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Theme Albums

2022.01.18 18:41 BrawlersBawlers Theme Albums

I've always thought it would be a neat idea to make compilations based around theme. Like for example he has a bunch of advice songs, so it could be an album of Tell Her About It, Vienna, Second Wind, Ain't No Crime, Somewhere Along the Line.....stuff like that.
Or another is the disillusion of the changing world: Allentown, Downeaster Alexa, No Man's Land, Great Suburban Showdown, etc.
Any ideas?
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2022.01.18 18:41 Ok-Mastodon2016 Who else relates to this?

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2022.01.18 18:41 Sad-Employee3212 Commissions for almost any kind of art!

Commissions for almost any kind of art! Prices are based on hours worked and can be negotiated since I do a variety of art. To see my full portfolio, click the link on the pinned post on my profile!

Self Portrait Doodle
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2022.01.18 18:41 RevanTheDragon I have nothing but strongholds challenges, and after leaving and joining over thirty games, not a single one was strongholds.

FFS, let me search for a specific gamemode. I don't want to play CTF, it's the worst gamemode in existence, oddball is just snowball effect and also boring. I just want to play strongholds.

Yeah I got a matchmaking ban for leaving and joining and whatever the hell, but come on man, how does 343 expect me to complete strongholds challenges if I can't even specifically queue for them?
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2022.01.18 18:41 InsertNameHere2007 Does anyone know how to fix this glitch?

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2022.01.18 18:41 timbellini Proud Boy Brawler 'Tiny' Toese Jailed on Felony Charges in Washington State

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2022.01.18 18:41 ThickumDickums Do judges ever face repercussions for absolutely questionable sentences/verdicts

I’m not talking about when a judge sentences above or below the legally enforced minimum or maximum sentencing. I mean when they are technically allowed to make a certain decision and they do. Like the case in to kill a mockingbird but the judge gets the final say
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2022.01.18 18:41 Adventurous_Pea_3240 Seen @Potomac,Md

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2022.01.18 18:41 Civil-Target-7263 still cant get the timing right for this one.

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2022.01.18 18:41 grin06 Living my best life!

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2022.01.18 18:41 PerhapsAnEmoINTJ Do you value caring for your hearing?

Do soundproofing and buying quieter products fascinate you?
Is noise a problem for you, at times?
Tell me why.
View Poll
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2022.01.18 18:41 Ultrawenis Dryer latch problem.

I replaced the broken dryer latch on my whirlpool. The female end that I took out had a little 18 on it, the kit I ordered off of Amazon, said it was from whirlpool, had ones marker with 20, 22, and 25. They all looked identical. I used the one marked 20. It latched shut and stayed at first. Had to shove it in, but it stayed. Now the door is popping out not matter what. What can I do?
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2022.01.18 18:41 Broken_Fantasy What percentage of the time would you say that you feel "alone?"

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2022.01.18 18:41 LeonJimmer The King of Carbs

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2022.01.18 18:41 Vedis-4444 Omegaverse Book Recs

Hey, I'm new to reading omegaverse books, though I've been reading omegaverse original works on AO3 for awhile. I don't like smut, but am fine to read a book with some smut scenes because I can just skip them. All recs are very appreciated! <3
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2022.01.18 18:41 tekease247 My car hit a milestone today

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2022.01.18 18:41 aztequin ▷ Scream (2022) movie review is an unnecessary but... - Aztechin News

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2022.01.18 18:41 CorsaCees Looking for diys

Hiii im new to ac and in looking for some diys to decorate my island :)
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2022.01.18 18:41 ScallionAlive6430 The sun hid faintly behind the

Are these sentences grammatically correct and natural enough?
▪ The sun hid faintly behind the clouds as Gofur Purnomo visited his client’s home in Pesapen, a compact residential area in Surabaya, East Java. That day, the 66-year-old man intended to keep the sky blue for his client’s wedding celebration. A legendary handler, Gofur performs rituals to control rain to fall or not in a certain area. Rain handlers are usually hired by individuals and companies to ensure that events, especially outdoor occasions, go smoothly without being interrupted by bad weather. For instance, they make sure that rain does not ruin a garden wedding or, in contrast, that rain falls on a field that has been barren for months.
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2022.01.18 18:41 MikaMeredith FSD Pharma Inc ($HUGE)

FSD Pharma is a bioscience R&D company that is focused on developing multiple applications of its lead compound, ultra micro PEA by down-regulating the cytokines to effectuate an anti-inflammatory response. FSD Pharma is currently seeking to advance pharmaceutical development programs centred on FSD201 ultra micro-PEA, an uncommon fatty acid amide, that has unique anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties. They have successfully completed Phase 1 first-in-human safety and tolerability study for FSD201 and have found the compound to be safe with no serious adverse side effects. They are continuing to explore potential commercialization avenues for FSD201 and have plans to conduct testing trials for Endometriosis and as an opioid replacement.
The company appointed Dr. Eleanor Fish to its Research and Clinical Advisory Board. Dr. Fish has an impressive background and currently serves as a Professor in the Department of Immunology at the University of Toronto, Associate Chair of International Initiatives and Collaborations at the University of Toronto and Emerita Scientist at the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute of the University Health Network. She will be instrumental in FSD's efforts to advance the FSD-PEA and Lucid-MS programs.
FSD entered into an amended and restated license agreement with Epitech, which amended and restated the license agreement between Prismic and Epitech through which Prismic secured certain intellectual property rights to PEA from Epitech. The License Agreement grants the Company an exclusive, worldwide license (except Spain and Italy).
They have also entered an agreement with Innovet Italia. The agreement grants FSD an exclusive, worldwide license (excluding Italy) to research, manufacture and commercialize products using certain proprietary formulations of ultra-micro PEA to treat gastro-intestinal diseases in dogs and cats.
Lucid Psycheceuticals Acquisition:
FSD recently acquired Lucid Psycheceuticals, a Canadian company focused on the development of novel therapies to treat neurodegenerative diseases including Major Depressive Disorder (Lucid-PYSCH) and Multiple Sclerosis (Lucid-MS). Lucid was purchased for CAD$11.3 million. Lucid’s co-founder and CEO, Dr. Lakshmi Kotra will be transitioning to the FSD Pharma team with Prof. Kotra took on the role of leading the development of FSD Pharma’s drug development pipeline in Psychedelics and Medical Cannabis.
An agreement with Covar Pharmaceuticals, a contract development and manufacturing services organization, will advance Lucid-PSYCH by providing research on an exclusive basis for further clinical evaluation.
"This agreement with Covar continues our momentum in completing advanced preclinical studies and scale-up activities," commented Anthony Durkacz, Interim CEO of FSD Pharma. "This potentially sets the stage for us to achieve our goal of moving Lucid-PSYCH from bench to clinic by obtaining IND approval and initiating a Phase 1 clinical study."
Market Analysis:
The mental health market in the US is currently valued at $225 billion. Analysts from Data Bridge Market Research are betting that the US psychedelic therapy market reaches USD $6.86 billion by 2027. The psychedelics market for mental health is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.3% from 2021-2027. Growing acceptance of psychedelic drugs for treating depression and increasing prevalence of depression and mental disorders are the factors for the market growth. There are over 300 million people worldwide suffering from depression, which is equating to an economic burden of $210 million annually. Furthermore, Multiple Sclerosis treatment is a $23b market.
There is a growing body of research that suggests psychedelics have the potential to treat a variety of neuropsychiatric disorders such as PTSD, depression and anxiety. Recently we saw the FDA approval of Johnson & Johnson’s SPRAVATO for treatment-resistant depression. This drug is expected to generate $1.3 billion for J&J annually.
Final thoughts:
Their stock has been hit over the past year and is down 11% YTD. This stock was getting overlooked and oversold after it was discovered that ex- CEO Raza Bokhari was participating in some shady activities. This was obviously a big governance concern for investors. The good news is the board unanimously voted to terminate Bokhari’s employment for misconduct including breaching court orders, the improper issuance of shares, and attempts to misappropriated company funds in breach of his employment obligations. With Bokhari gone and the exciting acquisition of Lucid, I think it is a perfect time to check out this stock. Looks like they're turning it around.
This is not financial advice!
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2022.01.18 18:40 shishakhalifa Disney theme 🤟

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2022.01.18 18:40 BarbaricLemons Best flying training centers in US/Canada for International students?

Hello! I am from the Philippines and I passed my PPL checkride 2 years ago prior to pandemic. I am planning on continuing my CPL flight training abroad.
I am looking for Part 61 schools that offers independent flying courses. What schools would you recommend?
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2022.01.18 18:40 parkstar86 At this point the level of dystopian thought policing shouldn’t surprise anyone, but it is still gravely concerning every time it happens. Especially to individuals like Dr. Paul.

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2022.01.18 18:40 veez73 Making my Valentines / Galentines Pamper Hampers❤️ I need ideas for a universal romantic quote or card or something I should add.

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2022.01.18 18:40 biohazardpublish Various beautiful chicks are taking part in incredible hot sex orgy

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