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I didn’t think I could love my baby ring of fire more… then it gave me this all-orange leaf

2022.01.18 19:44 ash731 I didn’t think I could love my baby ring of fire more… then it gave me this all-orange leaf

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2022.01.18 19:44 Infamous-Remote-5016 What pasta shape do women like in Carbonara?

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2022.01.18 19:44 Wise-Grapefruit-1443 24 Indoor Things to Do in Flint Michigan

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2022.01.18 19:44 jayraiden DW4 - Bonus Events & Battle Modifiers for Story Mode (Wei)

Act 1
The Yellow Turban Menace - Defeating Zhang Liang here prevents him from appearing at the Rebellion.

The Yellow Turban Fortress - Defeating Zhang Bao here prevents him from appearing at the Rebellion.

The Yellow Turban Rebellion - If Zhang Liang was defeated at the Yellow Turban Menace beforehand, Bo Zhang will be enraged & stronger than normal here.
- If Zhang Bao was defeated at the Yellow Turban Fortress beforehand, Zhang Man Cheng will be enraged & stronger than normal here.
- If both Zhang Liang & Zhang Bao were defeated beforehand, Zhang Jiao will launch a (flaming) rockslide attack along the road to the Yellow Turbans' main camp.
- Defeating all officers besides Zhang Jiao & taking his main camp's rear stronghold forces him to retreat.

Act 2
Battle of Si Shui Gate - Skipping this stage allows Hua Xiong to ambush Yuan Shao at Hu Lao Gate after Dong Zhuo burns Luo Yang.
- Quickly capturing the enemy supply depot or sneaking into Si Shui from the south & defeating Hua Xiong keeps Sun Jian from losing momentum and causes Si Shui's eastern gates to open early.
- Sun Jian will take a defensive approach at Hu Lao Gate if he goes too long without supplies & is forced into withdrawal here.
- Taking the enemy supply depot increases starting morale for the Allied Forces at Hu Lao Gate.
- Defeating Hua Xiong, taking the supply depot, and/or defeating the enemy reinforcements will cause Li Jue to eventually retreat.

Battle of Hu Lao Gate - Defeating Hu Lao Gate's guards will cause said gate to fall much faster to the Allies' siege ram.
- Unless his health drops below half, Dong Zhuo will not withdraw if Lu Bu is still on the field (or Hua Xiong if he appears & Yuan Shao is actually in danger of dying to him).

Act 3
Battle of Xia Pi - Skipping this stage will cause Lu Bu to appear at Guan Du.
- Making all possible surrenders occur causes Lu Bu & Diao Chan to initiate a retreat.
- Lu Bu's withdrawl will be stalled if enemy reinforcements arrive, but it will stop permanently if Diao Chan is defeated.
- Letting Lu Bu escape will cause him to appear at Wan Castle.

Battle of Wan Castle - Skipping this stage after letting Dong Zhuo escape at Hu Lao Gate automatically makes Wu the main enemy for Act 5 (even if the fire attack succeeds, which is normally grounds to flip the script and have Shu be taken down first instead).
- If Dian Wei is defeated/otherwise unable to rescue Cao Cao when the crumbling castle temporarily traps him, Xu Zhu will appear & do it instead. If both are unavailable, Xiahou Dun will do so.

Battle of Guan Du - Skipping both Xia Pi & Wan Castle beforehand prevents Jia Xu from joining Cao Cao early on & leaves the latter vulnerable to an enemy ambush if Guan Du's walls fall.
- The enemy supply depot, Wu Chao, will only be discovered if Yuan Shao's forces are allowed to approach Guan Du Castle and summon rams. Taking said depot makes Zhang He & Gao Lan defect (if applicable). Wiping out Yuan Shao's forces and protecting both Bai Ma & Yan Jin causes him to launch a desperate all-out attack instead.
- Defeating all officers besides Yuan Shao will make him retreat.

Guan Yu's Escape (secret stage) - Destroying the carriage before it reaches the 3rd gate reveals it as a fake and causes Liu Bei & Zhang Fei to appear and come after you.
- Playing as Zhang Liao & approaching Guan Yu will trigger a unique battle quote.

Act 4
Battle of Bo Wan Po - The success or failure of Zhao Yun's decoy strategy (along with how quickly you defeat Jian Yong & the various other enemy officers who appear) determines whether or not your allies fall for Zhuge Liang's subsequent plots.
- Defeating Zhuge Liang here greatly weakens him at Chi Bi.

Battle of Chang Ban - Triggering the event where Zhang Fei makes his stand on the titular bridge will incite fear in the allied troops at Bo Wan Po when he appears there, severely decreasing morale even if he doesn't burn down the supply depot.
- Wiping out all of Liu Bei's naval reinforcements heavily stalls his escape (but you may need to allow some time for your allies to catch up to him as well so he doesn't try making a break for it anyway).
- Clearing this stage prevents Guan Yu from appearing at Chi Bi.

Battle of Chi Bi - Zhao Yun will be weaker here if Chang Ban and/or Bo Wan Po was cleared beforehand.
- Neglecting to approach Huang Gai's destination during his 'surrender' allows him to automatically launch the fire attack.

Battle of Tong Gate (secret stage) - Playing as Xu Huang, Cao Cao, or Xu Zhu allows the northern bridge to be traversed much sooner than normal.

Lu Bu's Offensive (secret stage) - Failing to allow time for your allies to escape the castle causes them to be injured by the fire attack & retreat from the battle (though Cao Cao will just be injured).
- Re-entering the western part of the castle after launching the fire attack makes Lu Bu reappear immediately, albeit severely weakened. He'll also challenge you to a duel on the spot despite being the commander.

vs. Wu
Siege of Fan Castle - Quickly destroying multiple siege weapons exposes the enemy's supply route.
- Taking too long to destroy the enemy siege weapons allows more to be sent out.
- Defeating the majority of Wu's officers outside the castle or destroying all of Wu's siege weapons forces Lu Meng to charge out early.
- If Taishi Ci is still on the field after Sima Yi exits the castle, the latter may make a comment about luring the enemy into the eastern forest. A fire attack will be triggered if Taishi Ci enters said forest afterward.

Battle of Shi Ting - Clearing this stage after rescuing or preemptively warning Cao Xiu allows him to assist at Fan Castle & weakens Lu Xun at He Fei, but failing to save him causes Zhou Fang to appear at Fan Castle instead.

Battle of He Fei - Defeating Sun Jian before he jumps Xiao Shi Bridge causes a stronger-than-normal Taishi Ci to immediately appear and expedites the arrival of Lu Xun & Gan Ning as well. Doing so before Li Dian appears nullifies his ambush & stops the bridge's destruction entirely.
- If Fan Castle was cleared beforehand, allowing He Fei Castle's east or west gate to fall may cause enemy reinforcements to appear along with a siege catapult to attack the main gate as well.

vs. Shu
Battle of Mt. Ding Jun - Defeating Chen Shi before he escapes the Wei camp will cause an enraged Huang Zhong to appear at Wu Zhang Plains.

Battle of Jie Ting - Defeating Ma Su before enemy reinforcements arrive immediately ends the battle.
- Clearing this stage after properly surrounding & defeating Ma Su nullifies the effectiveness of his ambush at Wu Zhang Plains later on, but also makes him stronger there (because Sima Yi pisses him off by insulting him).

Battle of Wu Zhang Plains - Playing as Sima Yi allows you to delay Zhuge Liang's 'revival' indefinitely until you approach the central area just past the bridgelayer, enter Shu's main camp, or Jiang Wei is defeated (in the latter case, Yue Ying will appear along with Liang).
- Defeating Liao Hua before Zhuge Liang 'revives' prevents Shu's Wood Oxen from appearing.

Battle of Cheng Du - Avoiding Wei Yan until Luo Castle is captured allows Sima Yi to persuade him to defect, after which he reveals a secret 3rd path leading to Shu's main camp from the south. Taking said path allows you to avoid the explosive mines, Yue Ying's juggernauts, & the multiple ambushes within the Mian Zhu Forest.
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2022.01.18 19:44 FLKeysCareers Instacart Shopper – Delivery Driver

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2022.01.18 19:44 Psychological_Bank93 2012 Buick LaCrosse P0014.

AutoZone pulled only the one code. Light is off now. Idle is fine. However I’d like to keep it running fine. They had mentioned not long down the road this can end up being pretty bad. They offered a part for $40. Videos don’t look like a very invasive repair however I don’t need to fuck it up worse. Any advice or maybe someone else who’s dealt with a P0014. Replace both solenoids or just the one?
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2022.01.18 19:44 Xenowise My coworker got yelled at for getting frost bite while working.

Throwaway. I work at one of the “better” places in retail. By better I mean they do the bare minimum of livable wages and good benefits and vacation. So only better because that is leaps and strides ahead of most other retail. I also don’t want to disclose whereas this was recent and if I’m found out I will definitely be fired and the money is very good with someone like me with “no skills”.
Anyways, we are treated like human trash at our location. We work outside and my coworker got frostbite on his foot the other day and filed an incident report.
Keep in mind we live in Canada and we had a cold snap recently so it was -25 to -35 degrees Celsius for a couple of weeks. We do have warming stations but it’s generally frowned upon for us to stay in there for too long.
My one manager berated him and she said that it was his fault he got frostbite as he should have bought boots or taken better care to not get it. Another manager also backed her up on this.
The only things we are provided safety-wise for are jackets and tukes. Do you want snow pants? Buy it. Gloves? Buy it. Boots? Buy it. You see where I’m going. I’ve probably spent around $750-$800 on gear to survive -40 winters (gloves, jacket, pants, boots, and balaclavas/ other things like that). You can obviously see how this is a problem say if my coworker does not have $200 to buy a good pair of boots. I’m not saying he doesn’t because I don’t know if he does but he shouldn’t have to.
This is a requirement for our job so it should be PROVIDED by our employer and it’s ridiculous it’s not and it’s even more ridiculous when we’re ridiculed for the failures of management by that same management.
We have been treated like shit by managers and customers since I’ve started working here. We have been, assaulted, yelled at, spit at, and berated by customers among many others for our management to turn a blind eye and not do a god damn thing.
We don’t even report incidents anymore as we know no actions will be taken. The day I stopped caring was the day a customer screamed at me for 5 minutes for something I can’t even remember. I printed off his profile and brought it to a higher-up manager, told her the situation, and asked her if she wanted to do anything about it. She took the receipt and said “Nah” and threw it away right in front of me. This was 3 years ago.
I do the bare minimum and fuck them over at any chance I get. You don’t care about me I don’t care about you. I also wrote this on company time.
PS: The “jackets” they provided are probably only warm till about -15/-20. We did have about 10-12 VERY good like $300 winter jackets that they THREW AWAY because they did not have our company logos on them. We managed to hide 2 of them so we are sharing them the best we can. We also have vests that have our logos on them we could have just worn over the jackets but no, throw away great equipment for no reason. Didn’t even offer them to employees or the homeless just straight in the dumpster. Fucking sickening, fuck this place.
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2022.01.18 19:44 Lobsterdile Bapa Butchers Two of the Most Publicized Names in The Past Few Years While Schooling His Boys on Child Sex Trafficking

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2022.01.18 19:44 RealBossoskin [SPOILER] It was my childhood dream to watch a Scream movie in a Theater, just got back from my second viewing!!

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2022.01.18 19:44 Wonderer_64 Egg_irl

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2022.01.18 19:44 KingBeefy18 Looking for a alliance to have fun and joke with? Join Sum 2 Prov£ Message me on LINE @ arbysfootlettuce for more info

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2022.01.18 19:44 geoff2494 Need help figuring out the estimate value of this setup, its a armasight gen 3 pvs 14 green phosphor, with a foamed ammo can. Weapon rail mount. Helmet mount, (2 total pieces) Lens cleaning pen, Manual.

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2022.01.18 19:44 SidewaysSupra This channel keeps texting me. I’m not subscribed. I don’t even watch their videos. Worst of all they keep changing the contact information so I can’t even block them.

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2022.01.18 19:44 ghostbaby808 How do you read to yourself if you don’t have a “voice in your head?”

It’s been said that some people don’t possess an “inner voice” or a voice in their head. In these cases, what do they hear when they read silently to themselves?
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2022.01.18 19:44 truthofafrica FIFA The Best 2021 : Lewandowski répond à Messi qui n’a pas voté pour lui

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2022.01.18 19:44 astroillogica Anyone remember that French Canadian radio station that played in the early 2000s? Is it still around?

So, a long time ago, when I was but a teenager in the early aughts, Erie used to get reception for like, Quebecois talk radio. The only reason I know this is because I'd come up to Erie from the Titusville area, and from Titusville up to just right before Waterford, 99.3 was Kiss FM (and then later Majic, I believe).
However, once you got around Waterford, it would inevitably go staticky for about a half mile, but then suddenly pick up what I can only assume was French-Canadian talk radio.
I always liked hearing the radio station switch from top 40 to two Quebecois yelling at each other because 1) I was completely baffled why there were people yelling at each other in French on the radio, and 2) it reminded me that I was that much closer to the mall/Presque Isle/the zoo.
Does anyone else remember this? Is this radio station still around?
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2022.01.18 19:44 Evening_Tone_7617 If a flying bison had been taken literally

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2022.01.18 19:44 fireinthedust How would you do beskarr metal items in SWN, but not OP?

I’m doing a SWN Star Wars game, and trying to figure out how to do Beskarr. It’s good armour, and can ignore occasional blaster hits. Lightsabers can’t cut through it.
It’s unreasonable for players to ignore blasters, but maybe some feature to reduce lethal hits? And maybe something to make collections of armour pieces useful, so one piece gives a chance to turn blaster damage to no lethal, two makes it more likely, etc?
I’m grateful for suggestions.
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2022.01.18 19:44 dannylenwinn Japan, the country that gave us the word “karoshi” for “death from overwork,” is thinking about introducing an optional four-day workweek.

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2022.01.18 19:44 smushirzz FOV slider on console.

That’s all, the game looks great and plays great it just feels so cramped sometimes and I wish I could adjust the field of view.
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2022.01.18 19:44 fluffyrainbow_kitty Nebula RP

NebulaRP Is a new up-and-coming serious Roleplay server, striving to create a strong community of rp'ers who want to have a good time and make quality rp scenarios and memories.
We do weekly if not daily updates and love to take suggestions from our players, this is usually in the form of either event ideas or ideas for new features but we welcome any and all feedback.
We host weekly player ran events such as : -Arms Dealer Event -Racing Events -Armoured Truck Escort Event -Parties with live music -And much more.
NebulaRP has a dedicated development team which utilise both bespoke-made and commercially available scripts to enhance the server both from the player POV and behind the scenes. We also have an increasing range of imported vehicles for the players to enjoy, and we welcome any new suggestions for new vehicles that you would like to be seen in the city.
The staff team consist of players around the world meaning we can and will provide a 24/7 service to our players, as well as being familiar faces in the city to provide strong and enjoyable RP.
We provide the opportunity for players to run their own businesses within the city built around whatever business idea you want, as well as many legal and illegal jobs to keep you busy.
There are already whitelisted gangs but we are looking for more to populate the city, with a legal front and a service which will elevate the rp both for gangs and non gang members.
We also hire players for both PD and EMS roles, each bringing their own flavour to your experience and allow you to enjoy what we have to offer from a whole new perspective
This is just the start. We have so much more in the pipeline so come on down to NebulaRP and take a look around!
Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/GHDJMcmAhs
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2022.01.18 19:44 Gerald2000 WTW for when you sort of sin

Like you do something that is short term pleasurable like cheating, but leaves you feeling worse in the long term.
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2022.01.18 19:44 esteroberto Hario V60 dripper that comes with the decanter

So this is probably a long shot but I have the V60 decanter that James usually uses on his channel when using the V60. HOWEVER, I would love to also use the included dripper when traveling since it's plastic and will most likely survive a flight while the decanter won't. Now my question is, is there anyone that has successfully used this dripper with other decanter or glasses? I've tried a few decanter and glasses but it's either too wide or too small to properly fit. So I'm looking for some decanters or ideas to use this more gracefully.

Picture of the dripper and decanter I'm talking about: https://www.barista-shop.eu/937-superlarge_default/hario-v60-coffee-decanter-700ml.jpg

Sorry for the weird and niche post.
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2022.01.18 19:44 Lone-Wolf889 I have a question.

I know it sounds stupid, but im serious, is there any recommendable method to commit suicide? I mean I wish I had a gun but, I don't, so if anyone feels like this and has heard of any method, please I just want to know, I don't care how painfull it is, as long as it makes sure to kill me, I know atupid question but dom't know where to ask.
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2022.01.18 19:44 Happynapkin94 A bit late

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