Skar flower bouqet for sale $400 obo

2022.01.18 19:38 charlesbigdickens Skar flower bouqet for sale $400 obo

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2022.01.18 19:38 Researcher11111111 Help Needed! - Calling For Participants in Ireland for A Brief Online Study on Well-Being and Nature Exposure!

Hi everyone, we are part of an international group of social scientists attempting to establish the extent to which the relationship between nature exposure and indices of psychological well-being is robust in different populations worldwide, including people in Ireland. We hope to examine potential factors that may help scientists and policy-makers better understand reasons for any relationship in an international study (we hope it is ok to repost in here for one last time. We have posted about this quite a while ago and so just hoping for any additional participants - feel free to remove it if not. We hope it is ok though - thanks! :) ). This project will mainly involve you completing measures of psychological well-being, related psychological constructs, and exposure to natural environments.
If you are an adult (18 or above) residing in Ireland who is kind enough to help contribute to this scientific understanding in a short online survey (e.g., will typically take just about 15 minutes to complete), we will be really grateful to you. Thanks! :):
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2022.01.18 19:38 HiCZoK HDR settings ... suck ?

I am playing on lg C1 and you can't make this game look proper in HDR.
HGIG, DTM, ingame sttings 50/50, 25/25... it looks weird and overexposed in sky, snow and so on.
And it overexposes in red color. What setting do you play at ?
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2022.01.18 19:38 Genius-in-a-bottle Let's the Bookmaker on

❗️ Hey AGGL Fam

To finally bring the 🌟Las Vegas vibes 🌟to life in this channel
our betting contest starts tomorrow night.
For this reason Ben has built a leaderboard in our channel.

This event lasts one week and the top 3
most profitable participants will share a price pool of 2 BNB

The top 3 most profitable wallets through actual transactions win:

🥇st: 1 BNB
🥈nd: 0.7 BNB
🥉rd: 0.3 BNB

Currently you can bet on the top 5
⚽️soccer leagues and the 🏀 NBA.

We would like to give a little taste of what is to come in the future.
To participate in this contest you must own 5000 ➡️ $AGGL coins.

✍️*Profitability is calculated on all matches that have been held during the time of the competition.
Your profit is calculated as
(Cash from won bets|stakes)/(Invested Cash)-1

🎉We wish all participants good luck🎉 and are very excited to see who will be the most successful bookmaker and bettor in this even.

A small taste of how profitable it is
to sit in the seat of a bookmaker
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2022.01.18 19:38 Faction_Chief /r/news -

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2022.01.18 19:38 thenarratorqfwfq What new books are you looking forward to in 2022?

I’m looking forward to read “The Diaries of Alan Rickman”, it’s set to release this year and can’t wait to learn more about this actor I admire so much. I’d like to uncover more titles coming out this year that I may have missed.
So what are your most anticipated titles in 2022?
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2022.01.18 19:38 ElektricAvinew Made some Tobi magnets to stick around the office

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2022.01.18 19:38 SoldOutProductions $5 Canadian Bill from 1986

A friend has this $5 bill that is in decent condition.
I’m not familiar in the coin/bill collecting world. I’m not sure exactly where one would even go to find a buyer or how to even grade it.
Any advice/knowledge is appreciated.
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2022.01.18 19:38 passiveparrot Hearing random audio/media through my speakers not from my source (possibly from neighbours?)

I have these altec langsing computer speakers that picks up audio from an unknown source (music, movies whatever the person is playing)
which is extremely weird because the only thing plugged to the wall is the power outlet.
Anyone know whats going on?
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2022.01.18 19:38 ifknlovela Looking to get my first Vitamix... is the Ascent/Venturist the newest model and the one to get?

I was going to buy an E320 at Costco today but then I saw that the 7500 is basically the same but quieter, but then I saw that the Ascent or Venturist have the digital fronts etc...
What is hands down the overall best model to get right now?
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2022.01.18 19:38 djc0 Multiband GPS accuracy Fenix7/Epix 2

In DC Rainmaker’s Epix 2 review:
While it’s not the holy grail yet, it’s definitely equal and in some limited cases better than non-multiband. However, I still think we’re probably talking 6-12 months+ before we really see these gains. Just as we saw with when Garmin switched to Sony years ago, …
Is he taking about software/backend updates that will improve accuracy for the just released Fenix 7/Epix 2 hardware? Or refinements to the hardware that will appear in future watches (eg a 955)?
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2022.01.18 19:38 Scewbacca Why wasn’t Michael at the Panel?

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2022.01.18 19:38 HCGAdrianHolt Not really sure what to do

Our story begins with me being lonely and having severe trust issues after my last relationship went to dogshit -- lo and behold, there's a new girl at school who I become friends with. we talk a lot in class, get to know each other, and I really like her. I ask her to the dance. She turns me down, saying she doesn't really want a relationship but still wants to be friends. Worrying that I made things weird and destroyed our friendship, I text her to apologize. She didn't see it like that, says I wasn't being weird. We talk more, and I end up finding out that she didn't want to get into a relationship because her dad was dying from cancer. Since then, a lot of stuff has happened, including one of my best friends (who was in a relationship at the time) told her he liked her after she told him that she didn't want a relationship because of what other people had said. They had a falling out, and I got caught in the middle. I didn't talk to her for a while, then we became friends again. We've helped each other through some rough stuff, until one day I was really upset cause people were being assholes on Discord, asked her for some help, and accidentally pushed her into taking sides. We haven't talked much since then, and again I think I fucked it up. I really like her, but honestly I'd rather just be friends. I really do not know what to do so any help would be a godsend
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2022.01.18 19:38 AdventurousChapter27 Memes para nuestros mujicanos angloparlante

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2022.01.18 19:38 KellyHennnny Still interested in having a sugar daddy. 🥺

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2022.01.18 19:38 Puffin_fan A fake, pro-Trump slate of 2020 electors sent their votes to Congress. Who was behind it?

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2022.01.18 19:38 MostlyFriday CEO announced the sale of the company that he inherited from his father because HE felt burned out.

Writing this as I'm updating my resume and applying for new jobs.
Today our CEO announced the sale of our small (<200 employee) firm to much larger entity totally out of nowhere. Most employees have been here 10+ years and have helped build this company into what it is. We have an almost unheard of average tenure for our industry.
Over the last couple of years our firm has done incredibly well financially, we actually thrived during COVID and saw increases in productivity and profitability. Most of this was in spite of our CEO as he consistently shat the bed in client meetings and would alienate and demoralize the people he worked with. We had 2 failed product launches and marketing campaigns that were driven and conceptualized entirely by him, and still we managed to come out the other side with more clients and stronger positioning in our market because of how hard everyone worked and how well we service our customers through our existing core offerings.
This asshole actually had the balls to tell us all he decided to sell because he felt unmotivated and that he needed to step aside, and that this was the best way for him to do that. He was very emotional and optimistic about where his journey would go from here. He literally said not to worry about him since he'll be able to spend more time playing golf and thinking about his future. The absolute arrogance of this dude to claim that selling the company his family gave to him was the best thing for all of us, instead of simply stepping aside is infuriating.
Meanwhile the rest of the employees that have struggled to support and maintain our firm during the pandemic are left to fend for ourselves. No commitments made about not reducing staff or honouring our contracts, we're on our own.
We now have to meet with our new owners and effectively justify our jobs and continued employment. They're calling these meetings "knowledge sharing sessions" but most of us recognize this is simply an attempt to acquire as much information from staff as possible before sending us packing. There is a ton of critical operational and technical knowledge that exists only in the brains of a few key people, and once that is extracted I fear most of us will be tossed aside.The company that acquired us has a reputation for buying up and dismantling smaller companies.
That's about all the information I can share, but suffice to say if our firm had anything resembling a union or a worker cooperative model I don't think this would be happening.
Fuck CEO's and family businesses.
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2022.01.18 19:38 LameName90210 Cycling Southland search for new general manager, Tour of Southland race director

January 19, 2022 at 11:33AM
Cycling Southland is on the hunt for not only a new general manager but someone to fill the all-important job of SBS Tour of Southland race director.
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What do you think?
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2022.01.18 19:38 unknown-User1038 All Stirling Cooper Courses

Comment "Interested" and Dm me for more info. Sale Page:
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2022.01.18 19:38 Tomhiddlstnstick Is a small palette considered a cosmetic fix? Here’s my bottom teeth on braces, small upper palette and results

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2022.01.18 19:38 Lyrixio Great speedrunning seed

You spawn next to a village with a ruined portal, with a chest with flint and steel. You spawn on top of a Bastion when visiting the Nether.
Seed: 3398269664067704073
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2022.01.18 19:38 LameName90210 Police continuing investigation into death of Christchurch baby

January 19, 2022 at 11:31AM
The 3-month-old baby girl was rushed to hospital with serious injuries on New Year's Eve and died on January 2.
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What do you think?
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2022.01.18 19:38 TheWingalingDragon Dragon Event This Weekend!: [Great Britain] Wellington Mk Ic w/ 2x 18 inch Mk.XII torpedoes launching against massive German Fleet protected by German Land/Sea/Air player vehicles.

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2022.01.18 19:38 trunknation MTV Panel with Mark Goodman, Riki Rachtman, & Matt Pinfield

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2022.01.18 19:38 DeepStrangeThroat I finally had a lucid dream

I've always wanted to have a lucid dream and a few months ago I came across something (a webpage, podcast, I don't recall) that said you needed to ask yourself if you're dreaming often during the day, the idea being to train yourself to ask this while you're in a dream.
So the other night I was having a dream that I was walking down an unfamiliar street. Someone was running toward me on the sidewalk and they seemed quite out of their mind. Wanting to avoid this person I turned to go into a shop. The door was locked. That seemed odd because it was the middle of the day, so I looked for the hours of operation which is often posted prominently and it wasn't there. There were other signs which I could read (I'm usually able to read in dreams so this wasn't odd) but no hours were posted. That's when I asked myself, "Are you dreaming right now?" I realised I was indeed and instead of getting whisked swiftly into consciousness, which is what usually happens, I stayed in the dream. And from there I was off to the races. I wished away the madman, I crossed the street without a worry about traffic, and generally had a wonderful time.
I was truly beginning to think it wasn't possible but now I know it is. If you're trying to do this keep trying, it can happen.
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