Karmas a bitch

2022.01.18 18:41 bordnamona11 Karmas a bitch

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2022.01.18 18:41 bollywoodsansaar Yami Gautam Dhar

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2022.01.18 18:41 bituco94 Is class rank anonymous?

Sorry if this is a major stupid question, but I’m a 1L and won’t get ranked until the end of the year. I know that I’m supposed to be assigned a number which represents my rank at the end of the year, but is this anonymous? Or do schools literally name drop everyone in the class ranks? Genuinely curious.
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2022.01.18 18:41 Daitoou PIC

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2022.01.18 18:41 Spiritedgal Hi all! I am looking to move to a country that is affordable, is open to holistic modalities, fairly liberal and really has a nice English speaking community . I was thinking maybe Spain? And I do t speak Spanish yet. Oh and how easy is it to move? Thank u

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2022.01.18 18:41 sshsft How to make the investigation more engaging and less railroady?

I was running tales from the loop core book campaign, and while generally my players are very happy with it, there are often moments where investigation parts feel railroady. When there is only one clue to follow up on, or only one direction to investigate in, i feel like my "What do you wanna do next?" is met with a little bit of grumbling, like "i guess we investigate that obvious lead". The adventures often feature 2 leads at any moment max, with one usually being a dead end. I sprinkle some freeform activities into the game, like letting players narrate some vignettes of their own throughout the day, but the investigation bits just sometimes stick out like a sore thumb, there is an obvious answer, like a button, press to progress the story. It is better than players getting lost in the sauce not sure what to do, but underwhelming nonetheless
Anyone else had similar experiences? How do you deal with it?
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2022.01.18 18:41 ssd123456789 This glass table with pencils 1500 pencils

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2022.01.18 18:41 Hardsy1312 Borutotold

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2022.01.18 18:41 Anuenaske Prime Ape Gang(PAG)πŸ”₯πŸŽπŸ΅βœ…πŸ‘‡πŸ€

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2022.01.18 18:41 Countryspider Is the white swiftly supposed to be this sheer?

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2022.01.18 18:41 Xtremes1088 Telnyx issues today

Having call quality and volume issues today it looks like. Statuspage shows an issue with Ashburn anchor site.
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2022.01.18 18:41 sophiethesecret Know the name. They have been posting often in saying they want to spoil you silly. They are a scam.

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2022.01.18 18:41 mtmirror What is this angled kitchen tool?

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2022.01.18 18:41 James729 My new boy, Larry Fisherman 😊

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2022.01.18 18:41 frametrap1 Hi. I'll draw a few OC characters for fun or whoever you want.

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2022.01.18 18:41 philipsonicare1 how do bvla tops work

does anyone know if bvla tops are typically threaded or threadless?
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2022.01.18 18:41 chloev6 19f bestie i'm going to 7/11 what do u want

after i get back we'll eat the snacks and get stoned and listen to mac miller B)
imagine!! that could be us. but noooo.. ur too busy not texting me! rude.
hey guys, in all seriousness now, it's me, another stupid lonely girl trying to make some friends. i have a best friend, but he's got a girlfriend now and is much too busy to see me nowadays (even though we're living together soon) and my high school friends are caught up in other things. i'm looking for a new bestie, preferably older than me since i need a diff perspective! just don't be over 27 since that's pushing it lmfao.
i don't really mind who hits me up, honestly i like to talk about pretty much anything as i have ADHD that i'm currently medicated for, so my interests are too much of a book to even put down here. but ig a cool thing about me is i'm currently learning guitar and have cool piercings
bonus points if u love calls and also have imsg
talk to u soon !! if u made it this far, please tell me about your day. i wanna know!!
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2022.01.18 18:41 BrawlersBawlers Theme Albums

I've always thought it would be a neat idea to make compilations based around theme. Like for example he has a bunch of advice songs, so it could be an album of Tell Her About It, Vienna, Second Wind, Ain't No Crime, Somewhere Along the Line.....stuff like that.
Or another is the disillusion of the changing world: Allentown, Downeaster Alexa, No Man's Land, Great Suburban Showdown, etc.
Any ideas?
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2022.01.18 18:41 Ok-Mastodon2016 Who else relates to this?

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2022.01.18 18:41 Sad-Employee3212 Commissions for almost any kind of art!

Commissions for almost any kind of art! Prices are based on hours worked and can be negotiated since I do a variety of art. To see my full portfolio, click the link on the pinned post on my profile!

Self Portrait Doodle
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2022.01.18 18:41 RevanTheDragon I have nothing but strongholds challenges, and after leaving and joining over thirty games, not a single one was strongholds.

FFS, let me search for a specific gamemode. I don't want to play CTF, it's the worst gamemode in existence, oddball is just snowball effect and also boring. I just want to play strongholds.

Yeah I got a matchmaking ban for leaving and joining and whatever the hell, but come on man, how does 343 expect me to complete strongholds challenges if I can't even specifically queue for them?
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2022.01.18 18:41 InsertNameHere2007 Does anyone know how to fix this glitch?

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2022.01.18 18:41 timbellini Proud Boy Brawler 'Tiny' Toese Jailed on Felony Charges in Washington State

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2022.01.18 18:41 LPelvico Just think it was funny if we think the moons as our crypto! It's better to distract from the current market lol

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2022.01.18 18:41 ThickumDickums Do judges ever face repercussions for absolutely questionable sentences/verdicts

I’m not talking about when a judge sentences above or below the legally enforced minimum or maximum sentencing. I mean when they are technically allowed to make a certain decision and they do. Like the case in to kill a mockingbird but the judge gets the final say
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