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Civil War Action tonight at 7:00!

2021.12.08 12:39 wolvesplug Civil War Action tonight at 7:00!

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2021.12.08 12:39 BlurangeHasnoIdea Does anyone know any blocks aside from Carpets and Air that do not destroy farmland?

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2021.12.08 12:39 sharkpickles what overlays do streamers use?

i'd like to get into streaming, and i got a nice webcam and spent all night setting up my streamlabs and twitch.
but i don't get how i'm supposed to "see" my stream while i'm playing the game. i'd assumed all that stuff would be an overlay into my game, but...it isn't. so i can't see my tip jar, my chat, or even myself on the webcam....
what now? O.o whenever i watch streamers, i assume they're seeing exactly what i'm seeing. have i been wrong all this time?
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2021.12.08 12:39 SuchBrightness What was/is your favorite class in school?

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2021.12.08 12:39 ListenDodo Speaking Out About Faith in Law School

So, I am a law student at a very liberal law school in a major city. For the first two years of law school, I was very careful about mentioning my faith. I am a convert, and I got my undergraduate degree from a very traditional Catholic College. Outside of school I do a lot in my parish community and express my faith very openly. Inside of school, I was not so open. While I was known at school for being conservative (due only to the fact that I outwardly agree with Justice Scalia and am the president of the Federalist Society), I normally kept my faith under wraps ... until ACB was appointed to the SCOTUS. The anti-Catholic rhetoric I heard from peers and teachers astounded me, and I resolved to make it more known about my faith. I finally began telling people that I was Catholic, not just in private, but in class (when appropriate). This semester I took a History of the Common Law class. The class goes through the history of our legal system all the way back to Anglo-Saxon England. (As you can imagine, half of that class ended up being about Catholics and how they influenced England prior to and during the Reformation.) The final grade for the course is a research paper, and this paper also fulfills the writing requirement for graduation.
I wrote my paper on The History of Anti-Catholic Legislation in the United States (during the Colonial and Founding Eras). I just finished the first draft last night, it is 30 pages, and that's only because I narrowed down since I was supposed to keep it to about 20 pages. Luckily, my professor loved my research topic and when he asked how I came up with it I simply responded, "well, I'm pretty Catholic." Really, this paper was fueled by three years of frustration that built up every time I came across anti-Catholic language, prejudice, and bigotry in both the laws I was learning and the people around me. The frustration that comes when, for example, you sit through a two-hour class discussing a court case from the 20th century that is so clearly anti-Catholic, waiting for the professor to say something about, and he doesn't until you ask him after class, "professor, am I wrong to read this case as incredibly anti-Catholic," and for him to say "oh, yeah, that's basically the whole case." (Yet he would never mention that theme once in front of the class, and he is a Catholic).
I went into law school thinking I should not talk about my faith, when I got to law school that idea was solidified when I heard the way that people were gossiped about when they did mention their faith in class. The few people who did know I was Catholic my first year yelled at me, called me a bigot, told me that I was backwards, and that I was a hateful person, and did not deserve to be in Law School until I renounced my faith. (Yes, all of those things were said to me my first year by multiple people).
It took me three years, but I think I've finally found the courage and the way to stand up for my faith, for our Church, and still be good at the law. I only share this to encourage you, in this secular world, to find appropriate ways to be catholic.
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2021.12.08 12:39 Start-That How can I fix sleep detection on my GW4?

I go to bed at say 11pm but when I look at my sleep it says I went to bed at 3am. When it says I woke up is correct.
Any suggestions how to fix this?
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2021.12.08 12:39 Vegetable-Record-259 Building their online community network for skilled trades βœ…$PBYAβœ… they got a section for job postings, they have their own implemented video chat feature this is huge πŸ’₯🀯 πŸš€πŸš€

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2021.12.08 12:39 RyanMellow The devil is in the details

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2021.12.08 12:39 thadiusb 24hrs ago I transferred BTC into my Celsius Account. Still pending?

I emailed support, but still no answer. Whys it taking so long this time?
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2021.12.08 12:39 AcanthaceaePale723 ULPT Socialgood gives you $100USD SG Crypto for signing up and 100% Cashback in Crypto at Aliexpress 50% eBay

This new app Socialgood gives you $100USD Crypto for signing up Get 100% cashback on Aliexpress and Lightinthebox, 50% on eBay, Booking.com, DHGate and more as SG Crypto
You can sell immediately after verifying

  1. Uniswap (extremely high gas fees)
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  3. Bitmart (highest liquidity
Or don't withdraw and keep it in SG app (where it's just a number), or transfer to wallet.
For anybody who signs up with my referral link and spends $30 of eligible cashback purchases tracked though Socialgood pm me and I will split my referral 100USD SG crypto with you. Earnings proof(Crypto went up in value to $103.33): https://ibb.co/r3NHbsG
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2021.12.08 12:39 Ennarion Nfts this week

Algo Punks NFTs on Yieldly this week woot woot! Thanks for being so awesome Yieldly!!
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2021.12.08 12:39 tellemiller on Jom Gabbar is the first NA guild to clear SoM Ragnaros

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2021.12.08 12:39 BarbsPR What did you dream of and then had it happened in real life?

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2021.12.08 12:39 Max_78589 What do y’all think?

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2021.12.08 12:39 Brawnyink "All I want for christmas is u...nicorn"

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2021.12.08 12:39 cryptolovermadam 🐸 BabyFrog Token | 3 Days Old | Listed in CMC and CoinGecko | πŸ† Team is talking to a CEX for Listings | Audited & Devs KYCed πŸ‘‘ | There Will Be a Contest Soon to Attract More People | First-Ever $USDT-Paying Gaming Platform βš”οΈ | NFT Marketplace | Multiple Press Releases | What are you waiting for?

During the past year, so-called meme-coins have soared and gained a lot of popularity, some even made it amongst the top cryptocurrencies in the whole world.
BabyFrog is inspired by one of the world's most-known memes, the Pepe Frog. Given that this is one very remarkable and popular meme, BabyFrog rapidly started to gain popularity with its PancakeSwap launch 3 days ago. 🐸 All $BABYFROG holders receive automatic $USDT rewards. The $BABYFROG Token deploy some of the most advanced automatic reward functions! πŸ’΅
Besides offering $USDT payment dividends, BabyFrog also has NFTs coming up called "Froggies", these have several utilities such as:
- PvP Arena (P2E Game) βš”οΈ
- Exclusive Staking pools (Only accessible to Froggie NFT owners!) πŸš€
- Tradeable on Marketplace
Inspired by projects such as CryptoPunks and Cool Cats, BabyFrog has put a focus on utility. Froggies are NFTs based on the ERC-721 standard that underlies most digital collectible and utility projects. Running on the Binance Smart Chain.
Listed in CMC less than 7 Hours! Also listed in CoinGecko.
Fully audited and KYCed πŸ”Ž
βœ… Audit: https://github.com/interfinetwork/smart-contract-audits/blob/main/BabyFrog\_AuditReport\_InterFi.pdf
βœ… KYC: https://github.com/interfinetwork/kyc-verification-certificates/blob/main/BabyFrog\_KYCCertificate\_InterFi.pdf
πŸ“° Media coverage prior to launch
BabyFrog is already featured in some of the world's biggest financial media outlets!
Yahoo Finance
Market Watch
Bitcoin Insider
Bsc News
Marketing The BabyFrog marketing fund will finance marketing campaigns to grow the community. One very effective way and approach they are looking forward to take is collaborational NFTs with celebrities, well-known content creators or respected designers in the community. They will not only focus on the NFT aspect of the project but will also promote BabyFrog as a brand.
Some of their plans include

Stay tuned for a contest soon to attract more people.
Given that the Pepe meme is one very remarkable meme, BabyFrog may become popular and grow as far as the community goes very quick.
Don't miss out! Only 3 days old.
Website 🌐 https://babyfrog.io/
TelegramπŸ’¬ https://t.me/BabyFrogio
Twitter https://twitter.com/BabyFrogio
P.S.: I am not a financial advisor. These are not financial advices. Always remember to DYOR.
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2021.12.08 12:39 Hot-Category-4332 Am I a fake fan ?

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2021.12.08 12:39 JimmyMcGillicuddy Merc

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2021.12.08 12:39 smilysmilysmooch White Fang Story (1982) η™½γ„η‰™γƒ›γƒ―γ‚€γƒˆγƒ•γ‚‘γƒ³γ‚°η‰©θͺž [Japanese] [English Subtitles]

White Fang Story (1982) η™½γ„η‰™γƒ›γƒ―γ‚€γƒˆγƒ•γ‚‘γƒ³γ‚°η‰©θͺž [Japanese] [English Subtitles] submitted by smilysmilysmooch to fullforeignmovies [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 12:39 a-tesco-jaffa-cake Looking for players for a hermitcraft-style bedrock 1.18 realm

I own a realm on bedrock and am looking for some new players, it’s a hermitcraft esc server (𝙉𝙀 π™’π™–π™Ÿπ™€π™§ 𝙋𝙫π™₯, just having fun and building cool builds) we’ve recently reset to 1.18 with the new biomes, if your interested please add my discord and we can talk from there :)
My discord gamertag - Lxca#0001
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2021.12.08 12:39 tekkenfanaticlfc Nattie and jenni the sexy sisters

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2021.12.08 12:39 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Dan Ball W/ Caitlin Sinclair (December 7, 2021) Β¦ OANN on Rumble

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2021.12.08 12:39 Organic_Lion_5251 Modern Trader Survey

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2021.12.08 12:39 MrGriffin77 Cursed_patrick

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2021.12.08 12:39 Alternative_Hawk_651 Healthy way to spoil my dogs? (Food wise)

Hey folks.
I am moving to a different country at the end of this month for university, and for personal reasons there's a very high chance I won't be able to visit home ever again, and thus I won't be able to see my dogs (F12 & M9) again.
It's really heartbreaking for me honestly, and I think the only thing that would make it slightly easier is spoiling them before I have to say goodbye.
They're both (thankfully) well dogs for the most part, so I can't spoil them with just anything since I need to be health-conscious; though I still want to give them a memorable treat.
My local grocery store sells rotisserie chickens that they cook fresh every morning and has a plain option (salt & pepper, no real seasonings). I was thinking I would just feed them the whole chicken excluding the bones (I'd just take all the meat off the chicken and give it to them).
Do you guys think that would be good or are there health-reasons that I'm unaware of which might deem that to be a bad idea?
If so, let me know your alternative suggestions, I'd appreciate it greatly!
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