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2022.01.18 20:15 AskProud4156 Anything

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2022.01.18 20:15 Interesting_Spare528 Do I need to document the radix wallet seed phrase for ledger?

So I got the hardware wallet generated. Tested works great. Question is do i need to document the seed phrase in the hardware wallet? Or is the line of thinking my seed phrase for the ledger is what i need to keep track of and the ledger keeps track of the radix wallet?
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2022.01.18 20:15 gautsvo 'Kitbag' gets a new title

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2022.01.18 20:15 DaytonArimoIDG What is the best way to find a girlfriend?

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2022.01.18 20:15 prustage Who is Paul McCartney? - I really find this hard to believe

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2022.01.18 20:15 erer1243 Currently, it's January 18, 2022 at 06:15PM

Currently, it's January 18, 2022 at 06:15PM
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2022.01.18 20:15 ThucydidesJones [USA][BUYING] Samurai Deeper Kyo (English, complete set ideally)

I owned quite a few SDK volumes when I was younger, but they were lost between many house moves (recently found a box in the garage of early-to-mid 2000s Shonen Jumps, but no SDK unfortunately). Re-read the series via scans a few years ago, and I've decided I wanted a physical set.
Mainly looking to buy, but if you are interested in Switch games I happen to have a few sealed/new games lying around I could bundle together (Mario Odyssey, Smash Ultimate, Link's Awakening, Mario Maker 2). I guess I'd be down to trade those Shonen Jumps too.
PS: If you're a fan, come join the (very) few of us in the (barely active) SDK subreddit I created a few years ago.
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2022.01.18 20:15 jesusmcjesus #Elonone - Vitalik Burned 38.7% of the supply!!! - Rocketdash NFT Game - Gasless Marketplace Minting Launching!

✳ELONONE is a hyper-deflationary, holder-rewarding ERC-20 Protocol. A 2% tax is applied to each transaction which is instantly and automatically re-distributed to all existing holders of ELONONE at the time of each transaction.
✳#ELONONE is fully owned and governed by its amazing community. Our volunteers AKA 'Cadets' consistently discuss new ideas and help build #ELONONE into the most positive and impactful community in crypto. Salute to the Cadets!
✳The #ELONONE project is safe, with a 100 year liquidity lock and a successful security audit by Solidity Finance.

2% tax that gets redistributed to all holders on every buy, sell, and swap.
Redistributions are also reallocated into the burn wallet making the token deflationary with every single transaction as well.
Vitalik Buterin was given approximately 45% of the token at launch in April. On October 31st, he burned 38.7% of the total tokens supply!

Gasless NFT Marketplace with DROPS feature which allows artists to drag, drop and create their own generative smart contracts which cuts out the need for a developer.
Rocketdash 3D NFT racing game with gambling features and RNG technology by Chainlink
FEGEX listing
Tons of partneships (ie. Token Frame digital NFT picture frames)

Address: 0x97b65710d03e12775189f0d113202cc1443b0aa2
Dextools: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explore0x9ec5149472db6acffb9023a47d37b4ecbcf68a4b
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/557839712083505/permalink/570815420785934/?sfnsn=mo&ref=share
Audit: https://solidity.finance/audits/AstroElon/
Liquidity Lock: https://team.finance/view-coin/0x97b65710D03E12775189F0D113202cc1443b0aa2?name=ASTROELON&symbol=ELONONE
Discord: https://discord.gg/aKUCQtVRFf
CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/pt/moedas/astroelon
CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/astroelon/
Website: https://astroelon.net/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AstroElon
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2022.01.18 20:15 tattoosandweightloss Autistic person has been cyberstalking me for 10+ years and I don’t know what to do.

I want to start off by saying, I’m only bringing up the fact this guy is autistic is because I don’t think he fully understands what he’s doing or how he’s coming off. I don’t mean any offense at all.
I went to middle school with this kid and I’ve only ever had 1 class with him in 7th grade (16 years ago). I never talked to him in my life, he was just a classmate. I’m not sure if I went to high school with him because I never saw him after middle school. He’s not in my high school yearbook either so he either moved or went to a different school.
In my junior or senior year, he added me and a bunch of other classmates on Facebook. Didn’t think anything of it and just accepted. He would comment on a lot of my pictures asking the first and last names of my friends (probably so he can add them too). He would message me “hey [my name]” and I wouldn’t answer because I really don’t know him. But then it became excessive and he would message me “hey” like every day. I ended up blocking him and forgetting about it.
After I blocked him, he made a new account months later and tried adding me again. I didn’t accept it this time. Then again another few months later. I just assumed he kept forgetting his passwords or something and had to keep making new accounts. Until I started looking at his profiles and noticing he has no other friends on there.
He’s been doing this every few months for over 10 years now. Not just on Facebook, but on Instagram too. And like Facebook, I’m the only person he followed (or tried to). But this week was a little excessive. He added me on Facebook twice in a few days, and twice on 2 different Instagram accounts. At this point, I’m getting freaked out.
I want to tell him to leave me alone, but 1: I don’t think he will, and 2: I don’t want to be that asshole that tells an autistic guy to fuck off. I don’t know if he’s doing this to other people or if it’s just me, but I’m really uncomfortable. Especially now that I live alone. That might be dramatic but I can’t help it.
How do I handle this?
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2022.01.18 20:14 KittenGamerYT100 POV: you got special tickets to a meet and greet with Mettaton

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2022.01.18 20:14 BenNugentt Pandemic Disaster Covid Payment Wait

Has anyone else not received their payment and been waiting since 6th of Jan or earlier? I referred my friend the payment because we were both close contacts; and she applied on the 7th and got it yesterday. Doesn’t make sense to me that she’s got it before me, and it’s put me in a really tricky position because I’m trying to catch up on rent and bills but can’t get the help I need from not working for that week. I’m unable to call because I work 8am-4.30pm Mon-Sat so what can I do? There’s nothing to say my claims been looked at or anything. I’m just stuck waiting while I drown financially. Anyone point me in the direction of help?
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2022.01.18 20:14 boondikaladdoo Can my employer deduct my pay?

I joined a small company about three months back on a fixed-term, PAYE contract until 22nd January. Last week, I told them I won't be extending the contract beyond the last date. My experience with them has been horrible - the workplace culture was toxic. My boss was unprofessional in his behavior, refused to take responsibility for his mistakes and continued to dump more work on me than I could handle. However, my concern is related to an issue that came up today - I was asked to schedule some reminder emails (for our classes) to the company's clients using a template that was created by the project manager, approved and signed off by my boss in December, so I did what was asked and scheduled the reminders using the template. In the template was a link to one of our website's pages that contain some online courses. One of the clients I sent the reminder to, replied asking about the courses and I forwarded the email to my boss since I'm leaving on friday.
In the meeting, he basically threw a tantrum about how we (the project manager and I) were not supposed to send out any email containing a link to the courses before the scheduled classes took place, and that we must have sent the wrong information. We tried to tell him that he had signed off on this in December, but he wouldn't listen. He squarely blamed us for this, asked us to edit the template and re-send all the emails, and then left the meeting. Later, I informed my project manager that I would delete the remaining scheduled emails but I wouldn't re-send any further emails as this wasn't my fault and I wasn't going to spend another working day fixing my boss's mistake. Then I respectfully told the same to my boss in an email as well.
Now I'm worried if he is going to get back at me by threatening to deduct some of my pay. While nothing in my contract says anything specific about deduction, there is this one paragraph that I'm a little worried about:
"If you are unable or unwilling to carry out an assignment that you have formally accepted, it is your responsibility to find a substitute within the {company's name} pool of associates. You must contact the Chief Executive Director in the first instance to discuss appropriate replacement. Failure to attempt to find a replacement is liable to be charged to you at the rate of £35 per hour to cover the additional work time of the Project Manager"
Since I have refused to do this task, how worried should I be about this paragraph?
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2022.01.18 20:14 zuzo91 🥇MetaRewardMan Token 🥇 ⏱Launch: 19th Jan, 17:00 UTC ☺This token gives you Metahero tokens as rewards, so you can earn money not only by the increase of the token's exchange rate, but also by collecting reward tokens!

🥇MetaRewardMan Token 🥇 ⏱Launch: 19th Jan, 17:00 UTC
👍This BEP20 token was created by a group of friends who love passive income! 🏆Tokenomics: -Low Initial LP -10% buy and sell tax -Reward ☺This token gives you Metahero tokens as rewards, so you can earn money not only by the increase of the token's exchange rate, but also by collecting reward tokens!
👨‍💻Our website will be available soon where you can get more information about us!
🤑This token is not for those who want a world class roadmap, we made this token for those who like to earn money fast or even 2-3X per day thanks to small LP and passive income!
🛡️Telegram: https://t.me/metarewardman
🛡️Twitter: https://twitter.com/RewardMeta
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2022.01.18 20:14 SYSADM1N2B Making a right from the left turn lane - while the light was red for them

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2022.01.18 20:14 RustyEuphonium [NG] [Lvl 69] [MarLog, I'm located at the fog]

Thanks for the help.
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2022.01.18 20:14 sonofdurinwastaken Gotta follow that recipe carefully

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2022.01.18 20:14 Stock_Ebb_9451 Gal Gadot (SNL, 2017)

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2022.01.18 20:14 thecodyrub A 2015 piece from Nightline that I literally just found out about.

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2022.01.18 20:14 Dhondoe99 Sentimental K : $17.49 (-30%)

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2022.01.18 20:14 Substantial-Treat-16 I can't find love

I live in Spain where everyone is foreign from different places and I only want English or Spanish that speaks English since I speak a bit of Spanish, I've tried dating apps but there's no one on it in my location and they're mostly people on holiday. My problem is I don't go out much because I don't have a job to go to and no reason to leave the house unless I go for a walk in the town and I don't know where to meet people except if I go in shops and bars to find people and they're mostly tourists or old people where I live. I feel so limited and I feel I'd do so much better back in England but I'm stuck in Spain. I don't mean go moan but I'm so frustrated.l, I'm 26 and a girl, I'm so done being single and I need a change
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2022.01.18 20:14 choboi6890 Anyone skiing and looking for a chat?

I’ve been going for a few hours, finally almost done with this wack driving course thing I have to do, hmu for a chat
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2022.01.18 20:14 abgrundwave Hogarthian Skull Studies. Episode 1. Slightly clarifying intro

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2022.01.18 20:14 CannonFodder001 Does anybody remember when beating Whitty was an achievement worth noticing?

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2022.01.18 20:14 Alzucard What just happened? I did almost zero dmg, but i survived cause shield and stuns

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2022.01.18 20:14 moksah822 SunLive - Stockpiling in preparation for Omicron outbreak

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