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2022.01.18 20:25 CannyDragon Blue Fairy, Tinker Bell, Regina

I'm curious about the Blue Fairy theories (that she's actually evil and they just didn't explore it in the show for... reasons, I'm sure).
I'm thinking about S3E3, Quite and Common Fairy, where Tinker Bell meddles with fate and disobeys the Blue Fairy by using fairy dust to guide Regina to Robin.
To play "fairy's advocate" (the Blue Fairy, that is), you might say that Regina wasn't ready to find love again and that Tink jumped the gun. You could say that Tink needed to do a little front end work to help Regina get to the point where she might be open to that. I really think Tink kind of messed that up in that way.
But that's not what Blue said. Blue's point was basically that Regina was a lost cause and that she was a student of "the lost cause of lost causes". By that reasoning, Blue thinks there are some people who are beyond redemption.
As follows:
Blue Fairy: Good evening, Green. Tinker Bell: Hey Blue. You look amazing. Did you do something to your- Blue Fairy: (interrupting Tinker Bell) You're late. You’ve already broken every rule in the book. Curfew. Dust discipline. You got big for no reason. Tinker Bell: Listen. I have news. Amazing news. I was helping someone. A queen in the Enchanted Forest. Regina. Blue Fairy: Do you know who she is? Her mother was Cora. The one who ripped out hearts. Her teacher is the Dark One. Tinker Bell: So? Blue Fairy: So consider yourself lucky you’re still alive. (sighs) Green, this is not a woman you can help. She is surrounded by darkness. Tinker Bell: Sounds to me like she’s exactly someone who could use help. Maybe if you let me have some pixie dust. Blue Fairy: Not a chance. You fly away from this one, Green. Tinker Bell: My name isn’t Green. It's Tinker Bell. And I can’t believe you want me to ignore someone who needs help. It’s not very fairy-like. Blue Fairy: (angry) I would be the judge of what is fairy-like. Tinker Bell: But I- Blue Fairy: No discussion. Until further notice you are to remain here and continue your training under my direct supervision. Understood? Tinker Bell: Yes, Blue. (Blue Fairy exits. After a moment Tinker Bell decides to fly off again.)
From this interaction we can see that Blue is very strict and has an authoritarian leadership style (on the spectrum of permissive, to authoritative, to authoritarian). She considers herself the arbiter of what it means to be a fairy (a good fairy) and isn't open to alternative perspectives (at least from inferiors like Tink).
She says that Regina is "surrounded by Darkness". Tink thinks this makes Regina in more need of help, but Blue thinks this means there is no hope and would rather focus on promoting "good" (whatever she thinks that it) by investing efforts elsewhere. Which makes me want to analyze Blue's motivations to figure out what ethical labels best describe her ethos. Further research and reflection is required. Input is appreciated.
That, and when Tink disobeys and it has negative consequenses, Blue exiles her and Tink leaves in disgrace.
As follows:
Blue Fairy: Stop! You stole that dust. Tinker Bell: I know. I thought I needed it to prove to you that I was a good fairy. Blue Fairy: You could have proven that by being a good fairy. By listening to me. Tinker Bell: I was following my instincts. Blue Fairy: Which are so far from being correct. (sighs) This can’t be forgiven. Tinker Bell: Wait. Wait. Everyone deserves a second chance. We always tell people that. Blue Fairy: But, Tinkerbell, this was your second chance. Tinker Bell: Please. I promise. I’m so sorry. Blue Fairy: You betrayed my trust. Tinker Bell: I can regain it. Give me a chance. Blue Fairy: You can’t. For one simple, tragic reason: I no longer believe in you. (Tinker Bell’s wings disappear and she helplessly falls to the ground. Blue flies off.)
Blue seems to have a very particular definition of "good" fairy. Which I don't need to unpack for the sake of this observation. It does seem to include obedience, devotion, and compliance. And disobedience (after a warning, just to give due credit... but Tink's first transgression seemed pretty insignificant and we don't see any evidence of past infractions although it may be implied that this is a pattern of behavior for Tink) constitutes betrayal. If you agree with those ethics, the sentence Blue executes is reasonable. Do I agree with Blue's approach (authoritarian) or her assessment of the situation (Regina's hopelessness)? Neither. Does that make Blue evil? Fallible, sure. Biased, sure. Evil? I'm unconvinced either way and remain undecided.
(I wonder if Blue thinks that Tink's grace can be regained at all... does second chance mean staying in the fold with probation? Does exile mean forever? Does she mean that trust can never be regained, or that Tink must face the consequences of her actions first? It seems like an absolute thing, here, but it also seems like a really emotional moment and the consequences were conveyed with very few words. There might be some ambiguity. I need to revisit later episodes where Tink's fairy-hood is restored and how that plays out in specific detail, technicalities, implications, and all.)
I also think it's worth noting that Tink's relationship to Blue in this chapter seems reminiscent of The God-Lucifer dynamic, thought Lucifer is typically portrayed as an attempted-usurper whereas Blue is simply defiant. Thought Blue does represent authoritarian command and an arbiter of the greater good. And the fact that the nature of good and the implementation of enforcing good are in question here because Blue's motivations are in question makes the whole thing parallel some thought on the subject involving counter-readings of the Lucifer myth.
Blue seems to have a really big-picture, long-game perspective on fate and the course of things. Which urges we ask the question: What is moral behavior for a primordial being, a fairy, such as Blue?
I've heard accusations of Blue being strict, unforgiving, and mean. But is that cruel and unusual? I need to examine more of the material because this whole thing was not on my radar as I was watching each new episode of the show as they first aired. And so, in addition to discussion of my query here, if you have any more points that add to the thesis that Blue is Machiavellian and sinister, I would like to hear them.
I guess the utlimate question is, "What does Blue believe the ultimate good to be?" I believe that she is motivated by whatever that is, not selfish reasons. I wonder if her idea of the ultimate good is actually good. I have a feeling it's not truly filthy and corrupt, but the question to me is "In what way is Blue's idea of the greater good flawed?"
(Transcript from https://transcripts.foreverdreaming.org/viewtopic.php?f=143&t=8952)
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2022.01.18 20:25 Miserable_Song4848 This book is so anticlimactic (spoilers)

I'm guessing whenever Jordan got the publishing deal, it was already planned for a trilogy or something because there are so many parts that just don't work for this story as a whole story.
I just finished it after reading it throughout the year and it has been sort of a struggle to get through.
There isn't a whole lot introduced in this story that doesn't pay off in its own book. Rand gets a sword that he barely uses, Mat gets a cursed dagger for the sole purpose of getting cured (but not really), Perrin gets wolf telepathy that doesn't matter when separated from the wolves, Thom gets killed off screen and then is hinted that he didn't, etc, princess and queen are introduced but don't do anything, etc.
And then at the end, the main crew just meet up and go into the woods. Two evil people show up out of nowhere, then then the big bad, and then Rand kills them by using the one power for the first time.
It felt like things didn't feed well into THIS story. I guess my hope is that if the individual stories aren't going to be that good, the overall story will be a little more cohesive. I feel like I might have missed some stuff here and there due to my sporadic reading but it kinda felt anti- climactic when most of it didn't matter in its own story.
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2022.01.18 20:25 csmams @electnomics : $BBIG buyer started a healthy retrace as expected and seller is dumping 63.0k in single transaction at 5.80 purchased at market by strong buyer - still we need to retrace more to build value https://t.co/WybXnp4qyt

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AstroElon $ELONONE http://twitter.com/elonmusk
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2022.01.18 20:25 TheLutheranGuy1517 Was Up 600 now down 500

I got my butt kicked on USD/MXN last month... Didnt sell when i should of and now after holding I am down 500 dollars after being up 600 dollars. I am keeping an eye on it cause it has consolidated at the bottom support and with interest rates could potentially break out
But let this be a warning to you... All the gains i made in 2021 scalping my way to the top were blown away in a single trade because of the Fed news that I should of sat out and waited for the market to react
Oh well... Time to climb out of the pit... I am going to do more research/homework and practice paper trading before jumping back in with live money
I am not giving up and niether should you... *cue batman climbing out of the pit gif
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2022.01.18 20:25 simonecarella99 Qualcuno ha mai comprato da coco? Il mio codice di spedizione è stato generato circa una settimana fa e mi da questi errori… vorrei sapere se fosse normale ed è capitato anche a voi

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2022.01.18 20:25 tusketweather Currently

Conditions observed at 7:00PM | Temp: -3.2°C | Dew point: -7.3°C | Humidity: 73.6﹪| Wind: NW 18.9 gust 35.3km/h | Rainfall: 4.4mm | Pressure: 1002.0hPa | #Tusket #Canada #WX
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2022.01.18 20:25 RomeoFardeen How Hedge-funds and other institutional investors write investigative reports on potential investment opportunities?

[I apologize if it's not the appropriate sub for the post.]
That's pretty much the question. I am tasked with writing a report that reaches the conclusion of whether to invest or not in a specific crypto. This is my first report, so I am not sure what the structure and format should be. It should be something that has the expert-level notch to it.
Can any of you direct me to a similar document or resource? Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.18 20:25 V_7_ How would the world look today if Hitler had waited until his scientists had nukes ready?

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