Puzzle: what's the "44" For in this steganography code?

2021.12.08 12:08 SantoIsBack Puzzle: what's the "44" For in this steganography code?

Code: https://github.com/MarcoCasanova00/putinwave/blob/main/putinwave_v_0_9.c
I'm puzzled, I was looking at this... Why the 44 at line #24 and #72?
Here is the line:
for (int b=0; b<44; b++) {
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2021.12.08 12:08 wra1th42 Dozens of camels barred from Saudi beauty contest over Botox

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2021.12.08 12:08 NewsElfForEnterprise The 901: Germantown's Glasgow development nears approval; Kellogg strike continues

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2021.12.08 12:08 coronatracker India's SII to halve output of AstraZeneca vaccine as demand sinks - Reuters

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2021.12.08 12:08 Dramatic_Produce6679 Any Druddigon raids add me!!

2135 7127 2137
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2021.12.08 12:08 myultima Delicious potatoes recipe with Eggs!

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2021.12.08 12:08 JuPewGaming I have a few questions

  1. why cant i break the corruption block?
  2. what is the eater of worlds?
  3. what are eater of souls?
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2021.12.08 12:08 rustoo In January 2019, Mexico doubled the minimum wage in municipalities that share a border with the United States. Researchers studying the impact found no significant effect on employment, and a positive and significant impact on earnings, especially at the bottom of the wage distribution.

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2021.12.08 12:08 i-beat-my-wife-hard Cities randomly forfeit their territory during wars

Whenever I start a war between kingdom, some cities that span over many territories, are suddenly reduced to one or two chunks in an instant when they get invaded. Very annoying.
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2021.12.08 12:08 KiroSkr Magnet Spinning Top

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2021.12.08 12:08 JPapalardo [For Hire] Hi! Commissions Open, Starting $15

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2021.12.08 12:08 PianoAnnual3443 p320 Tier 1 Concealment

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2021.12.08 12:08 Imjustmisunderstood [DS][2006-2010] King of Time that rules all of people

Platform(s): DS
Genre: Adventure
Estimated year of release: 2006-2009
Graphics/art style: 3d/2d i believe?
Notable characters: The main antagonist is a king that controls time and all of the people in that reality
Notable gameplay mechanics: You would open chronicles where you’d play through and learn new abilities
Other details: At the beginning of the game, a group of kids go into ruins with their trainer. Through reading chronicles the kids get a vision but the trainer doesnt believe them. Later in the game the trainer sacrifices himself for the kids.
Im pretty fuzzy on the details but would love to go back to this game!
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2021.12.08 12:08 grohl198 Chelsea Green wrestling in a tight white one piece for Slammin' Ladies

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2021.12.08 12:08 Raja_Gamer010 Fix FPS Drops & BOOST FPS in Fortnite Chapter 3!

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2021.12.08 12:08 lololol1162 Hijabi Tease

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2021.12.08 12:08 SpecialistHyena Found on World Politics

Are you a "girl"?? A "female"?? a "woman"? "a member of the finer sex?"
Not that it matters too much, but it's just so rare to see a girl around here! I don't mind, no--quite to the contrary! It's so refreshing to see a girl online, to the point where I'm always telling all my friends (zero in total btw) "I really wish girls were better represented on the internet."
And here you are!
I don't mean to push or anything, but if you wanted to DM me about anything at all, I'd love to pick your brain and learn all there is to know about you. I'm sure you're an incredibly interesting girl--though I see you as just a person, really--and I think we could have lots to teach each other.
I've always wanted the chance to talk to a gorgeous lady--and I'm pretty sure you've got to be gorgeous based on the appearance of your incredibly beautiful avatar and your comment Yeah? Lol so feel free to shoot me a message, any time at all! You don't have to be shy about it, because you're beautiful anyways (that's just a preview of all the compliments I have in store for our chat).
Looking forwards to speaking with you soon, my dear princess!
EDIT: I couldn't help but notice you haven't sent your message yet. There's no need to be nervous! I promise I don't bite, haha
EDIT 2: In case you couldn't find it, you can click the little chat button from my profile and we can get talking ASAP. Not that I think you couldn't find it, but just in case hahaha
EDIT 3: look I don't understand why you're not even talking to me, is it something I said?
EDIT 4: I knew you were always a bitch, but I thought I was wrong. I thought you weren't like all the other girls out there but maybe I was too quick to judge
EDIT 5: don't ever contact me again whore
EDIT 6: hey are you there?
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2021.12.08 12:08 shibmafiamember JOIN LA FAMILIA!!!

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2021.12.08 12:08 rreimche Migrating 400 GB of on-premises mailboxes to 365 with very slow internet

are there any tools to copy the data of on-premises Exchange Server, bring the copy to a computer with a normal connection speed and then do the migration?
If not, what are other possibilities except moving the server physically and getting a better internet connection?
Cheers, Roman
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2021.12.08 12:08 Niviki_the_wise Pastel girl

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2021.12.08 12:08 Mansa_Sekekama An Honest Review of Sierra Leone in 2021

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2021.12.08 12:08 Lol33ta Late Night Snack by Dangiuz (Leopoldo D'Angelo)

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2021.12.08 12:08 Nearby-Elevator-7649 CNN: Hertz is celebrating an epic comeback. Not everyone's pleased.

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2021.12.08 12:08 MafiaUp What banks have the best switch rewards rn?

Currently just got nationwide and monzo. I want to open up a few accounts and get the switch or opening rewards. What ones would you reccomend?
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2021.12.08 12:08 Satokibi We need to spread the awareness of this bs

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