naigaje today are reticent to speak it for fear of suspicion or reprisal.
Such is to their shame.
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2021.12.03 07:18 SnipingArms (Federal) Personal Defense HST 9mm Luger 9mm 147gr. $35.99 CPR:(1.79) Quantity: 20 Limit: No Limit

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2021.12.03 07:18 nestor1917 How to remove this dirt filter on the screen?

Seems like there is a filter with white transparent spots on scree. I cant unsee them now...
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2021.12.03 07:18 xxdarkshiny Batman Perspective for 3D printing!

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2021.12.03 07:18 DafaqTheyDoinOvaDer Beidou mains.

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2021.12.03 07:18 ZoolShop International Space Station swerves to dodge space junk

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2021.12.03 07:18 Noblebatterfly [For Hire] I can design and illustrate your character

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2021.12.03 07:18 BusinessTraining5783 Question of coordinate geometry help

Three points, P, Q and R have coordinates of (5,9), (2,1), and (11,5). Point S is in the triangle PQR where PQS, PRS and QRS have the same area. Find the coordinates of point S
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2021.12.03 07:18 Morphing_Div Black Desert Ru | Enhancing 100 Black Distortion Earring | #15

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2021.12.03 07:18 That_Vermicelli_4207 🖤❤

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2021.12.03 07:18 notsureboutanything2 is the happy home paradise worth it if i dont have the nintendo membership?

basically the title
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2021.12.03 07:18 signaturefox2013 I just realized Rupert and Laura Boneham are the only people from Indiana to be on Survivor

I find it weird that only 2 people out of a cast of hundreds on multiple seasons are from my state
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2021.12.03 07:18 G_C JS: Create/destroy new HTML elements as I go or pre-create on load and hide them?

Hi folks -
I'm poking around with JS, and was wondering what the best practice is for elements that appear over the course of the game (e.g., upgrades that aren't visible now but will be later, or adding entries to a constantly updating list queue of actions, etc).
I have a background in Unity/C#, where instantiation/destruction of objects at runtime is generally avoided for performance reasons and objects - including UI elements - are pooled and re-used to reduce garbage collection. As a result, the tendency is to instantiate everything once on load and show/hide elements as they become necessary.
Do the same considerations apply in HTML? Or can I happily instantiate new HTML elements as I go? E.g., consider a use case of something like Idle Loops, where you're constantly adding new HTML elements to the action queue and those HTML elements are constantly (every 1-2s) getting destroyed.
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2021.12.03 07:18 TheRetroWorkshop Read This For: A Brief Understanding of the State of Leftism & the West Today & How we Got Here...

(1) The West itself is heavily Left-biased, modernist, and corrupt to a fair degree. This, you encounter from birth;
(2) There are two types of 'normal people': the first is a liberal (not as common), the second is a Right-winger type (more common), from a personality and moral standpoint (largely innate/Darwinian in nature);
(3) The normal Right-winger is slowly turned into a crazy leftist, going directly against his own nature, this is pure brainwashing; other Right-wingers arse not changed but merely suppressed, and turned into liberal-like Right-wingers ('Third Way' types), largely out of fear. The normal liberal minds are already biased in this direction, so it's easier to make them even more radical/leftist over time, without going against their original nature to any large degree (though it does stretch beyond their current function and position in the world);
(4) In theory, the reason you have a liberal in the first place is to create things (creative mind), and maybe be more compassionate than the average person, such that they may speak on behalf of others, and keep things balanced (such as the working-class), which is more so required when things become extremely corrupt and failing, but that is not now;
(5) Due to decades of radicalisation on the Left (shift of the Overton Window), liberals believe that we live in a much more extreme, broken world than we really do, which gives them the sense that they must 'act', in this manner -- but they should not. Along with this, there has been extreme brainwashing and lying, and positive feed-back loops going on with the Left ever since they first began to really take control of the Law, educational system, technology, and otherwise sectors of American/Western life, such as the mass media, Hollywood, and otherwise, starting around 1966, but really becoming clear by the 1970s with radical feminism (Simone circa 1949 onwards), French post-modernism (around 1972 onwards), the New Left, New Atheism, the AIDs issues/gay rights movements, the anti-Christian/marriage/children movements, the pro-abortion movement, the pro-free sex movement, the hippie/anti-War movement, pro-Mao movements, and the new socialist movements, not to mention the radical black Muslim movements (typically marked as terrorist organisations by the FBI circa 1960-1970). These massively aided in the general downfall of the family unit, traditionalism, American values, and Christanity. Largely all tied into one mega-collective force that swept across the West, which all has its origins in Marxism, Hegel, Leninism, and general anti-theism and scientism, starting around the 1840s, and becoming more and more clear by the 1900s in Russia, France, America, the Netherlands, Germany, and England. Throw in some strange anti-Westernism/Americanism and white self-hatred/'white guilt', and you have a problem on your hands in the Western and American contexts (not to mention the insane rise of Nazism as a result of all of this, and WWI). (Throw in the creation of mass media and the birth control pill across the 20th-century, and you can see how all of this snowballed out of control, and took control of so many lives.) It's also worth noting that by the 1920s or so, we saw a new wave of anti-black racism in America (in Law) and massive growth of the U.S. Government by terrible Presidents, both of which have been some of the biggest mistakes in U.S. history, and helped put America in the position its in today;
(6) The major difference in moral frameworks and personality traits means that they [leftists and Right-wingers] have a very different order-ranking of what matters and how people ought to act. Couple this with the general Left-wing long-termism, and you have yourself a very dangerous mindset and system, where you can judge the world to be dying due to some human cause, and then justify any and all action taken as to fix this problem. That sums up the low-resolution image, hyper-compassionate, collectivist, moralistic Left and their world view and large-scale social plans and goals at any given moment, regarding any given topic or issue. This makes them empowered in their radicalism, and feel righteous. This leads to a feed-back loop when they cannot fix the so-called problem at hand, which only makes them push even harder, and the cycle repeats until they are stopped, the problem is fixed, or they burn everything to the ground;
(7) The 'hate' part that we see today becomes a moral and emotional necessity quite rapidly. It also becomes important to label everybody and everything else as 'hate [speech]' in order for them to maintain control. They are not viewing you as an individual, but a mouth-piece for your group, and an evil cog in your machine, which must be removed/fixed, and they deem you to be part of the problem -- and a major object in their way. This crushes their emotional regulation they have gained from their little cult, so they get very upset with you, and if you challenge them, they have some defensive mechanisms for that, to ensure that they remain emotionally intact and don't have to deal with the possibility of their entire narrative falling apart. This naturally means that they want to get you out of their way, and silence you, in a childish manner. The second part is that this is then masked as a moral good, and for the 'greater good' according to this long-term plan of saving some given group they speak on behalf of (with or without the group's permission), or the planet as such. They hate you because you are a thorn in their ideology, because you are upsetting their emotional regulation and their current image of the world, and how it should be. The third part could be a deeply childish one, created out of a simple lack of proper childhood and social development of the nervous system and otherwise chemical makeup, which means, by the time they enter the world at around age 18 (Gen-Z, uni, for example, around 2012), they are hyper-sensitive, childish, fearful, ignorant, and psychologically and physically fragile. This led to the creation of the 'safe space', 'trigger warning', 'microaggression', 'bias response team', and otherwise insanity around 2012-2014 as Jon Haidt noted back then. This is Gen-Z only (those born around 1995 onwards). It does not apply to any other generation in this way (or didn't, at the time);
(8) Over the last 10 years, it has all snowballed out of control and also been enforced by Law and education and popular culture, which is what forced it outside of academia and to all of our lives and minds by 2015-2016 due to the likes of Trump and Jordan Peterson and the whole trans bathroom issue, but such had already been major issues or talking points since at least 2010 with the Equality Act 2010 of the British Government, and you can see such things from Canada, as well, and the 'Bill C-16' circa 2016-2017, then Bret Weinstein's mess at Evergreen in 2017, not to mention how crazy the leftists acted towards the likes of Ben Shapiro speaking to students and non-students alike circa 2014-2017. Throw in Fourth Wave Feminism (2012 or so), modern social media with an entire young generation stuck on it (2012 or so), and the final, terrible choices made by Obama (2011 or so), and you have yourself a real problem on your hands circa 2010s/2020s; and
(9) The final piece to the puzzle would be an individualistic one. These so-called normal people were always corrupt and broken, and lost souls, and this madness merely gave them a way to feel moral and better about themselves, and in control, and safe, and in a community, and a way to free those darker emotions, motives, and desires, as they never actually developed their personality, dealt with their Jungian Shadow, or had a proper moral framework. They were also out of touch with reality due to being stuck on Twitter all day instead of in Church, which meant they lost real human contact and localism and how to act to other fellow humans in the real, local community. This created for them a collectivist/global community, not based on values or locality, or anything good and real and grounded. This only left the more corrupt elements, and broke the psyche somewhat due to its innately radical and unnatural nature (for example, we know that hate travels faster and stronger than love on Twitter, and maybe everywhere else for that matter). (Science has proven that we experience negative emotions 2.5 times more powerfully than positive ones, for example, which makes sense for survival in the wild, but does not work well within a modern, finely-tuned society.) Most normal humans are busy living in their local neighbours, with shared histories and values, and a real community centred around religion and common beliefs and activities, which not only regulates their emotions, but keeps them stable, and acting properly in the real world, in accordance with that community and its individual members, at the individual, emotional/chemical/personality level. Leftists don't get this, as they don't have local communities, shared values, religion, or otherwise binding, stable systems. As a result, this leads to some strange globalist, amoral cultism, such as Communism/Marxism.

P.S. For more on this, read the likes of Jon Haidt and Jordan Peterson, along with a book called 'Bowling Alone', which deals with the fact Americans used to have clubs, but no longer do. Don't forget, the President of the United States comes from this long, humble tradition of local clubs of bowling and otherwise sports and matters. Like the president of the club. Not at all like a King or supreme leader, as has slowly been the case, and as leftists tend to desire (as proven by the last 150 years of Communism and leftism). It's also worth looking at Jordan Peterson's lectures in order to hold a deeper understanding of all of these points and matters, and to read the likes of Nietzsche and Carl Jung and C.S. Lewis for even further history and insight. Watch the Bret Weinstein Evergreen documentary, as well, and the Social Dilemma documentary by Harris regarding the mass-corruption and insanity of social media, more so regarding children. Thanks.
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2021.12.03 07:18 Party-Category8988 I need help understanding what should i do please !

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2021.12.03 07:18 pink-pancake Flag of Wales but I replaced the dragon with Giratina but I added a massive cock and massive badonkers but now I also added a Jelli(cent) butt for u/Piercarminee

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2021.12.03 07:18 Larry-Shwa GOP Congressman And AOC Team Up On Marijuana Bill To Incentivize State-Level Expungements

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