Found an old drawing of my axolotl OC, can someone draw it in their style please?

2021.12.03 07:16 DinoNuggies120 Found an old drawing of my axolotl OC, can someone draw it in their style please?

As the title says I guess- Here's the drawing
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2021.12.03 07:16 Silent-Astronomer-91 How to change a bulb?

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2021.12.03 07:16 LunaFr0st [Question] IOS14 Tweak to enable more functions/features in Shortcuts app

I want to make more use out of shortcuts as it’s pretty limited on what you can do in terms of the programming functions you can use, was wondering if there was any tweak that adds more programming functions or allow control of the screen to automate games etc?
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2021.12.03 07:16 lemon1000000 Sans is in the backrooms

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2021.12.03 07:16 MazwayRC Opdut denne pæl så når man søger på "Den Svenske Ambassade" kommer dette op

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2021.12.03 07:16 anon9531 Binance referral link

Binance referral link -
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2021.12.03 07:16 opiwahn99 Apocalypse Bingo round 420

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2021.12.03 07:16 ahhburnttoffee Renegotiation after building inspection during cooling off

Hi AusProperty,
After what feels like an intense bidding war, my counter offer couldn't be countered no more and i have paid my 0.25% deposit and currently in cooling off for 5 days.
This is for a block of apartments built in the 1960s in South East Sydney and I'm pretty confident with my finances and valuation. I ordered a building inspection right away and received the report this afternoon.
Within the report, there are comments on moisture in the lounge and bedroom walls which each are common to the bathroom so I expect that there might be some ware and tare with the waterproofing. There is also a crack on the toilet and it was recommended that this be replaced along with rendering cracks which was also recommend to be fixed in the laundry.
I sent out some emails to local plummers this evening to receive quotes for these, but I wondered if anyone has any experience or strategies (from all perspectives) with a possibility to renegotiate the cost for these before exchanging the contract?
In context, during the process the agent also told me the vendor accepted the price for 15k lower than what I paid, but it was basically left between me and the other potential buyer who bumped the price up. My counter was 5k over to what was offered from the other buyer.
First home purchase and was such an emotional roller coaster so any non-emotional tips would be of great help!
Thank you!
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2021.12.03 07:16 VintageAviationNews Dakota Territory Air Museum – P-47D Restoration Update – September/October 2021

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2021.12.03 07:16 xKMarcus Can't find series (Arcane) that I've already watched and definitely should be there

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2021.12.03 07:15 pedal_deals_bot Gibson Thunderbird Bass 2019 - $1,168 ($1,063 + $105 S/H) 88%

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2021.12.03 07:15 TheP13A The Impostor Is Real!!!

The Impostor Is Real!!!
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2021.12.03 07:15 Woahzees I think I was matched with a cheater

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2021.12.03 07:15 Morales_gabs Minicrefiti

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2021.12.03 07:15 Tao_of_clean_data Does anyone know....

why they had Kerene's boots tied to her horse? Is this a thing I don't know about, in the books or otherwise? Or were we just meant to understand that it represented her death?
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2021.12.03 07:15 PokeHobnobGod21 They could've done so much more with pokemon Home

They've could've added a lot more
Pokemon Home is supposed to replace the pokemon Global Link, and everything in it is on the app, but it all seems lackluster and boring
Yes you can store up too 200 boxes of 30, but that's locked behind a premium price. Pokemon Banks yearly fee is £4.49, and holds 100 boxes. Home premium is £15.99 for a yearly plan. If you ask me, that is £2-5 too expensive.
The Trade room is a huge bogus mess which can kick you out at a random times. GTS is as annoying as always
I wish pokemon were able to hold items in it
Imagine if there was an option to unlock items and music from the pokemon games in it.
I may be just rambling here, I just feel like it's boring The achievemts was a good idea, that I'll give them
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2021.12.03 07:15 birdchain_io NFTPossion chat group issue

NFTPossion chat group issue
Dear community

We had an issue you might have noticed.

We added a bot to NFTPossion chat group that accidentally removed every member.

We've fixed the issue so you can join again using the link below.

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2021.12.03 07:15 JPK420 Great Ahsoka DC

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2021.12.03 07:15 BlackPabIo Best hentai server

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2021.12.03 07:15 Fit-Cat4203 Which dance moms moment makes you laugh for no reason?

For some reason, Holly saying “lunch for Nia and lunch for me?” takes me right out every time I see this clip. Like there’s nothing funny about it but I die every time.
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2021.12.03 07:15 WITAFquestions Which movie would make a bad bedtime story for kids?

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2021.12.03 07:15 CarpetsCanWalk H: AAE1A Ult Laser Rifle,DE15 Ult Laser Rifle,AAE25 Gatling Plasma & JE Gatling Plasma W: Legacy Offers

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2021.12.03 07:15 BridgeBuilder5 Anybody else’s hairline receding?

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2021.12.03 07:15 Mynameisbigpig 隔壁s蛆不是说要整顿了吗,怎么现在还没下台啊,该不会是小团体演戏吧

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