Wie komt R6 nu, minimaal 2000MMR -> Ranked. Playstation

2021.12.08 11:55 DNA_ExTincTioN Wie komt R6 nu, minimaal 2000MMR -> Ranked. Playstation

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2021.12.08 11:55 President-Togekiss Offensive Camellia vs Tank Camellia: which one is most Helpfull?

Which build for Camellia is best: Elemental Barrage queen, with the Elemental Kukri and Second Spirit Nature (adds sound to the weapon damage at level 11) or Hex Tank Camellia, with second spirit stone for that super nice Metal Curse?
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2021.12.08 11:55 Konzetsuu Valorant AFK/Throwing in Comp In-depth Solution

Hi, broken record here- It's been talked about a million times: having players who lose games due to AFK's lose less or no RR from the loss. I've heard the official stance on this is "It's not possible due to players abusing the system to receive less from a loss". Whether teaming or a team bullying a player in to AFKing.
TL:DR - Punish toxic behaviour. Reward good behaviour. Don't punish good behaviour because you are afraid of more toxic behaviour spawning because it already spawns more toxic behaviour any way. This wasn't meant to end up this long.
What makes this different from every other post? I believe I have a possible system framework that could work to filter AFKing and reward players that finish games. (I have attempted to search for similar solutions but couldnt find any- if someone finds one and links it to me, I will add it to the top.)
I dont think bullying someone into dodging would be as easy - or abusing this mechanic would be as enticing if all the RR saved from team mates was dealt to the AFKing player.
Example: *Player AFK's and Team Loses* Team members lose a max of 9RR each instead of the normal amount for example: -19RR each. The -40RR saved from the players who finished the game get taken from the AFK instead meaning -59RR.
Note: *COMPETITIVE Q ONLY* (But I have ideas for unrated)
Privately Visual Warning System- So if its your 1st,2nd,3rd AFK of the act/ep it doesn't get dumped on you straight away but gets stored in a visual way (banked on career page). If you are a serial AFKer, the whole stored value gets taken on the 4th AFK event. Meaning you could drop -120RR + the 4th game -59RR for a total of ~ -179RR. dropping up to 2 or 3 ranks. Then every AFK after is punished.
Consistently partying with people who AFK in those games results in receiving AFK warnings.
Good behaviour gets rewarded - Warnings can get removed- if no afk warnings or verified toxicity reports are recieved in the recent 10 - 20 games, you can lose a strike (not banked negative RR value). Make it a random number to prevent someone AFKing a loss every nth game.
Players with no warnings get more consistently put together in games. Also possibility of receiving more RR on games won with an AFK- with the AFK player receving a warning and losing RR + banking a similar amount of lost RR in the warning bank.
Having an honouaward system on end game screen similar to OW or LOL would help distinguish "Good" players too.
Trolling / Mechanic Abuse gets unincentivized- Players consistently receiving AFK warnings, going past the strike limit, abusing the system to derank and smurf etc. get flagged and can possibly have the account temp/permabanned. Doing it on multiple accounts gets Hardware Banned. - Last case resort, players who get to this point shouldn't be catered for as they negatively affect players who genuinely want to enjoy the game.
NOTE: Intentionally throwing games or rounds also result in these warnings. This will stop the possible side effect of AFKers intentionally throwing to avoid getting a strike. These players would very quickly get filtered out by the system. Especially since valorant now tracks team mate inflicted damage
C-C-Combo NOTE: The warnings can also be awarded to players who are consistently reported for toxicity, meaning a player with 3 warnings could get hit with the entire penalty bank for being excessively toxic (verified by multiple reports etc.)
Accidents Happen / Life Happens / Bad Days Happen- While the warning system + reward system will usually balance out for players who are here to genuinely have a good time & positive competitive experience - Stuff Happens - Tilt/ PC crashes/ Game Crashes/ Internet issues/ IRL forces you off game - IRL *is* more important than a game.
These things happen and genuinely good people shouldnt be punished for that. But it is important to note that while not intentional it does have a negative impact on up to 4 other people every time. If you consistently AFK to the point of potentially passing the warning system- you'd begin to ensure you are able to complete games before q'ing competitive.

How does this stop people from bullying others into AFKing for personal gain? Short answer: On it's own it won't. Long answer: It will encourage the person on the receiving end to mute / report the players instead of AFKing. This would be coupled with more ease of access to reporting/muting which has recently been implemented with the report options in agent select. It also promotes a more positive interation system, while some people will try and take advantage of the system, I belive a large portion of toxic players are the way they are because of previous bad experiences. In my own personal experience it is a domino effect- ex: someone afks a winnable game, you lose and tilt, you rage q straight into another game bc you need to try and gain back RR you feel was wrongly taken, you play worse bc you are tilted, you AFK. Rinse, repeat for someone else on your team. This is obviously a emphasised case but over multiple games it does happen. Which leads to the next point
Tilt Prevention Getting an AFK in a game is one of the most tilting parts of comp in val. Especially when you are winning a good close game, and then flat lose directly after. This affects future matches, and the overall Valorant experience. It currently feels like there is no reward for being a good player, and only minor consequences for being toxic/AFKing. And it has been well documented that this approach is less effective by far than rewarding positive behaviour. It promotes negative behaviour as there is no visual and effective consequence to any action positive or negative, leading players to feel like AFKing is a viable option to leave a hard game, leave when someone else is being toxic etc.
Knowing you are being rewarded when displaying positive attributes, knowing that if/when there is an AFK, they are being dealth with and you are being compensated. Knowing that the game isn't against you; Prevents tilt, encourages positivity and organisation as well as forsight.
This is obviously long enough, and I definitely didn't mean for it to be. But there needs to be more constructive discussion about this, as the current stance of "allow good players to be punished for bad players actions with no compensation because theres a possibility for abuse" is not only reminiscent of outdated negative reinforcement methods. It makes people lose faith in the game- a large portion of the player base dont understand how the back end of game devolpment happens, so when there is a problem like this with a solid "we arent changing" stance, but all they see is more and more skins being pumped, it makes the game and company seem like they care more about profits than enhancing player experience within the game. Which I know (or atleast hope) isn't the case.
If you made it this far- I'm sorry.
I'm open to constructive criticism, feedback and questions. (In the event anyone sees this)
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2021.12.08 11:55 EvenGap769 Dúvidas sobre minha sexualidade

Me considero hétero mas sinto tesão por mulheres trans, não sinto tesão por homens, sla eu ainda posso me considerar hétero?
Se não como faço pra reverter ?
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2021.12.08 11:55 tiredbat23 Tarbucks: Should I quit?

So I entered a new job as a Starbucks barista at Target. 15 dollars an hour. I assumed because of this decent pay rate, they also treat their employees well. Not to mention you get to have a break every 2 hours which is nice. But I was completely wrong.
We are not allowed to change our availability for 90 days which my manager has failed to tell me upon hiring me. I also told her that I am a piano teacher part time and I am growing in students. So I have to have Saturdays off for that job. She said no to that and told me to choose a different day to have off. I had to move around my lessons just because she couldn’t simply give me my Saturdays. On top of that, we are constantly out of espresso beans for days on end. This has also happened 4 times over the course of Black Friday weekend until now. We also are out of so many other things like inclusions, alternative milks, mocha (!), and even cold brew. We also have a fly problem and we have a fridge leaking that they refuse to fix. I’ve even tried to talk to a district manager and they threatened to write me up if I don’t keep following protocol and stop asking for the District Manager.
The last straw happened last week. My partner, who is the one bringing in the bigger paycheck, demolished his car in an accident. So I have to lend him my car at 3pm so he can go to work at his evening shift. I told my boss about this and she said the same as always: I cannot leave unless I cover my shift or else it will be left on my record.
I am just about tired of this. I want to quit so bad but this is the highest pay I have ever gotten. But my mental health is declining and I feel myself growing more depressed and bitter. Is the pay worth all of this? Also I would like to hear some other peoples’s experiences at Tarbucks. Maybe I am not the only one?
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2021.12.08 11:55 Adams11s Samantha All Tucked In By The Fire

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2021.12.08 11:55 CoinCollectorNnNnNn Æ Follis of Crispus

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2021.12.08 11:55 PersonThatIsLost Love Ball, Adamant, speed boost, 4-5iv torchic breedjects

Some of them probably have perfect IV's but I could care less, I only have about a box of them so its first come first serve room code is 4628 5555
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2021.12.08 11:55 BigThirstyToad Songs for manifesting your shoe-in score?

I'm making a shoe-in Playlist for walking the dog/exercising and manifesting a 170+. Looking for suggestions.
'Doin' It Right 'by Daft Punk both encourages me to 'do it right' , as in the LSAT questions and discipline myself, and spurs my imagination: i will be surrounded by my dancing friends upon receiving said 170+.
'One Way Or Another' by Blondie. Be it by PTs, drills, books, video tutorials, or paid tutors... I will get you, LSAT!
'Hate it or Love It' by the Game. Hate it or love it, the underdogs on top (I have a 2.high ugpa and am motivated to move beyond my troubled past)
Any ideas? Have I lost my mind? I am become LSAT?
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2021.12.08 11:55 hazhulkha When did you get to hear baby's heartbeat?

Well, I haven't gotten to yet :-(
I'm 15 weeks today. I had my full 11 week ultrasound, and I also had a quick one at my appointment on Monday.
I'm sad that we still haven't gotten to hear the heartbeat. We got to see it but I thought you were supposed to get to hear it too?
All the advice guides I've read, and other parents all talk about this big important moment. I'm super disappointed I haven't gotten this opportunity yet?...
Well, my next appointment and ultrasound aren't until the middle of January but I'm going to ask... Honestly I'm really unhappy about this...
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2021.12.08 11:55 imcrowning What's your favorite tv theme song?

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2021.12.08 11:55 namida7 LF Moon HA Voltorb and Love HA Glameow. FT Any other new BDSP aprimon combination.

Just need these two to finish my aprimon collection. I have all the rest Serviper, Zangoose, Skitty, Illumise/Volbeat, Pachirisu, and Cacnea as well as the rest of Voltorb and Glameow with the exception of the ones I'm missing.
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2021.12.08 11:55 zwolle10 Grilled squirrel anybody?

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2021.12.08 11:55 Dergonic Querying a database

Hi everyone.
I do have a database of all my virtual machines in my homelab and I'd like to make a "usage report" of their hosts.
The database looks like this : (it is here simplified for understanding)

Name [Text field] Host [Multi Select field] CPU Granted [Number field] Gb Ram Granted [Number field]
VM1 Host1 VMRunning 2 4
VM2 Host1 VMRunning 4 64
VM3 Host2 VMRunning 4 32
VM4 Host2 VMOFF 16 128

I would like to make a dynamic report of how much ressources have been used on each host
Host1 : 6CPU - 68Gb Ram Host2 : 4CPU - 32Gb Ram 
How could I query the database from another field on another page of my Notion.
(Is it even possible ?)

The query would looks like this in SQL. I dunno if it might help
SELECT sum('CPU Granted') FROM database WHERE Host='Host1' AND Host='VMRunning' 

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2021.12.08 11:55 CmdrWinters We all know u/SportsFan-Bot is Barry, but do the rest of you bots have real names you’d like us to call you other than your Reddit handles?

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2021.12.08 11:55 Villain2Deep LF: Timid Magby (EGG + fodder mon with magmarizer), Jolly Teddiursa (EGG with some egg moves), Jolly Larvitar and TM for WATERFALL. FT: Jolly BD exclusives (Elekid w/electrizer, Scyther, Gligar and Murkrow)

Looking for those mons for my playthrough.
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2021.12.08 11:55 TheRealPdGaming Tom Henderson talking about Vanguards competitive support

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2021.12.08 11:55 Vodkahangover H: tse50 plasma W: 2 heavy legacies

Need two legacy plasmas or a flamrt and a pladma
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2021.12.08 11:55 GlowstoneLove amog ggus

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2021.12.08 11:55 JBoyUltra Pariah - Sub Zero (1999)

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2021.12.08 11:55 BePositive1982 THIS IS NOT A DRILL! I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL! HOLY F&#K Y'ALL

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2021.12.08 11:55 PLrc Encapsulation in game dev

It's well known that encapsulation/hermetization (using public, private etc. words) and writing setters and getters is in general a good practice in programming. How does it look like in game dev? Is it important in game dev? Do you use it in your games? From what point it becomes necessary/beneficial? Several thousands lines of code?
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2021.12.08 11:55 vanceyates Thoughts on the 2023 Draft Class?

Based on what I've been reading, it seems like the market is much more bullish on the 2023 class than the 2022 class. I have two first round picks heading into this years draft - both coming from teams that won't be making the playoffs. I'm considering dealing one of those 2022 picks for some capital in the 2023 class. Outside of Bijan Robinson, I'm not really familiar with the 2023 class.
Do you guys agree with the sentiment of 2023 > 2022? Does it make sense to swap 2022 picks for 2023 capital? Any insights that you have would be greatly appreciated!!
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2021.12.08 11:55 Far_Mycologist_5179 Got Spacers for my camaro. Its a real cheap mod to make a 5th gen look WAY better imo. Lemme know what you guys think.

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2021.12.08 11:55 pdwp90 MEME ETF Is Launching as Day-Trader Bets Slump

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