Upgrading from Sierra with a 1080ti.Advice?

2022.01.18 18:39 Daastle Upgrading from Sierra with a 1080ti.Advice?

Need advice guys.
Currently stuck on Sierra hackintosh due to having Ableton 9.
I upgraded to Ableton 11 a few months ago, and the minimum for it is High Sierra.I've got a 1080ti, which can go up to high Sierra maximum.
At the moment,I've got two choices. Splash the cash (not ideal) and buy a GPU compatible with big sur or newer, or go up to high sierra until I can splash the cash, then I should be able to use Ableton 11.
My CPU is a 8700k,so I could always use igpu (no idea how but i've been told its an option), but I have a triple screen setup and I'd like to keep it that way.

What would everyone recommend?
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2022.01.18 18:39 goddesssophia1992 Come here baby ;)

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2022.01.18 18:39 runs-with-scissors42 Void Predators Chapter 17

First - Previous - Next
At Shield Generator Alpha, Sergeant Moore was currently in the zone.
While Gamma squad's three mech suits were doing quite a bit of the heavy lifting, there was still plenty of work to go around.
In front of him, an armored Krathi leaned out from behind a wrecked APC to fire at a Weaver weapon emplacement, then ducked back into cover.
Moore placed the crosshairs at approximately where the creatures center of mass would be behind the APC, exhaled, and gently squeezed the trigger of his Anti-Materiel Rifle.
The 30mm HEIAP round was designed to take out mechs and heavy power armor; the relatively light Krathi personnel carrier didn't stand a chance. The round punched through the wrecked vehicle like it was aluminum and hit the Krathi soldier behind it, who promptly exploded into fist sized chunks of burning gore and scrap metal.
He worked the bolt, found another target, squeezed, and fired the last round in the magazine.
He took cover behind the Weaver earthworks and to reload, and too stock of his remaining munitions.
Last AM rifle mag. Still got a couple drums of 12.7mm HE for the sub though.
He collapsed his AM rifle, stowed it on his armor's back mounted mag clamps, and drew his submachine gun.
He peered out from behind the earthworks just as a Krathi hover tank emerged from the smoke and plowed through the scrapped vehicles. It's turret swiveled towards one of the squad's gunner mechs, who saw what was coming and attempted to move.
Not quickly enough.
With a thunderous crack, a glowing blue particle beam lashed out, striking the mech and destroying it's weapon along with one arm, amputated the other at the elbow, and left a huge molten trench in the side of the suit. From inside the mech, the pilot screamed.
"SMITH! SCRAP THAT TANK! Chang! Romero! Drag Bugorksi's suit to cover and cut him out!" He bellowed over the squad comms.
Moments later, from his right an anti-tank missile leapt out and flew upward slightly in an arc, before coming back down onto the tank's turret from above. The Krathi tank violently exploded, as the vehicle's capacitor bank and power plant failed, unleashing the forces they had kept bottled up.
"RELOADING" yelled the corporal over the coms
From the smoke emerged three more tanks.
Sergeant moore swore profusely.
From his left, a stream of high energy plasma lanced out and struck one of the tanks, destroying it. Moore looked and spotted [Sways-with-the-wind's-hymn] alongside a weaver heavy weapon team. The small arachnid-analogues were working together to swap out the plasma cannon's relatively massive capacitor with a new one.
From his right, corporal smith had finished reloading and destroyed another tank with his missile launcher.
He looked out at the third tank. It still hadn't acquired a target yet, the fiery hulks of it's companions obscuring its line of sight, both physically, and due to all the heat, smoke, and latent charged particles and radiation permeating the area.
Damnit. We have a moment, but Sways and Smith aren't going to have the good shit ready fast enough to deal with that one.
He was going to have to do something stupid.
"Fireteams one and two, suppressing fire on those infantry approaching, Fireteam three, pop smoke in the open space in front of my position, and keep that tank occupied while I get close."
"What is that [New One] doing?" asked one of the Weaver heavy weapon team members.
[Sways-with-the-wind's-hymn] finished pushing the capacitor shell into the slot on the plasma cannon, and looked up.
The [New One] that had called itself "Sergeant Moore" had leapt out from behind the earthworks, run through a cloud of smoke, and was sprinting towards the last Krathi tank.
"Is it insane?" another asked.
As Sways watched the [New One] evade fire from the tank's secondary weapons, dashing between the burnt out husks of vehicles and moving ever closer to the tank, while the other [New Ones] kept the enemy's infantry engaged.
"No. See how it moves, and how the others keep the [Hateful Ones] distracted? The [New One] has a plan, though I have no idea what it is" she replied.
Once the [New One] had gotten close, she watched in surprise as with a great leap it landed onto the turret of the tank, and extended something from it's right forearm. She magnified the image on her HUD and saw the device consisted of a chain with tiny blades on each link.
Sways could hear the device shriek as it began to spin, and the [New One] began cutting its way through the hinge and locking mechanism on the tank's hatch. There was a scream of metal as the [New One] ripped the hatch off and threw it at a [Hateful One] that had been moving up to assist the beleagured tank, sending it sprawling. It did not get up.
A [Hateful One] emerged from the hatch and attempted to shoot the [New One], but lost first it's weapon hand to the spinning blades for it's trouble, followed by the creature's head. The New One then pulled two small orbs from compartments on it's armor, dropped them into the hatch, then leapt from the vehicle and sprinted away.
Four seconds later, the tank exploded with a massive flash, as it's capacitor and power plant failed catastrophically.
"I retract my previous statement. They ARE insane" she said, her eyestalks shivering at the sheer nerve the feat had taken.
"Definitely effective though".
The other weavers watching all bobbed their bodies in assent.
As Gamma squad and the remaining weaver forces finished off remaining Krathi, Sergeant Moore got on his suit's coms.
"Big Stick this is Gamma Actual, shield generator bunker at City Alpha secure. Holding for arrival of MFOB, request ETA, over" said
"Gamma Actual, this is Big Stick, MFOB on final approach, ETA five minutes, over".
He acknowledged receipt of the message and walked towards the squad's medic, working on the injured mech trooper.
"How's he doing?" he asked.
"Severe burns to the torso. His suit's torso armor took the rads, but thermodynamics is a merciless bitch. His right arm is a different story; what's left of it took a lot of rads from that particle weapon. I've given him a hit of rad scrub nanos, but the arm itself is so irradiated it will kill him if we leave it on. I'm going to have to amputate to the shoulder.
A digitized voice came from behind him. "How is your [young one]? will their [voice] continue with ours?"
Sergeant Moore turned and saw the Weaver approaching. He watched in wonder, tinged with a small amount of instinctual unease, as she skittered up the nearby earthworks, so that she could speak with him face to face. The Weavers measured about 1.5 meters in diameter from foot to foot, with their body about forty centimeters off the ground. The vaguely resembled a cross between a terran spider and crab; an ovoid body with four long eyestalks, two above and two below the mouth, which resembled a wood chipper, if it had been designed by evolution to pulp and grind tough fruits and seeds.
Their most unusual feature, in the Sergeant's opinon, was the rather interesting arm and leg configuration.
They had four femurs, two each at the front and rear, extending outward and slightly up. Each was tipped with a complex dual knee joint, attached to which were two parallel lower legs with a double jointed ankle and foot. Between the femurs on each side were a pair of spindly underhung arms, much smaller than the legs, with a skeletal appearance similar to a terran arm; his best guess was that they had used to be a pair of "multi-legs" like the others, that had merged together at the knee and first ankle joint at some point in their evolution.
"Thank you for your concern Protector. Yes, he will probably survive, but he's going to be out of combat for a few weeks. He will need extensive dermal replacement, radiation purge nanotherapy, and time to adjust to his new arm."
"Your [species] can regrow their limbs?" asked [Sways-with-the-wind's-hymn], her lower eyestalks looking at each other. His translator indicated this as surprise/confusion.
The sergeant laughed. "No, nothing like that. We have to replace it. In this case, with cyberware, which can be done almost immediately. If he wants it, later the doctors can clone him a new flesh arm. However it takes a while to do that, and requires extensive physical therapy to ensure the graft takes properly."
"We used similar procedures at one time. However now we mostly rely on [techno-organic grafts], as our [exoskeleton] made the process of attaching cloned limbs to the body difficult" she said.
"I'm not sure what that is, but I'm glad it works for you. It definitely sounds like something we might be interested in obtaining if you'd be willing to trade. I'll have to mention it to leadership."
The weaver bobbed its body vertically, in what the translator indicated as "agreement/assent".
"How are your own young ones doing Ma'am?" he asked, using the Weaver's terminology for subordinates.
"Everyone has at least light injuries. A number of severe ones as well; their [voices] are weak, and they may not continue long."
"We have an MFOB incoming, so if you are willing to provide us information on your physiology and techniques, we may be able to help with treatment. However if that is information you do not wish to disclose for security reasons, I understand; we will help however you think we can without compromising your biosecurity."
Both sets of [Sways-with-the-wind's-hymn] eyestalks looked at each other, which the translator indicated as "incomprehension/confusion".
"What is an MFOB? And why would medical data be a security problem?" she asked.
"An MFOB is like a mobile base. It has a small automated hospital and factory, along with drones to repair or build things."
The weaver bobbed its understanding.
"As for medical data, it could be used for biowarfare so I can understand why you may not want to give it to a species you just met." Moore replied.
"I am sorry, that term didn't translate."
Sergeant Moore paused for a moment. He knew, intellectually, from Silver's briefing that other species didn't think like humans. However it was jarring to think that the Weavers, who were much more technologically advanced than Terrans, didn't have a term for biowarfare.
This was our first contact with the Weavers, and everyone in the fleet was under orders to be on their best behavior. Silver had stated in no uncertain terms that humanity needed to make a good impression on both them and the Compact.
The AI had also made clear that Admiral Walker would be deeply annoyed by anyone who angered the Weavers; and that such miscreants should expect to be banished to an isolated post somewhere, forced to scrub toilets for the next decade with their own toothbrush.
Sergeant Moore did not relish the idea of such a "motivational exercise", so he was going to have to be careful.
"During your history, did your people war against themselves?"
"Yes, a little in our early history; most species do. However we made peace with ourselves [centuries] before we even reached orbit."
"Did your people ever employ harmful micro-organisms to kill their opponents?"
The weavers legs began lifting up and down, stomping. His translator indicated this as "angehorrodistress".
Shit shit shit shit!!! thought sergeant moore.
"No! Why would anyone use [Sacred Nature] for harm! Do your people do such a thing?!" replied the weaver, the translator tinging her voice with disgust.
Sergeant Moore sighed. "Well, they'll find out at some point or another. Might as well be honest" he thought.
"Please understand Ma'am. Unlike your own, my people have had a savage, bloody history. We only "united" relatively recently, long after reaching orbit. However biological and genomic warfare have been completely banned for over three centuries, and there are extreme penalties for anyone who violates that ban. It has only happened once, and an example was made of them."
"What do you mean?"
"About a century ago, a small nation deployed a synthetic plague against their neighbors. It spread so fast and killed so efficiently the nation responsible was glassed from orbit by the UNE in retaliation."
"Your people killed an entire nation as punishment?!"
"Oh yes. There wasn't really any other choice."
Sergeant Moore sighed.
"Burst Pox was so virulent and deadly that no one wanted to risk sending in ground troops to subdue the nation responsible; not to mention the likelihood said government would deliberately seed refugees with disease carriers to infect other nations. It was either that, or gamble with the lives of everyone on the planet."
The weaver was silent.
"Make no mistake ma'am, Terrans HATE biological warfare; it is a disgusting perversion of nature, which does not discriminate between the enemy and the innocent. Even disregarding ethics, the potential for uncontrolled spread or mutation makes it much too dangerous for any sane person to even consider.
[Sways-with-the-wind's-hymn] made a whistling noise, which the translator registered as "sadness/despair".
"I am sorry for your people. What happened to make your species [ascent] so terrible?"
Sergeant Moore shrugged. "Who can say? All we can do is learn from our mistakes and strive to be better than those who came before us".
They both stood and watched silently as the MFOB descended inside the perimeter, and began to unpack itself. The sergeant looked at the Weaver, wondering what she was thinking.
Futures involving his toothbrush and a toilet on Charon Base flashed before his eyes.
[Sways-with-the-wind's-hymn] turned to face him.
"The [Tapestry of Species] told us you were coming in the very first FTL capable vessels you built, is that correct?".
The sergeant nodded. "We have many ships, but the fleet above are only ones that can travel beyond our system. We only finished developing our drive system less than a year ago."
The weaver was silent for a moment.
"Your people came to our aid having never met us, in your very first FTL capable ships, to fight an enemy who does not yet know of your existence. You in particular, were not only open about your people's history, but also the dangers of sharing the information you asked for" she said.
The sergeant remained silent, nervously waiting for her to finish.
"Your actions are a [minuet of benevolence]. I will speak with my superiors. If they agree, I will arrange for the information to be sent."
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2022.01.18 18:39 JJ_matrixgmn Hello everybody I’m new to this community, here’s my dog. She died three months ago 🥺😭

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2022.01.18 18:39 GreenFalcon5 What is child support payments in Poland based on?

I'm a high net worth individual with a large real estate biz in western Europe, also not a polish citizen or resident. I actually don't live a expensive lifestyle but curious how is child support calculated?
Is it net worth based, lifestyle based or income based? My net income is low as I just pay myself minimum wage.
So let's say I got a polish girl pregnant and the relationship ends, what should I expect that could be child support payment level to be?
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2022.01.18 18:39 CaptainTough Wall Street's Larry McDonald has issued a buy Cameco trade alert recommending a return back to CCO position after a sell alert a couple of weeks ago and remaining long

CCO went down %5 today, a $1.41decline to $27.02.
The whole Uranium sector endured heavy losses reaching bargain prices for those with cash.
Majority of developers and producers as well as Uranium ETFs are in the red.
CAT and UNO-H both went the other direction up %14
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2022.01.18 18:39 ClownPowder regular shmegular bread

skeptical with the process but it turned out good
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2022.01.18 18:39 drip_minister What if

What if the Dai Li would have chosen Long Feng and imprisoned Azula. Like Zuko wouldn't betray Iroh and they wouldn't get back to the fire nation and Aang wouldn't die. I mean probably the invasion at the day of the black sun would have been successful without Azulas information. Or what do you think what would have happened?
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2022.01.18 18:39 PinkFancyCrane I’m still fairly new to the game and will have a lot of questions I’ll compile; but for now, why didn’t my perfect Snowman give me a bingo card?

Yesterday I built a perfect snowman but I did not get a bingo card from him even though I do not have a current one. I thought that the bingo game went on throughout February so I was surprised I didn’t receive a card from the snowman I built. It’s not a big deal but I’m just wondering if I missed some thing or misunderstood how the snowman work. Thanks!
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2022.01.18 18:39 v0iiDx ex girlfriend.

my girlfriend and i broke up (26m , 23f) about a week ago and we still live together but we’re trying to live together temporarily until i find a place to live. we haven’t been physical with each other until yesterday we did stuff and told eachother it wouldn’t happen again but we don’t/didn’t cuddle or kiss anymore since we broke up. today she went to work and she just stood infront of me i couldnt tell if she wanted a kiss or anything but we just stared eachother in the eyes and gave eachother a smile. i want to say i love her but i don’t want to make her uncomfortable or anything but i feel like we say it with our eyes bc we have a really good connection besides what happened between us. i think yesterday kind of threw me for a loop bc it was intimate but idk. i’m not very good at reading body language i just read them how i want to in my head and i don’t think that’s good. but i don’t know what to do. she also would mention “maybe we were meant to be in another lifetime” but idk what that means lol
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2022.01.18 18:39 Sharif143 Divine Inu | KYC Team & Audited Project | Long Term Hold Project | BTC Reflections 🔥| FUND | NFT ✨ | Stealthlaunch 🚀| 200k mcap 🔥| More Utilities Coming🚀

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2022.01.18 18:39 Humusir Yes dad, they are flavorful toothpicks...

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2022.01.18 18:39 xanaxgf where can i buy an account?

i'm looking to buy an account with pink mercy, tyrande symmetra, & nano-cola dva. what are the reliable websites to do this?
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2022.01.18 18:39 Sacid97 Bı kitap vardı?

Muhammedin aslında ne kadar iğrenç bı insan olduğunu anlatan bı yazar vardı. Kitapdaki kişi ile kurandaki peygamber hiç uyuşmuyordu. Yabancı yazarın bı kitabı ama ismini hatırlayamadım. Bilgisi olan yazabilir mi
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2022.01.18 18:39 rxp1320marketing 🐮 WeBull 🐮 a superior alternative to 🤮 Robinhood 🤮 is offering 2 FREE Stocks valued between $3-$3300! Simply open & fund a WeBull account “with any amount” utilizing this link. These stocks can be held or sold for cash to buy BITCOIN, ETHER, etc… on the WeBull Crypto Marketplace 🎁

🐮 WeBull 🐮 a superior alternative to 🤮 Robinhood 🤮 is offering 2 FREE Stocks valued between $3-$3300! Simply open & fund a WeBull account “with any amount” utilizing this link. These stocks can be held or sold for cash to buy BITCOIN, ETHER, etc… on the WeBull Crypto Marketplace 🎁 submitted by rxp1320marketing to airdropalertcom [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 18:39 Mutant_Llama1 A remake of Spiderman where Doctor Octopus has actual octopus powers like camouflage and ink instead of just having metal arms.

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2022.01.18 18:39 enricomel Richiesta di comparizione in tribunale per residente all'estero

Salve a tutti, avrei davvero bisogno di un consiglio su come poter procedere a riguardo. Faccio una piccolo preambolo: nel Gennaio 2021 sono stato convocato in Tribunale in qualità di testimone per un processo penale a carico di una persona a me totalmente sconosciuta e per cui ignoro completamente il motivo. (Unica ragione plausibile "n" anni fa mi è stato rubato il cellulare ed ho sporto regolare denuncia alla polizia postale, altre ragioni non ne vedo).
Mi sono regolarmente presentato in tribunale per scoprire una volta lì che la seduta era stata cancellata e rimandata all'anno successivo (Marzo 2022) per cui ho ricevuto una seconda convocazione. Nell'estate del 2021 ho cambiato lavoro e mi sono definitivamente trasferito all'estero (non ho comunque avuto tempo di iscrivermi all'Aire nel frattempo).
La domanda a questo punto è molto semplice, ho qualche possibilità per evitare di tornare in Italia per la convocazione di Marzo (per poi magari scoprire che l'udienza è stata nuovamente cancellata)? Posso testimoniare dall'estero (UE)? Come ne esco?
Vi ringrazio
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2022.01.18 18:39 LikeItWantIt Just another cold, dark and damp evening in England... 🦉🦊

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